vrurg Do you think we must shutdown the reddit post about the hasty POD initiative? 14:05
lizmat I've been thinking about it 14:06
I'd rather hoped that zag would have done them themselves 14:07
vrurg 3hrs. I've hidden it for now. Haven't deleted yet.
lizmat "I have been actively involved in the Raku community for a long time." que? 14:08
maybe Perl community
vrurg I didn't know if `zag` isn't Richard's other nick for reddit. So, the overall it looked to me like it's his initiative is being announced. 14:09
Until found mail notifications from Raku/doc discussion.
I'm going to keep it hidden until majority decides otherwise. 14:11
"Until" and "if". :)
lizmat yeah, I'm fine with keeping it hidden atm 14:12
I think it was totally stealing Richard's thunder and not very cooperative
vrurg Agree. 14:13
lizmat and he also just deleted the Github discussion
after I made my opinion clear
japhb What happened exactly? 14:28
vrurg Do you receive email notifications from Raku/doc? 14:32
japhb *pulls up email client and looks* Hmmm, appears not. 14:46
lizmat japhb: will forward the mails I git to you 14:49
vrurg: could you bounce my reaction to me? Github doesn't send me my own reactions 14:51
japhb: mails forwarded
vrurg lizmat: Forwarded 14:55
japhb Thanks! 15:00
vrurg is afk 15:01
lizmat japhb: you should have them all now 15:12
japhb Thanks, lizmat 16:14
(and vrurg)
lizmat japhb: thoughts about the messages ? 17:39
vrurg: ftr, "hide" will only hide the post from yourself 17:57
I've removed the post for now (can unremove it if necessary) 18:01
vrurg lizmat: thanks! I didn't know that it doesn't work as expected. 18:35
lizmat yeah, I noticed the # points changing and wondered how that was possible, that's how I found out :-) 18:36
japhb Apologies, just got back from my weekly appointment. 19:19
So: I think being told about Richard's work and then beating him to the announcement is pretty rude, especially as Richard was being very careful to involve people more thoroughly. 19:21
I haven't read the original post yet, however, just the discussion back and forth in the emails.
I think the time to bring up competing options is more like in the timing of Git and Mercurial. IIRC: Git MVP announced, Mercurial guy announces he's got another angle on it, asks if Linus will consider his option if it's good enough, hackhackhack, turns out the two were optimized for different use cases so Linus stays with Git, both projects go on to great things in slightly different 19:24
spaces because they address slightly different needs.
That may be a rosy picture mind you -- it's the one I remember from back when it happened. 19:25
What I really don't want is someone calling *Richard* the late-to-the-party person, since he went so far as to bring it to the core summit for consideration, which indicates some serious intent. 19:26
I'm not sure what constitutes the "Raku community" besides such summits/gatherings, these #raku* channels, and the appropriate blog/twit/reddit discussion spaces. In other words, if it doesn't show up in RWN, does it exist, community-wise? 19:28
One thing I'm glad about is that at least you posted/linked to the RSC meeting notes on Monday. 19:33