vrurg Trying to chose best option for creating YouTube account. One way is to request for a non-profit organization account. It requires EIN, physical address, online contact information. I wonder if it makes sense to go this way since EIN would only be taken from The Raku Foundation DBA and I expect it to be the same as for YAS. 22:23
Hm, looks more like something for asked via email. 22:25
Am I the only one receiving mail delivery returns from gmail with "this message does not meet IPv6 sending guidelines regarding PTR" message? 22:35
japhb Nah, that's been going for a while. Two of the RSC members are behind gmail, I think, and so they don't get emails from the mailing list. 23:05
(Or at least, we see errors for it -- dunno if gmail forwards the message on anyway)
vrurg 5xx are fatal codes in SMTP. No, they are not delivered. 23:08
japhb (I was speaking from memory. I didn't have one of the errors in front of me. :-) ) 23:14