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Set by lizmat on 1 May 2021.
japhb softmoth: Failed to pass tests 00:00
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edds im sasha 00:01
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japhb softmoth: gist.github.com/japhb/1a0748d8a82d...6ce2fe329d 00:02
edds here no sign up button) 00:05
how it works?
japhb .ask timotimo Can you merge github.com/timo/json_fast/pull/73 ? 00:07
tellable6 japhb, I'll pass your message to timotimo
japhb edds: Sign up for what?
softmoth japhb, thanks. What version of rakudo are you using? 00:16
japhb softmoth: v2021.04-10-gbb069a99c 00:20
softmoth OK, I've been on 2021.02.1, I may need to check the latest. I may need to adapt to CompUnit::Repository changes, or maybe I just need to ignore any Repository that is `not .can('read-dist')` 00:21
ugexe yeah you shouldnt be using read-dist 00:22
softmoth ugexe, OK. My goal is to list "resources" for a dist. I got the dist from .candidates() 00:23
ugexe thats fine. what are you calling read-dist for? 00:24
softmoth not just "resources" but any files
It is a LazyDistribution
and I can't get anything from it.
m: (.read-dist()(.dist-id).raku.put with $*REPO.next-repo.candidates("rakudoc").head).<files>.keys 00:25
camelia Type Slip does not support associative indexing.
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
softmoth :> $*REPO.next-repo.candidates("rakudoc").head 00:27
CompUnit::Repository::Installation::LazyDistribution.new(dist-id => "988DBA7F826D57FAEEE3344CC021AB3A40D55432", read-dist => -> $_ { #`(Block|91308736) ... }, meta => ${:api(v1), :auth("github:Raku"), :checksum(Str), :source(Any), :ver(v0.2.3)}, prefix => IO::Path.new("/opt/raku/versions/moar-2021.02.1/install/share/perl6/site", :SPEC(IO::Spec::Unix), :CWD("/home/trs/g/raku/rakudoc")))
I get that OK. But I don't know how to get to "files" and "resources" from there.
ugexe say CompUnit::RepositoryRegistry.repository-for-name("site").candidates("Zef").head.meta<resources>
evalable6 Nil
ugexe works fine
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softmoth Well I'll be. I could swear it was not, but it is! 00:29
ugexe, thanks for that, I'll switch immediately 00:30
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edds japhb how you recognize each other? 00:51
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japhb edds: Do you mean recognizing who is who on #raku in IRC? Registered nicknames on Freenode. 01:18
edds japhb but im just type random and hit enter 01:19
are you know about difference with matrix? 01:20
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japhb edds: Oh, yeah, by default IRC allows anyone to use an unregistered nickname; you register in order to reserve a name as just-for-you. 01:20
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sasha 🦋 01:25
what ist this
oh its india symbol 01:29
this languages called 'scripts' 01:31
japhb sasha: In what context? For example, in programming language use, a script is a (usually) small program. In Unicode use, a script is a set of symbols used to write a language. 01:34
sasha japhb oh), i mean en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devanagari
japhb Yeah, that's the Unicode/typographical meaning. 01:36
sasha im not competent in this 01:37
japhb en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Writing_system
sasha i think this language absolytley beutiful en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgian_scripts 01:38
i saw it recentley in ytubecomment so cool 01:39
japhb Yeah, there are some really beautiful scripts. Humans, what can't they do, eh? :-) 01:41
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sasha so why you not using matrix ? 01:42
hm 01:45
    pictographic script
    ideographic script
    analytic transitional script
    phonetic script
    alphabetic script
every lang is script
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japhb Those are broad classes of scripts, yes. 01:46
IRC predates matrix by literal decades. :-)
sasha it has stickers and reactions and quick reply 01:47
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sasha and looks different 01:47
moon-child all those sound like good reasons to avoid matrix 01:48
sasha looks like telegram
support payments too as im right 01:49
decentralized telegram)
but its same thing on first look
this and matrix i think 01:50
i mean*
not matrix im talk about element
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sasha has calls and video calls and notifications 01:51
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moon-child why, it just gets worse and worse! 01:52
sasha security tweaks looks advanced
its just compare
dont hate it)
its can be good features for usual user 01:53
oh 01:55
i cant send file here
moon-child sure you can 01:56
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sasha what? 01:56
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sasha element more juicier for features 01:58
moon-child en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_Client-to-Client
sasha how to do it here
also i find this keybase.io/ 02:01
not tried but it works in onion 02:02
and they show you how they send bank card photos
super secure 02:03
committable6 sasha, I cannot recognize this command. See wiki for some examples: github.com/Raku/whateverable/wiki/Committable
sasha committable6 youu scared me , bot 02:04
volafile.org/r/1t186r01c 02:09
here interface of element #im not mine monero 02:10
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sasha im changed message layout to irc mode 02:10
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2021/05/03/2021-...ble-comma/ 09:28
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softmoth Hi! I'm looking for more user testing on rakudoc, if anyone has a few minutes to try it and let me know how it works for you: zef update; zef install rakudoc --verbose 15:08
ugexe you can make zef update automatically with the --update flag 15:12
zef install rakudoc --verbose --update
at least i think that still works lol
softmoth thank you 15:19
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raydiak softmoth_: gist.github.com/raydiak/9c3e0352ed...d2d019570b 17:14
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raydiak doubt it matters but fwiw I'm running manjaro on a ryzen 5 17:18
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softmoth_ raydiak, thanks, the test case is brittle. I appreciate your feedback, I'll sort that out. 17:42
17:42 softmoth_ is now known as softmoth
raydiak you're welcome, happy to help. thanks for your work on rakudoc 17:44
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softmoth I plan to implement fetching docs directly from github (to avoid the heavy dependencies of the current Raku/doc distribution), too. Currently it's of limited use unless you explictly set "RAKUDOC=/path/to/doc/doc" in the environment. 17:47
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raydiak we still have all the generation of svgs and html and everything packed into the same project as the actual docs? 17:49
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tbrowder hi, looking for advice on new module naming 17:52
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softmoth raydiak, yes, I've not been part of any discussions on that, but I know it's been desired for a long time to split it out 17:53
I assume there's some non-trivial work needed for some reason 17:54
tbrowder the primary purpose of the module is to convert from the Gregorian calendar dates (as used by DateTime) to other calendars
i'm considering such names as MultiCalendar, DateTime::Calendars, ... 17:55
raydiak softmoth: definitely seems like a gross failure of separation between code and data, I'm a bit shocked it didn't happen years ago
tbrowder: I like DateTime::Calendars more between those two. though if it's only mainly for conversion and not other operations, also maybe DateTime::Convert or ::Converter or something along those lines 17:57
softmoth tbrowder, maybe a less generic name would be helpful; many things might be a MultiCalendar or a Calendars, while your function is quite specific.
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softmoth It's probably too cute but something like DateTime::Ex::Gregorian 17:59
Just my first thought, I'm sure your choice will be fine.
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raydiak if the other calendars you support are regional/cultural not e.g. astronomical/academic, maybe DateTime::International? if we're talking about what season it is on Mars then maybe DateTime::Interplanetry, ::Interstellar, ::Intergalactic, ::Universal or ::Multiversal depending on the scope of the implementation :) 18:11
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CIAvash tbrowder: Are you aware of the modules created by JFORGET: modules.raku.org/search/?q=Date%3A%3ACalendar 18:33
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tbrowder CIAvash: arg, i forgot...thanks for the reminder! 18:44
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tbrowder ok, those save a lot of work! 18:55
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geth_ doc/3517-word-variants: 37c97ae1b7 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | xt/word-variants.t
Search/test for the word 'boolean', ref #3517

  ... as it should be written 'Boolean'.
This word variant test is all about case, thus the %variants hash now contains Regex values with the case-insensitive adverb when applicable.
doc: stoned++ created pull request #3880:
Search/test for the word 'boolean', ref #3517
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Shaeto Hi, a simple question: can I use action method for the root proto token (proto token test {*}) ? i want to process all variants in one method 20:01
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geth_ doc: 37c97ae1b7 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | xt/word-variants.t
Search/test for the word 'boolean', ref #3517

  ... as it should be written 'Boolean'.
This word variant test is all about case, thus the %variants hash now contains Regex values with the case-insensitive adverb when applicable.
doc: f94b7c206b | (Will Coleda)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | xt/word-variants.t
Merge pull request #3880 from Raku/3517-word-variants

Search/test for the word 'boolean', ref #3517
[Coke] stoned75++
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geth_ doc: a3ac312eac | Coke++ | doc/Programs/03-environment-variables.pod6
prefer Boolean

Closes #3517
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stoned75 thanks, my pleasure 20:22
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tbrowder ref calendars again, jforget's modules are great, but more detailed than what mine will be. i'm using E.G. Richards' system which uses an arithmetic conversion to/from an artificial calendar to convert dates of y/m/d between 15 calendars. just for some raku fun! 20:47
so i still need a naming system for the set... 20:49
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tbrowder CalendarConversions <= the name of the chapter detailing the mathematics 20:56
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geth_ doc: 4c12a38828 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | xt/word-variants.t
Remove a leftover parenthesis and a trailing space
doc: c63401bd32 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | xt/word-variants.t
Search/test for 'sub-directories'

  ... as 'subdirectories' is (probably) prefered
doc: 11a2a158b2 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Language/about.pod6
'subdirectories' is prefered over 'sub-directories'
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