29 Mar 2023
lizmat tonyo: you're OP now, you can set the dmesg and so on 21:46
tonyo ty 21:47
lizmat I've also added logging, hope that's ok with you
tonyo very cool
lizmat do you want commits to zef and/or fez to appear here ? 21:48
I'd have to instruct Geth to be here as well 21:50
30 Mar 2023
tonyo i don't think we need that much in here 14:57
lizmat too late, already configured it :-) 15:00
seriously though, if you really don't want to publish zef / fez commits here ever, I can take it out again
tonyo oh that's cool too 15:03
lizmat in GH webhooks, add webhooks.liz.nl/?chan=%23raku-zef with content-type application/json 15:05
and you should be set
5 Apr 2023
tonyo lizmat: am i able to request ops from chanserv here? 17:59
lizmat not sure, actually 20:06
tonyo: assuming you're registered, shouldn't the OPing be permanent? 20:38
tonyo zef. 22:34
tonyo dank, it told me i was unauthorized 22:34
26 Apr 2023
[Coke] Hey - for the occasional issues I have installing packages with zef on windows, would it be possible to create a flag or env var that attempted to use smaller paths where it was under zef's control? (I assume the answer to this is "no, the best solution is to fix long paths on windows") 13:47
(or is there a way for windows installers to get this benefit themselves, like: installing from a git clone instead of the ecosystem) 13:48
ugexe that already exists and it doesnt really help 15:17
because the files still get installed to wherever rakudos path is
github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/710034fe...or.yml#L10 15:18
can't get a much shorter path than that, and that still only buys like ~20 characters of length 15:19
but again that doesn't fix the issue that once zef passes this distribution to rakudo to be installed, that the precomp paths that rakudo generates can / likely-will-be too long 15:22
hmm actually 15:23
[Coke] ok, yah, not worth it.
ugexe if you used the env shown in my link, + installed to a custom repository in e.g. C:\foo it might be sufficient for CI testing or local testing
[Coke] (I already install in C:\raku; so making the custom install dir would save... a dozen or so characters? - at this point, every bit helps)( 15:27
ugexe those characters help a lot more for installed modules since they are mostly fixed length parts 15:28
[Coke] I was tempted to do something similar for some work I'm doing on a bunch of checked out repos, putting the root of that in C:\g\ or something. 15:29
ugexe `export ZEF_CONFIG_TEMPDIR="C:\"`, `export ZEF_CONFIG_DEFAULTCUR="site#C:\tmpsite"`, and `export RAKULIB="$ZEF_CONFIG_DEFAULT_CUR,$RAKULIB` 15:30