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Set by lizmat on 21 April 2021.
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Altreus Past me left present me a note to look at Types::Standard and that was an excellent idea 10:11
oh hi this is 'raku
well the point stands
I wish past past me had been as good as recent past me at this
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lizmat PSA: LizBot is an experimental logger by yours truly 11:46
atm, it just logs
tyil cute 11:49
lizmat I want to make sure it produces logs identical to the colabti logs 11:55
so we can have one location to study the history of Raku
using historic logs from colabti and current logs from a dedicated Raku community logger 11:56
hoping to create a mapping from all mentions if conversations on IRC in the core source and roast, into a stable logs.raku.org URL 12:01
patrickb could that be irclogs.raku.org instead? Would be a bit more future safe... 12:06
lizmat sure, I'm just working on getting the functionality together 12:09
what the server name will be, who knows :-)
definitely bikesheddable 12:10
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El_Che AlYourBaseAreBelongToUs.raku.org 12:10
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Xliff \o 13:25
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xinming releasable6: status 15:27
releasable6 xinming, Next release will happen when it's ready. 2 blockers. 8 out of 190 commits logged (⚠ 1 warnings)
xinming, Details: gist.github.com/4b27a5944129cb3e9d...4beee6e728
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Xliff Hrm. Odd. 15:49
When using "no precompilation" errors in any compunit that touches it reports errors with no line number
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Xliff Any europeans still around? 19:39
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Xliff Can you tell me why I am getting this error: Type check failed in binding to parameter 'O'; expected Any but got Evolution::Raw::Structs::EPhotoDataInlined (Evolution::Raw::Stru...) 19:40
This code was previously working, the only difference was an addition of a BEGIN to the start of the line,.
lizmat maybe you're referring to something that has not been initialized at BEGIN time yet? 19:42
m: my $a = "foo"; BEGIN say $a eq "foo"
camelia Use of uninitialized value $a of type Any in string context.
Methods .^name, .raku, .gist, or .say can be used to stringify it to something meaningful.
in code at <tmp> line 1
lizmat something like that? ^^
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Xliff Use of the code in question is illustrated here: github.com/Xliff/p6-EDS/blob/Begin....pm6#L1385 19:44
lizmat: Ah! So the class hasn't been defined, yet? 19:45
lizmat possibly, I don't see it ?
where should BuildAccessors be coming from ?
Xliff It's defined in another project. 19:48
lizmat ok, so the sub should be available, as you're using GLib::Raw::Subs 19:49
Xliff Ah! Waiting until the end and runnind it ghem seems to sort it.
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Xliff Yup! That sorts it! 19:50
lizmat no sure what did, but glad to have been rubberducking :-) 19:51
Xliff :) 19:57
Now to catch up on my Weekly's. lizmat++
lizmat :-)
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Xliff jnthn++ # Dev talk on Cro 22:19
Still wondering if it might be a nice idea to load up Raku bytecode in a database and have an app server execute the stored data rather than what's on disk. 22:20
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