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Set by lizmat on 1 May 2021.
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gfldex .tell oddp this migth do what you want: gfldex.wordpress.com/2021/01/03/in...direction/ 06:43
tellable6 gfldex, I'll pass your message to oddp
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tbrowder m: rakudo 15:14
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared routine:
rakudo used at line 1
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tbrowder duh, i just noticed the use of 'rakudo' or 'raku' as the executable. which is preferred? which is best to use when talking to possible adaptors? 15:17
ugexe raku 15:19
tbrowder i guess we're saying 'rakudo' is a compiler for 'raku' like 'gcc' is a compiler for 'c'?
ok, back to my cave embracing 'raku' :-D 15:20
thnx nick 15:21
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[Coke] in docs, it makes sense to push raku. for internal use inside rakudo, rakudo seems best. 16:31
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tbrowder the reason i asked is on #raku-dev they're changing perl6 to rakudo in the shebang line 18:09
so i thought that might eventually be picked up by public scripts 18:10
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[Coke] yes. that's in rakudo guts, so it makes sense to use rakudo there, no? 18:12
lizmat ah, good point! 18:30
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[Coke] anyone else find the REPL on windows broken? 18:34
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[Coke] I type "raku" and it just hangs. I am not yet patient enough to get the intro text or a prompt 18:34
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[Coke] ... weird. comes up fine in a 'x64 native tools command prompt' (except for the incorrectly rendered unicode characters), but in a git bash window, it hangs 18:41
lizmat: should we not use the unicode characters in the prompt on windows? 18:42
it's either mojibake, or if you use chcp 65001, it's ???????TM v2021.04 18:43
lizmat nope, the unicode characters are intentional oin the repl only
perhaps we should not do this on Windows, as apparently close to nobody has their terminal set up to handle UTF-8 on WIndows
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whatnext hello all... I have yet another very basic question :) 19:45
how do I call a method stored in a variable. e.g. $object.$method() seemed the obvious way to do it (to me!) but that seems to do something else 19:47
any clues? :)
ugexe $object."$method"() 19:49
whatnext ah really - interesting... thanks! 19:50
lizmat the parentheses in that example are mandatory 20:07
even if you don't pass any arguments
basically the same rule as in interpolation of sub calls
m: sub a() { "foo" }; say "&a()bar" 20:08
camelia foobar
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whatnext I see - thanks lizmat :) 20:16
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