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NemokoschKiwi Hello. I guess some of you are getting bored - sorry about that, same here. 11:20
What's the right way to get some work done with the raku.org hosting service? Didn't have much luck with raku-infra and perhaps it's not even the right place. 11:21
lizmat is it in a form that it can be deployed? 11:22
I mean, if it looks the same, but it isn't running on Perl anymore, I'm all for it to run your version 11:23
deployment could be done on the "new" Raku servers and DNS change
to point to the new servers
I guess the first step would be to deploy it under a different name, so we could look at it ? 11:24
NemokoschKiwi So the thing is, I don't know for sure how it worked so I rolled with the content of the raku.org repo, altering the update.sh script and creating two Raku script performing certain subtasks.
This misses an obvious step: the installation of the dependencies
lizmat could you make it an installable dist with the appropriate META6.json? 11:25
that would be a step forward, no?
NemokoschKiwi yes, perhaps 11:30
this is where it gets bikesheddy, like should the whole thing be one dist, and should the scripts install in bin 11:31
or should it be a mere META6.json with a couple of dependencies and no actual "code"
lizmat feels to me that it should be one dist... but you're in a better position to determine that 11:34
NemokoschKiwi oh right one more thing 11:41
one of the dependencies is LibXML, I suppose that requires the underlying C library to be installed by hand 11:42
lizmat OOC, why is that dependency needed? 11:46
NemokoschKiwi Atom (or RSS?) feed for the blog posts showing up on the starting page
there was a script for that, processing an ever-growing XML 11:47
well, now there is a new script
fun fact: that part isn't statically generated into the page; it's retrieved via AJAX from a prepared JSON 11:49
lizmat well, that makes sorta sense, as it is updated once an hour or so 11:50
I know some modules in the ecosystem require LibXML, wonder how they handle that ? 11:51
NemokoschKiwi oh right, META6 creates further bikeshedding. What metadata should I put? :D 12:10
lizmat mi6 new ? 12:13
NemokoschKiwi um, a dist can provide 0 modules, right? lol 12:20
lizmat yes, it can
NemokoschKiwi okay, added a very dummy META6 file... 12:37
what do you think?
lizmat if it works it works ? 12:39
NemokoschKiwi feedback is welcome ^^ 12:45
but anyway, it would be good to get some connection to the deployment. It's not urgent at all. It's better to be a couple of months from something than always one day from it. 12:46
lizmat so a zef install . should work on your branch ? 12:48
NemokoschKiwi it should 12:50
the actual content generation is easiest to trigger by calling the process-templates.raku script
(which might need a better name now that it copies all the other files as well) 12:51
lizmat renaming it now would be a right time :-)
NemokoschKiwi in theory, the real entry point would be update.sh 12:52
anyway, I changed it now 12:56
lizmat meh not seeing updates to the repo published on any channel
NemokoschKiwi the github page updates real-time 13:02
github.com/Raku/raku.org/pull/184 13:03
lizmat yeah, it's the type of update that isn't handled by Geth
one of these days I guess I will need to look at Geth in depth :-)
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