5 Apr 2023
tonyo zef. 22:34
tonyo dank, it told me i was unauthorized 22:34
26 Apr 2023
[Coke] Hey - for the occasional issues I have installing packages with zef on windows, would it be possible to create a flag or env var that attempted to use smaller paths where it was under zef's control? (I assume the answer to this is "no, the best solution is to fix long paths on windows") 13:47
(or is there a way for windows installers to get this benefit themselves, like: installing from a git clone instead of the ecosystem) 13:48
ugexe that already exists and it doesnt really help 15:17
because the files still get installed to wherever rakudos path is
github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/710034fe...or.yml#L10 15:18
can't get a much shorter path than that, and that still only buys like ~20 characters of length 15:19
but again that doesn't fix the issue that once zef passes this distribution to rakudo to be installed, that the precomp paths that rakudo generates can / likely-will-be too long 15:22
hmm actually 15:23
[Coke] ok, yah, not worth it.
ugexe if you used the env shown in my link, + installed to a custom repository in e.g. C:\foo it might be sufficient for CI testing or local testing
[Coke] (I already install in C:\raku; so making the custom install dir would save... a dozen or so characters? - at this point, every bit helps)( 15:27
ugexe those characters help a lot more for installed modules since they are mostly fixed length parts 15:28
[Coke] I was tempted to do something similar for some work I'm doing on a bunch of checked out repos, putting the root of that in C:\g\ or something. 15:29
ugexe `export ZEF_CONFIG_TEMPDIR="C:\"`, `export ZEF_CONFIG_DEFAULTCUR="site#C:\tmpsite"`, and `export RAKULIB="$ZEF_CONFIG_DEFAULT_CUR,$RAKULIB` 15:30
3 Nov 2023
sjn just ran "zef search prove" 10:53
got: ===> Found 128 results
...followed by a wall of text that was of no help whatsoever in finding out where "prove" exists 10:54
super frustrating :-( 10:56
tonyo do you mean zef locate prove? 16:34
`search` shows the auth info as REA 17:03
ugexe there is no zef command for finding non-raku stuff like prove 17:10
so i guess it isn't surprising that the result of zef search prove didn't help you find where it exists, since it is going to assume you are just searching for a module or description that contains the word 'prove' 17:11
the raku runner is called prove6 fwiw 17:12
sjn ugexe: yeah, I was assuming "search" looked for substrings 17:56
and expecting to find which distro included prove6 :)
sjn wonders if his expectations are unreasonable <_< 18:09
ugexe to be fair, the "search" functionality hasnt really been iterated on past its initial implementation
there isn't a lot of thought in what it searches or how 18:10
sjn doesn't even know what "shows the auth info as REA" means :-|
ugexe i think they mean that search shows App::Prove6 is in the REA ecosystem 18:11
sjn assumed/hoped that search grepped through package names, descriptions and tags and returned any hits
ugexe it searches through package names and descriptions yeah. it doesnt do anything with tags 18:12
sjn eg. like "apt search <keyword>" does
returning one line per package+auth, not including versions/releases, would also be natural 18:13
lizmat sjn maybe raku.land/zef:lizmat/CLI::Ecosystem is what you're looking for ? 18:16
tonyo ideally it'd show only the latest version of that package unless it was a direct dist match or some flag was provided 18:24
eg: zef search App::Prove6
ugexe you'd probably use `zef info App::Prove6` if you already know the name 18:41
sjn yeah. I was attempting to find that name using zef though 18:42
lizmat: maybe? thanks for the tip 18:43
tonyo: I think what you describe there ("only the latest version […]") really doesn't belong in the realm of the ideal, but rather "what's expected". :-D 18:44
tonyo the rare time they can meet : )
sjn assuming one subscribes to the "Principle of Least Astonishment" ;-) 18:45
when they meet, it's called "good enough" :-D
(and according to this metric, I live a deeply unfulfilled life <_< ) 18:47
"Everything is wrong on the internet!"
tonyo i thought you scandanavians were the happiest haha 19:05
sjn Nah, that's the Danish. We Norwegians have bad weather to complain about 19:07