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thundergnat m: gist.github.com/thundergnat/77676d...e25e55ce92 01:13
camelia Cannot call 'shift' on an immutable 'List'
in sub expand-tree at <tmp> line 2
in sub expand-trees at <tmp> line 11
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 15
moon-child Bag bag bag!
(sorry) 01:14
thundergnat bisectable6: old=2020.01 new=HEAD gist.github.com/thundergnat/77676d...e25e55ce92 01:15
bisectable6 thundergnat, Bisecting by exit code (old=2020.01 new=f83e551). Old exit code: 0
thundergnat, bisect log: gist.github.com/871a38b5f78c7b89d0...35b735dad1
thundergnat, (2020-10-14) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/33...c74e723a8d
thundergnat Hmmm. ^^^ that is an (old) regression, but arguably the gist is wrong to begin with. 01:19
It is directly from Rosettacode. rosettacode.org/wiki/List_rooted_trees#Raku
If it is wrong, I'll need to update the example on Rosettacode. If it is an unintended regression, it would be nice to get it fixed for next release. 01:20
.tell lizmat: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...1-06-03#l5 Any thoughts? 01:21
tellable6 thundergnat, I'll pass your message to lizmat
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tomasz Hi. Why is this producing different results: say ((1..*).grep: *.is-prime)[280] ? 08:23
Lower indices seem ok, but about this high they give jumpy results. Much higher are very jumpy. 08:24
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moon-child what do you mean by jumpy? 08:26
If I run that multiple times, I get the same result every time
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raydiak moon-child you may want to repeat that, he quit right before you answered, and re-joined right after 08:30
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tomasz yes, please 08:31
moon-child oh, derp
tomasz or if someone could copy paste repost
moon-child tomasz: what do you mean by jumpy?
If I run that multiple times, I get the same result every time
tomasz different results
moon-child (1823)
m: say so all(1823 «==« (^1000).map: { (1..*).grep(&is-prime)[280] }) 08:32
camelia True
moon-child what version are you running (raku --version)? 08:33
tomasz > say so all(1823 «==« (^1000).map: { (1..*).grep(&is-prime)[280] })
> say ((1..*).grep: *.is-prime)[300] 08:34
> say ((1..*).grep: *.is-prime)[300]
> say ((1..*).grep: *.is-prime)[300]
holly I don't want to be rude but there should not be a capital letter search in zef, capital letters should be able to be searched (in the front) as common letters
moon-child do you get the same result if you replace 1..* with 1..3000? If so, can you post the result of (1..3000).grep(&is-prime)? 08:35
tomasz > (1..3000).grep(&is-prime)[300] 08:36
> (1..3000).grep(&is-prime)[300]
holly So "zef search Hawking" should sometimes be able as 'zef search hawking'
tomasz > (1..3000).grep(&is-prime)[300]
> (1..3000).grep(&is-prime)[300]
dakkar holly: I agree, `install` must respect capitalisation, `search` should ignore it
raydiak tomasz: as moon-child asked, what version of rakudo are you running? it's completely repeatable for me too on 2021.05 08:37
tomasz This is Rakudo version 2018.12 built on MoarVM version 2018.12
implementing Perl 6.d.
holly dakkar : as you say
eseyman dakkar: FTR, this is what dnf does on Fedora-based systems, not sure about apt
moon-child that version is over a year old, I recommend upgrading it
raydiak probably some old bug that got fixed in the last 2 1/2 years, then
tomasz 4.19.0-16-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.181-1 (2021-03-19) x86_64 GNU/Linux
it's the official Debian repo version 08:38
could it be unpatched there?
moon-child debian is known to ship out-of-date, buggy software
tadzik nonsense
tomasz ok
tadzik debian stable just doesn't update things after its release, except for security and bugfixes
that's its job. It has nothing to do with "out of date buggy software" 08:39
moon-child I don't see how what you said and what I said are inconsistent
tadzik on my debian I have rakudo 2020.12 available
tomasz i guess i'll try the docker edition
what debian is that?
eseyman ask for rakudo to be included in debian-packports ?
tadzik unstable
eseyman s/pack/back/
tadzik aka "up-to-date" :> 08:40
tomasz i'd rather go for a stable debian than a stable raku 08:41
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raydiak you may also be interested in github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg 08:41
dakkar_ ugh, work laptop keeps locking up, I hope they'll send me a replacement soon
tomasz thanks, raydiak 08:42
tadzik "unstable" is a bit of a misnomer, it is perfectly stable (for me). It's just getting updates :P
I wouldn't run stable on anything other than a server, it's really an extreme distribution in its own way
sort of a declaration that says "I want to freeze time and not be concerned with any developments in the software world for the next few years at least" 08:43
tomasz server is whatever that moves to me
yes, sort of correct 08:44
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tomasz im in the retroguard 08:44
holly stable and unstable are fine as they are, stable is just out of date 08:45
tomasz frontline is frontline 08:46
is there a good image for kvm? 08:47
raydiak, is that debian repository in rakudo-pkg woring? 09:20
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tomasz i've run that script on a vm but that installation looks somewhat defunct 09:21
# apt policy perl6 09:23
tomasz Installed: (none)
Candidate: 6.d-2
Version table:
6.d-2 500
500 deb.debian.org/debian buster/main amd64 Packages
what's that?
raydiak afaik it is actively maintained and fairly widely used. I'm not on debian so it'd be difficult for me to help you troubleshoot, but given that seems to point to the official debian repos, maybe try the name "raku" instead of "perl6"? 09:32
tomasz i got the official docker, this will do 09:33
raku has the same there
i'm not good with repos, but there should be more
eseyman yeah, there doesn't seem to be anything in dl.cloudsmith.io/public/ 09:34
tomasz there we go 09:35
btw, is building all this from sources difficult? 09:36
raydiak I haven't tried for a while, but no, not difficult as I recall 09:37
eseyman the buster package does exist, though
tomasz where?
eseyman tomasz: cloudsmith.io/~nxadm-pkgs/repos/ra...;t=binary/ 09:38
tomasz i'll try it 09:39
eseyman I'll ping Claudio via mail to see what's up 09:40
tomasz it looks fine, but installs in /opt/rakudo-pkg/ 09:41
lizmat El_Che ^^
tellable6 2021-06-03T01:21:39Z #raku <thundergnat> lizmat: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...1-06-03#l5 Any thoughts?
eseyman tomasz: yes. That's what non-vendor-supplied packages are supposed to do 09:43
tomasz ok
raydiak tomasz: build instructions for rakudo are at github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/master/INSTALL.md , basically just git clone, then perl Configure.pl --gen-moar --gen-nqp --backends=moar --prefix=$HOME/raku (or wherever you want to install to) && make install. then make sure it's in your path and you should be good to go. you'll have to install zef by hand too if you go this route, which is just git clone and 09:48
raku -I. bin/zef install .
I use rakubrew personally, but I'm given to understand that this is no longer recommended for some reason
tomasz maybe i try it in the future when i know the big picture better 09:50
and what's the dependence of this on Java? (as i found somewhere) 09:52
raydiak there is a JVM backend, though you're generally better off with moar 09:53
lizmat tomasz: there's no dependence on Java, unless you want to use the JVM backend
tomasz ah, ok, cheers 09:54
thanks for all the help, i'm now at home both legs 09:55
raydiak you're welcome, we're happy to help :)
tomasz i'm not sure if my post about /usr/local went through 09:57
i posted 2 times but it disappeared
it's a better location than /opt
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tomasz in case someone asks 09:57
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tomasz it's already in the path, so not much new wiring for the user 09:58
holly github.com/theholyghost2/Game-Adventure <-- for writing old adventure games
many overrides though for low print porting 09:59
tomasz and in case someone is curious, the docker version is slightly behind the git repo: v2021.05 vs 2020.10 10:00
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tomasz see you 10:04
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holly Again : github.com/theholyghost2/Game-Adventure <-- for writing old adventure games 10:13
You can derive everything and I'm going to make some adventure game as this as a depedency. Needs refactoring a bit
Altreus graphical or text? 10:14
holly it's based on SDL2::Raw
so graphical
Altreus nice
holly thx
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Altreus I can't wait to have time to start a thousand tiny projects that I'll never finish 10:15
holly sure Altreus :-)
take it easy
lizmat still feels very much like sub foo() { ... } to me :-(
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holly it's fast hacking I know 10:17
but I mentioned low memory and processor prints 10:18
which is out of date :-)
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holly Now to find a good recipe for the game ... 10:25
MVC for the thing is somehwat bad I think
but I'll ask around 10:26
beholder, spider queen
dakkar holly: perlconference.us/tprc-2021-cloud/schedule/
holly oh right
dakkar in particular, tprc2021cic.sched.com/event/jLxu 10:27
holly I cannot travel, I'm soryy
dakkar it's "in the cloud" ☺
holly ah
dakkar (most of the world can't travel these days)
holly I'm not the social type, but maybe later 10:28
I understand a BOF session
dakkar the talks will probably be recorded and available after the conference, so you can maybe watch it later
the talk I pointed you to is about a common game design, ECS 10:29
Altreus I keep seeing raku-based wrappers around stuff that don't actually make use of raku's features
like I'm sure it would make a lot of sense to have an async framework for game engines
codesections dakkar: yeah, I think the talks are being live-streamed on youtube and uploaded soon (immediately?) after 10:30
Altreus every game engine ever uses some sort of update(dt)
holly Altreus : true
Altreus I feel like raku is well-poised to invert this
holly Game::Adventure is for out of date games though
Altreus react-whenever is my new hammer, so everything is a supply nail :) 10:31
holly abandonware
Altreus yeah :) just putting it out there
dakkar Altreus: otoh, games often need to make sure that every part is in the correct state at all times, and async makes that more complicated
holly: it's not abandoned if it's still being written, right? 😜
holly It needs a pramagtized raku/C system, with a new some sort of SDL
Altreus It's an unformed concept in my mind, but I feel like there's a star forming in the nebula 10:32
holly dakkar : I don't like the 3D games from these days
It's not my kind of thing
you can write 3D levels with Game::Adventure though
(it's based on SDL2)
dakkar holly: sure, I was just joking on the term "abandonware" meaning "software whose owners have abandoned"
Altreus I started writing a Perl5/Lua text adventure creation module 10:33
holly dakkar : right
Altreus But it's on the pile of never gonna finish it
holly As long as you don't reinvent the wheel :-) 10:34
Altreus the POE::Wheel
dakkar Altreus: that's a subtle way of saying "I've been around Perl for a looong time" ☺ 10:35
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holly lol 10:38
Altreus faraway look
El_Che lo 10:39
eseyman: is there a problem with rakudo-pkgs?
holly back in the day we had these great monitors :-)
splendid for adv gaming 10:40
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holly Now I need to write a "Camel" game, something with a plane and the Red Baron 10:41
something I played on an 8088 10:42
again, on the TODO file
Gnome's Quest 11:09
I'm off for now, will login later this weekend but have to work on other projects 11:38
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eseyman El_Che: not me but tomasz seems to have issues with it 11:47
tbrowder g'day all 12:02
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tbrowder i'm trying to execute a Perl script with shell or run and get an error "The spawned command exited..." 12:06
i've tried to redirect error to /dev/null but that didn't help. the script executes fine outside raku 12:07
"The spawned command './bin/foo.pl' exited unsuccessfully..." 12:11
lizmat perhaps the current dir is different from the raku context ? 12:12
tbrowder could be. i just found i could elim the error by moving an exit statement out of the same block. i need to use a more complicated run statement i think. 12:17
i'll report back later...
ok, fixed it. the output was sinking so i did something as suggested in docs: 12:24
run('foo.pl', @args).so 12:25
no error!
dakkar well, the error is still there, you just stopped seeing it
as in, `foo.pl` is *still* exiting with a non-0 code 12:26
you told `run` to not tell you that
(which may well be exactly what you want to happen, just pointing out the subtlety) 12:27
tbrowder that's ok. i'm just running its --help arg. the author uses some fancier Perl code that i don't understandand don't need to worry about
dakkar that's fine then ☺
tbrowder the actual runs of his code with raku work as advertised 12:28
thanks lizmat and dakkar 12:29
i think for some reason he makes a habit of having his scripts exit with non-zero on --help. and his scripts always run a full default process when no args are entered. completely different from my conventions. 12:32
hard to get used to...
Altreus I definitely think it's badly behaved to return failure when help was requested 12:36
I'm having a hard time justifying to what extent that could be considered a failure at all
ugexe prove --help on OSX does it 12:37
github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/602c54f1...od#L70-L90 12:38
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tbrowder .seen rbt 13:14
tellable6 tbrowder, I saw rbt 2020-09-09T14:45:04Z in #raku: <rbt> moritz: Okay. Will do in the future.
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tbrowder ugexe: is that failure return requiredbecause it's OSX? if so, maybe that's why he does it. 15:04
ugexe i think osx includes some prove shim that behaves this way 15:06
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Geth doc/cool-coercers: a9c49de212 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | doc/Type/Cool.pod6
Add Cool coercers ref #3361
doc: stoned++ created pull request #3894:
Add Cool coercers ref #3361
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lizmat weekly: www.reddit.com/r/perl/comments/npu...;context=3 19:06
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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japhb Altreus: Can confirm that Supply- and Channel-based design for Raku games works well. You still need to be aware of the actual passage of time in order to do smooth interpolation and game physics though. 20:15
Altreus: Also, there is a #raku-gamedev which you may be interested in. 20:16
.tell holly There is a #raku-gamedev channel which you may be interested in.
tellable6 japhb, I'll pass your message to holly
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