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Set by lizmat on 21 April 2021.
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Xliff 'lo all.... 07:09
I'm getting this error... how can I deal with it: This representation (P6str) does not support attribute storage (for type str) 07:10
Note that use of nqp::hllized does NOT fix the issue.
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MasterDuke Xliff: nqp::unbox_s perhaps? 07:29
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Xliff MasterDuke: Will try that. Thanks. 07:52
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Xliff MasterDuke++ -- Worked great! 07:55
MasterDuke cool
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xinming_ How is %?RESOURCES hash handled? When I in cro, %?RESOURCES<path/to-resource> returns file, while I use `raku -e '%?RESOURCES<path/to-resource>'` returns nothing 12:27
anyone knows? :-) 12:32
lizmat doesn't know off-hand 12:34
jmerelo xinming_: needs to be installed, I think. 12:36
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ugexe Resources is for distributions / modules. -e is neither of those things 13:12
xinming_ ugexe: So, can we make raku to load resources even in oneliners? 13:15
ugexe No 13:16
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ugexe Resources is specifically tied to a distribution. And raku certainly doesn’t try to guess what local non default libs to use for one liners even if you are coincidently inside of a distributions local git repo 13:20
Like what if there are multiple distributions using resources? Should it just pick one at random? 13:21
these questions are rhetorical of course
You are welcome to expose your own api to resources e.g. create a sub that returns resources and cal that from your one liner 13:22
lizmat and another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2021/04/26/2021-...leastable/ 13:24
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lizmat afk for a few hours& 13:40
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uzl[m] Is blogs.perl.org done for? All Damian's Raku blogs are an excellent case study of raku's flexibility, and it'd be sad to lose them. I figured they might be archived in one of those archiving systems, but it'd better to have them in a single place (or multiple ones for redundancy:-)). 15:24
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lizmat uzl[m]: github.com/raku/CCR 15:50
you're welcome to put Damian's blogs into the Collect dir
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Grinnz you can also give them each a visit via archive.org/ to ensure it's archived there 16:08
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grimler32 any universe editors with access to the 4 bit 3 dimensional god code at the multiverse level? 16:14
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raydiak well...I can tell you that it takes around 1K to represent any 4-dimensional spacetime point in the observable universe to the precision of planck units 16:36
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raydiak 1K bits, that is (128 bytes). so start by building a 1024-bit programmable computer. come back when you've attained the 2^1024th level of enlightenment, and we'll go from there 16:45
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[Coke] why do we think BPO is going away? 17:01
lizmat because several maintainers / moderators have at least mentioned it making read-only ? 17:02
[Coke] is there a BPO or news.perlfoundation post or a slack discussiona about it? 17:04
Just haven't seen the discussion myself, is all
lizmat I seem to recall it having been posted on BPO itself in the past year ?
El_Che is blogs.perl.org used by the raku community 17:06
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lizmat some weekly challengees post there, such as Laurent Rosenfeld 17:06
El_Che ok 17:07
lizmat I don't think there is any *Raku* content there
El_Che I had a quick look and there is more perl context there than there used to 17:08
lizmat *content ?
El_Che yes :)
lizmat ok, gotcha, just checking :-)
El_Che it used to be pretty dead
lizmat yeah, the weekly challenge helped a lot! 17:09
El_Che most of what arrived there on my rss reader was spam, so I removed it
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uzl[m] lizmat: Thanks for the repo link. I'll try to do that once I've some time, unless someone beats me to it :-) 17:11
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lizmat ++uzl[m] 17:11
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gitsome Hey, just tried to load up the last windows version of Raku. I have an old version of Perl6 installed and I think I have a conflict. Could not find any info on removing the old version 18:40
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[Coke] not sure if the MSI also does uninstalling (or if you still ahve the old one), but you can probably remove the top level install directory and clean up your path. 18:44
er, by hand, I meant to add 18:50
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morayj I'm trying to install Inline:Perl5 on Opensuse with zef and have the error "Failed to find dependencies: perl:from<native>" I've installed the devel 'patterns' in opensuse. Can anyone enlighten me on what this is actually looking for or have any knowledge of Opensuse 20:09
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gitsome $ raku -h 20:17
Unhandled exception: Missing or wrong version of dependency 'C:\rakudo\bin\..\share\nqp\lib\MAST\Nodes.nqp' (from 'src/Perl6/Pod.nqp')
   at <unknown>:1 (C:\rakudo\bin\..\share\nqp\lib/Perl6/Pod.moarvm:<dependencies+deserialize>)
 from src\vm\moar\ModuleLoader.nqp:47 (C:\rakudo\bin\..\share\nqp\lib/ModuleLoader.moarvm:)
 from src\vm\moar\ModuleLoader.nqp:40 (C:\rakudo\bin\..\share\nqp\lib/ModuleLoader.moarvm:load_module)
 from <unknown>:1 (C:\rakudo\bin\..\share\nqp\lib/Perl6/Actions.moarvm:<dependencies+deserialize>)
 from src\vm\moar\ModuleLoader.nqp:47 (C:\rakudo\bin\..\share\nqp\lib/ModuleLoader.moarvm:)
 from src\vm\moar\ModuleLoader.nqp:40 (C:\rakudo\bin\..\share\nqp\lib/ModuleLoader.moarvm:load_module)
 from <unknown>:1 (C:\rakudo\bin\..\share\nqp\lib/Perl6/Grammar.moarvm:<dependencies+deserialize>)
 from src\vm\moar\ModuleLoader.nqp:47 (C:\rakudo\bin\..\share\nqp\lib/ModuleLoader.moarvm:)
 from src\vm\moar\ModuleLoader.nqp:40 (C:\rakudo\bin\..\share\nqp\lib/ModuleLoader.moarvm:load_module)
 from <unknown>:1 (C:\rakudo\bin\..\share\perl6\runtime\perl6.moarvm:<dependencies+deserialize>)
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tonyo gist or pastebin 20:28
if that file exists it looks like the `wrong version` might be relevant, how'd you install raku? 20:29
MasterDuke morayj: i'd ask nine, i believe he's involved with packaging rakudo for suse 20:30
morayj Ok, thanks 20:32
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gitsome I used the MSI that came for windows. No special tricks 20:44
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japhb I just created the TinyFloats module, collecting conversion routines for tiny floating point formats. The very first version supports conversion to/from IEEE 754 "binary16" format. More formats to be added later as needed. 23:58
I also used this to support decoding of float16 in CBOR::Simple, which I've just bumped to 0.0.5 and uploaded. 23:59