Set by tonyo on 5 April 2023.
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sjn just ran "zef search prove" 10:53
got: ===> Found 128 results
...followed by a wall of text that was of no help whatsoever in finding out where "prove" exists 10:54
super frustrating :-( 10:56
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tonyo do you mean zef locate prove? 16:34
`search` shows the auth info as REA 17:03
ugexe there is no zef command for finding non-raku stuff like prove 17:10
so i guess it isn't surprising that the result of zef search prove didn't help you find where it exists, since it is going to assume you are just searching for a module or description that contains the word 'prove' 17:11
the raku runner is called prove6 fwiw 17:12
sjn ugexe: yeah, I was assuming "search" looked for substrings 17:56
and expecting to find which distro included prove6 :)
sjn wonders if his expectations are unreasonable <_< 18:09
ugexe to be fair, the "search" functionality hasnt really been iterated on past its initial implementation
there isn't a lot of thought in what it searches or how 18:10
sjn doesn't even know what "shows the auth info as REA" means :-|
ugexe i think they mean that search shows App::Prove6 is in the REA ecosystem 18:11
sjn assumed/hoped that search grepped through package names, descriptions and tags and returned any hits
ugexe it searches through package names and descriptions yeah. it doesnt do anything with tags 18:12
sjn eg. like "apt search <keyword>" does
returning one line per package+auth, not including versions/releases, would also be natural 18:13
lizmat sjn maybe raku.land/zef:lizmat/CLI::Ecosystem is what you're looking for ? 18:16
tonyo ideally it'd show only the latest version of that package unless it was a direct dist match or some flag was provided 18:24
eg: zef search App::Prove6
ugexe you'd probably use `zef info App::Prove6` if you already know the name 18:41
sjn yeah. I was attempting to find that name using zef though 18:42
lizmat: maybe? thanks for the tip 18:43
tonyo: I think what you describe there ("only the latest version […]") really doesn't belong in the realm of the ideal, but rather "what's expected". :-D 18:44
tonyo the rare time they can meet : )
sjn assuming one subscribes to the "Principle of Least Astonishment" ;-) 18:45
when they meet, it's called "good enough" :-D
(and according to this metric, I live a deeply unfulfilled life <_< ) 18:47
"Everything is wrong on the internet!"
tonyo i thought you scandanavians were the happiest haha 19:05
sjn Nah, that's the Danish. We Norwegians have bad weather to complain about 19:07