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Set by lizmat on 1 May 2021.
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tonyo .tell canbenshan you're likely hitting an issuer with the scheduler filling the pool and blocking the main loop, look at $*SCHEDULER.max_threads and don't hit that limit, see if that fixes your issue. 02:50
tellable6 tonyo, I haven't seen canbenshan around, did you mean canbenshanlo?
tonyo .tell canbenshanlo you're likely hitting an issuer with the scheduler filling the pool and blocking the main loop, look at $*SCHEDULER.max_threads and don't hit that limit, see if that fixes your issue.
tellable6 tonyo, I'll pass your message to canbenshanlo
tonyo m: my @a; @a.push(start { sleep 5; }) for 0..$*SCHEDULER.max_threads * 2; await @a; 02:53
camelia MoarVM panic: Could not spawn thread: errorcode -11
tonyo m: my @a; @a.push(start { sleep 5; }) for 0..$*SCHEDULER.max_threads / 2; await @a;
camelia MoarVM panic: Could not spawn thread: errorcode -11
tonyo nice
the first one hangs on my machine, the latter doesn't.
raydiak camelia's probably just hitting a ulimit or some such 02:59
tonyo might be locked down to avoid some kind of abuse too? 03:01
raydiak that's one of the things ulimits are for 03:02
so we can't e.g. forkbomb it
tonyo that seems like the first thing that should be tried
raydiak I mean, someone has to be that guy, right? in the name of testing and hardening! purely whitehat :) 03:04
fwiw neither of those hangs on my machine for whatever reason
* 2 takes longer, by about 3x. I assume because the main thread probably counts as one, so there's one more left to run after the first two batches 03:06
yes, *2-1 makes it only take 2x as long, as expected 03:07
tonyo wonder if that was fixed 03:10
must've been if *2 doesn't hang 03:11
raydiak maybe. I'm on 2021.04 03:12
tonyo i'm on 2021.03
raydiak gfldex's github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3817 still fails for me, though. that's not a hang though, it just loses the output 03:14
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raydiak tried 2021.03 and *2 still doesn't fail here 03:19
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rakulearner hi guys, do u like raku? 04:39
Xliff Yep! This channel is #raku precisely for that reason!
However, this is the computer language. Not the pottery.
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tbrowder hi, i'm getting ready to release a new api version of module Abbreviations and would appreciate anyone having comments on the README (or anything else). please file an issue or leaveca comment 12:32
github.com/tbrowder/Abbreviations 12:33
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SmartWorld hi 13:30
can anyone help me how can i make my youtube video viral?
sienet_ja_LSD[m] raku video? 13:31
SmartWorld no 13:32
it is a video for a positive change
can i share link here?
sienet_ja_LSD[m] reddit is probably a tryworthy platform 13:33
SmartWorld oh thanks for a hint 13:34
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stoned75 :q 15:02
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El_Che blog.rust-lang.org/2021/05/11/edition-2021.html 18:45
multiple version support, like raku
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ecocode[m]1 <PimDaniel "This time it is a list of Int : "> if order is not important 23:29
m: say (1,8,9,33,2) (-) (8,33)
camelia Set(1 2 9)
ecocode[m]1 > <@freenode_PimDaniel:matrix.org> This time it is a list of Int : my Int @numbrs = ( 1,8,9,33,2); want to delete 8 and 33, how? thank you!
* if order is not important
hmm... already mentioned I see... 23:32
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