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Set by lizmat on 1 May 2021.
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codesections there isn't a method that returns a list of all subscribers to a Tap, is there? 00:51
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[Coke] isn't the tap *the* subscription? 01:50
So you'd want all the objects returned when someone called .tap on a Supply?
codesections er, no, sorry all subscribers to a Supply 01:51
[Coke] I think you'd have to wrap a supply's tap to get that. 01:52
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codesections that makes sense. I guess by default/with `$supply.tap`, a subscriber isn't even given a name in the calling code 01:54
[Coke] I'm not sure you can .wrap the tap method. You could add another method that tracked and called, but then you're missing anyone you're sharing the object with 01:58
m: my $s = Supply.from-list(1, 2, 3); my $tapper = $s.^methods.grep({$_.name eq 'tap'}).map({$_.wrap(-> {say 'hi'})}); my $a = $s.tap; dd $a; 01:59
camelia Tap $a = Tap.new
[Coke] that looks like it was just ignored. not sure if possible. 02:00
codesections yeah, it may not be. I wonder if there's a deeper reason to make sure it's _not_ possible, for concurrency safety or something 02:01
unrelated question: is it possible to have a dynamic parameter for a block/sub?
m: for (1, 2, 3) -> $*a { say $*a.VAR.dynamic } 02:02
camelia False
codesections m: for (1, 2, 3) -> $*a is dynamic { say $*a.VAR.dynamic }
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Can't use unknown trait 'is' -> 'dynamic' in a parameter declaration.
at <tmp>:1
expecting any of:
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Xliff Is there any way to get the list of types from a subset? 12:14
tyil .map(*.WHAT)? 12:16
Xliff m: my subset A where Int | Str | Num; A.map(*.WHAT).say 12:17
camelia Cannot map a A using 'Whatever'
Did a * (Whatever) get absorbed by a list?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
tyil ah 12:18
hm 12:19
Xliff Yeah. I think everything after the where code is turned into a block of code.
MasterDuke m: my subset A where Int | Str | Num; A.map({.WHAT}).say
camelia ((A))
Xliff So you can't introspect a subset as it stands today.
MasterDuke maybe the eigenstates module might help, but i'd not bet a lot on it 12:20
Xliff m: my @types = (Str, Int, Num); our subset A where @types.any; say Str ~~ A
camelia True
Xliff ^^ That might be the best way to get what I want, for now.
I just introspect @types. 12:21
brtastic If I'm making a Grammar rule, can I have a named capture group and refer to that capture later in the same rule?
moritz yes 12:22
tobs m: subset A where Int | Str; say A.^refinement; say A.^refinement.($_) for Int, Str, Blob 12:26
camelia -> ;; $_ { #`(Block|71081904) ... }
tobs apparently the junction is even wrapped in a block, so I don't see how you could get at the types, even if you're guaranteed that the subset's where clause is just a junction of types. 12:27
lizmat yeah, that's a thunk, a block without its own scope
and we can't inspect code 12:28
kawaii is it not possible to apply traits to submethods? I'm using the Red ORM and trying to make exposing it's $*RED-DB variable a bit easier, but the compiler says what I'm doing isn't allowed (github.com/shuppet/raku-mint/blob/...d#L9-L14). I tried to do `submethod TWEAK() is red-method {}` but got greeted with `Can't use unknown trait 'is' -> 'red-method' in a submethod declaration.`, I assume this is because my trait
doesn't exist yet because TWEAK triggers before the object is fully created?
lizmat make sure the trait exists ?
kawaii is there more to defining a trait than what I linked? the current page on traits in the documentation lead me to believe so 12:32
Xliff m: say "bleah" ~~ *.ends-with('eah') 12:45
camelia True
Xliff m: say "blea" ~~ *.ends-with('eah')
camelia False
lizmat m: say "foo" ~~ True 12:46
camelia Potential difficulties:
Smartmatch against True always matches; if you mean to test the topic for truthiness, use :so or *.so or ?* instead
at <tmp>:1
------> 3say "foo" ~~ 7⏏5True
lizmat m: say "foo" ~~ False 12:47
camelia Potential difficulties:
Smartmatch against False always fails; if you mean to test the topic for truthiness, use :!so or *.not or !* instead
at <tmp>:1
------> 3say "foo" ~~ 7⏏5False
lizmat Xliff ^^
m: no worries; say "foo" ~~ False
camelia False
lizmat m: no worries; say "foo" ~~ True
camelia True
Xliff lizmat: I don't understand your caveat. 12:48
The test cases worked as expected.
lizmat yeah, but the smartmatch is not needed ?
Xliff Actually, I was testing if a smartmatch would match against Whatever code. 12:49
Which it does...
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Xliff So I can: use File::Find; .say for find(dir => "lib/Evolution", name => *.ends-with(".pm6")) 12:49
And not use a regex... :)
But now I need multiple tests, so I now need a block. *sigh* 12:50
m: say "blea" ~~ { .starts-with("b") && *.ends-with('eah') } 12:51
camelia WhateverCode.new
Xliff :(
The name argument is smartmatched against all IO::Path elements.
So now I need to drop back to regexes.... 12:52
leont m: say "blea" ~~ { .starts-with("b") && .ends-with('eah') }
camelia False
Xliff leont: oops! 12:53
m: say "blea" ~~ { .starts-with("b") && .ends-with('ea') }
camelia True
Xliff m: say "clea" ~~ { .starts-with("b") && .ends-with('ea') }
camelia False
Xliff \o/
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Xliff m: say "subroutine" ~~ /«'sub'»/ 13:06
camelia Nil
Xliff m: say "subroutine" ~~ /«sub»/
camelia Nil
Xliff Huh
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MasterDuke aren't << and >> word boundaries? like \b in pcre? 14:00
moritz correct 14:05
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2021/05/03/2021-...ble-comma/ 14:22
afk for a few hours& 14:27
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brtastic how can I express a newline in a character class? <-[\n]> does not seem to work 16:18
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codesections m: say "ln1\nln2" ~~ /<-[\n]>*/ 16:26
camelia 「ln1」
codesections brtastic: <-[\n]> seems to work? ^^^
brtastic codesections: I must be doing something else wrong. I also found :Zl which seems to serve the same purpose but it also doesn't work for my case 16:29
:!Zl to be exact
raydiak "it doesn't work" with no code example is very difficult to diagnose :) 16:32
brtastic yeah I'm not asking you to diagnose right now, I wanted to know why my character class isn't working, and it was diagnosed already ;) 16:38
I'll figure it out eventually
by the way, is <:Zl> like vertical whitespace, or am I getting a wrong idea here? 16:40
raydiak hmmm 16:42
m: say "\x0B" ~~ /<:Zl>/ 16:43
camelia Nil
raydiak not the same, apparently
just tested everything listed in the docs under \v, looks like U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR is the only character that matches both \v and <:Zl> 16:47
brtastic ahh I've got CR LF line endings, thats why I'm having all these trouble :P 16:48
raydiak ah ha. I was just thinking about that nightmare last night...wondering if I've written anything that breaks under windows because of that 16:49
brtastic $$ seem to help, but it makes rakudo take all my memory if I place it in some weird places 16:51
raydiak odd 16:53
sometimes I've used \r?\n for portability
codesections Odd, way the docs talk about \n, I wouldn't have thought CRLF endings would be a problem: docs.raku.org/language/regexes#\n_and_\N 17:02
(no personal experience with Raku + Windows, though) 17:03
m: say ("ln1\r\nln2" ~~ /<[\n]>/).Str.raku 17:05
camelia "\r\n"
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raydiak that's more in line with what I thought I remembered reading somewhere. though I also recall having to use \r?\n somewhere. don't know when or where or why, though 17:16
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patrickb I'm searching for someone with access to a MacOS machine with Big Sur installed to perform some (trivial) tests to help with solving a ticket (github.com/Raku/App-Rakubrew/issues/34). Does this apply to anyone? 19:36
ugexe i cant atm, but im on Big Sur and use rakubrew without any issue 19:37
although i believe it was installed prior to installing Big Sur 19:38
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raydiak whenever you have time, we'd appreciate help filling out the blanks in the testing matrix in the last comment on that issue. should only take a single-digit number of minutes. 19:44
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ugexe i renamed ~/.rakubrew to ~/.rakubrew.bak/, then ran `curl rakubrew.org/install-on-macos.sh | sh` and it worked and so did raku -v 20:13
is there a point to doing the rest of the matrix?
raydiak yes. some people are uncomfortable blindly executing a script from a url, or are otherwise confused, so they download the script to a file first. this causes other issues 20:14
ugexe im not clear what /path/to/rakubrew is 20:15
is that ~/.rakubrew or ~/.rakubrew/bin/rakubrew
raydiak download the script through a browser instead of curling and piping. that should actually be the path to the install script, not rakubrew. my mistake 20:16
actually, that's not right. the original person who encountered the error downloaded rakubrew.org/macos/rakubrew and tried to run it 20:18
so d/l rakubrew.org/macos/rakubrew from a browser, then try the other things
either way should give the same behavior, if I'm not mistaken. would also be curious what happens if you curl it to a file instead of download through a browser. I'm betting anything in a terminal (e.g. curl) won't show the quarantine problems but idk for sure 20:21
patrickb raydiak: Thanks for explaining more. 20:27
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patrickb I'll be off to bed soon... 20:27
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raydiak patrickb: you're welcome, happy to help. I'll update the matrix in my comment as we get more information. sleep well :) 20:29
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patrickb Thank you, raydiak and ugexe as well! 20:32
patrickb is off to bed
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raydiak \o 20:32
ugexe i downloaded that file through firefox, had to chmod +x the file, then cntrl + click + open (which is how you have to open files from the internet) which gives a warning that you can click OK. that created the ~/.rakubrew directory but there is nothing in ~/.rakubrew/bin. Its all frustratingly more difficult than using curl (and if you are checking the checksums and stuff you probably dont care about 20:35
downloading things from you rbrowser)
raydiak so it does run, at least through the gui, just with a warning and for some reason still doesn't actually work correctly 20:37
what about doing the things in the matrix to the file before you run it? does it work in that case? 20:38
so far I'm leaning towards just adding a note like '"curl | sh" is the only method known to work reliably on Big Sur' 20:40
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ugexe if i run `./rakubrew` from the Downloads directory it does the same thing 20:44
codesign command -> ./rakubrew: main executable failed strict validation
xattr -c /path/to/rakubrew didnt error but didnt fix it 20:45
xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /path/to/rakubrew complained about com.apple.quarantine not existing or something
xattr: ./rakubrew: No such xattr: com.apple.quarantine 20:46
echo 'eval "$(/Users/ugexe/Downloads/rakubrew init Zsh)"' >> ~/.zshrc 20:48
its telling me to do that, which cant be right
it should be suggesting the non-existing ~/.rakubrew/bin/rakubrew
raydiak awesome, thanks for the data. I don't think in the direct download case that it's expected to install itself to ~/.rakubrew/bin, it just creates ~/.rakubrew to store the rakudos in, but you're responsible for putting the rakubrew script in your $PATH yourself. does it build a working raku if you do e.g. "Downloads/rakubrew build moar"? 20:49
the installer script should install like that, but the direct download instructions just say "put it in your path" 20:50
ugexe PATH="$PWD:$PATH" ./rakubrew build moar 20:51
The shell hook required to run rakubrew in either 'env' mode or with the 'shell' command seems not to be installed.
Run 'rakubrew init' for installation instructions if you want to use those features, 20:52
or run 'rakubrew mode shim' to use 'shim' mode which doesn't require a shell hook.
raydiak try the shim? 20:53
I don't even recall exactly what that does, I'm just reading the instructions on rakubrew.org under "bare bones" 20:54
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raydiak If you're out of time to play with it, np. I think we have enough information to clarify the instructions at this point. Thanks a ton for your help! 21:14
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ingy o/ 22:29
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softmoth hi, ingy 22:31
tadzik \o 22:32
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softmoth Hello! Would anyone please run: zef update && zef install rakudoc; and let me know if it works for you, and how you like it. I'm curious primarily to ensure that it finds your installed modules. The formatting is rudimentary but I do find it very handy already. 23:11
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edds X) 23:11
softmoth m6locks, I've removed the external Documentable dependency from rakudoc, and it should be trivial to install now 23:16
edds where this language used? 23:18
softmoth edds, it's largely used by hobbyists, people interested in language design, and in the Rakudo compiler itself. There are many modules available at modules.raku.org, and resources for learning more about Raku at raku.org/community 23:26
edds softmoth what interesting in this lang? 23:27
raydiak edds: also read towards the bottom of raku.org homepage, "Successfully use in production at" 23:28
softmoth docs.raku.org/language/faq#Why_sho..._about_it? 23:29
edds raydiak i not familliar with this logos
raydiak me neither mostly :) 23:31
softmoth It depends on what interests you, but for me personally I like the built-in Grammars for parsing, and the way it makes both functional and object-oriented programming first class paradigms. It is both lazy and eager at the same time, mostly done behind the scenes. It has multi-threading features everywhere.
Unicode support is better than any other language, probably. 23:32
edds you are responsive :) 23:33
softmoth rarely, but you caught me at a good time :-)
edds what you doing now?
softmoth I just finished an improvement to the long-abandoned 'rakudoc' program, and I was hanging out here looking for feedback from others 23:34
My wife is a bit late getting home from work, so I'm just hanging out until she arrives.... 23:35
edds hah
softmoth What's your interest in Raku? Where did you hear about it?
edds on weird russian forum 23:36
from some news post on habr 23:37
guys tell that this language is slow
what is MoarVM 23:38
title was 'Racudo released' and im like :what is this 23:40
softmoth MoarVM is a virtual machine designed specifically to run Raku on. That is, its abstractions match the needs of Raku well. So when you run Rakudo, it generates MoarVM bytecode. And running a Raku program is done by the moarvm program. (Or, Rakudo can also generate Java VM bytecode, to run on the jvm instead of MoarVM.) 23:41
raydiak for some things, it's true we aren't the fastest. but we're improving performance in various areas with every monthly releaese, often multiplying the speed of some functions by several times in one release 23:42
edds so you need moarvm to run raku? 23:43
softmoth Hmm, yes, maybe if you're interested in languages you heard a long time ago about Perl 6, a sister language to Perl. Raku is the language that came out of the Perl 6 effort, and its main compiler is called Rakudo.
edds, yes, you need the `moar` interpreter. The JVM output works, too, although with less features. There used to be .NET and Javascript backends also, but I don't think they're maintained anymore. 23:44
edds its works only in special vm 23:46
its can be used for some computing, ai ?
softmoth Yes, it needs to run in the VM, similar to many dynamic languages. 23:47
Yes, it is a very capable, expressive language. 23:48
edds may be its cool to show power of lang in example thats alive and usable project
softmoth You might look at cro.services/
japhb edds: Cro? Red? MUGS?
edds and its  open possibilities to be in focus 23:49
japhb im dont understand
japhb edds: You were asking for projects that might show the power of the language? 23:51
Here's an early example, one of the first JSON parsers for Raku: github.com/moritz/json/tree/master/lib/JSON 23:52
softmoth edds, Red: modules.raku.org/dist/Red:cpan:FCO#red ; MUGS: modules.raku.org/dist/MUGS:zef:zef:japhb#name
edds japhb im just imagine this, like you are put your passion in cooperative-project may be like ai algorithms
japhb github.com/moritz/json/blob/master...Grammar.pm is a good example of how nice and succinct Raku Grammars can be 23:53
edds: Are you asking if I have put energies into an open source project, or whether Raku is good for AI, or something else?
edds japhb sprry i cant agree with you because im not understand anything what i see on that page 23:54
mm yes)
not engineers may be work with 23:55
what are you interest? may be space
i tell stranger things 23:56
japhb edds: If you mean the Grammar page, it's pretty much a direct translation of the official JSON grammar. But fair enough. :-)
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japhb In the Raku world, I'm often a "mantle" developer -- writing things that sit on top of the core and support people doing things at the outer layers. Libraries and frameworks and such. 23:57
softmoth japhb, would you be able to test `zef update; zef install rakudoc` and see if it works for you? 23:58
japhb Sometimes I dip down lower, sometimes I build something for the top level.