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antononcube Hi! I want to define left and right "word" boundary assertions that for which "word" consist of alpha-numeric characters _and_ punctuation characters. E.g. I want to have word boundaries for words like ".net" or "c++" and parse a list of such words. I want to parse a list of 14:08
This left boundary definition seems to work together with >> : regex wbpl { <!after [ <alnum> | <punct> ]> <?before [ <alnum> | <punct> ]> }
The parsing stops working when I try to use this right boundary defintion: regex wbpr { <?after [ <alnum> | <punct> ]> <!before [ <alnum> | <punct> ]> }
Any suggestions?
moritz antononcube: what's an example of where you want it to match and where it doesn't match? 14:09
antononcube '.net framework, c++, java, and software architect' 14:10
@moritz Thank you for replying! Please, take a look in these definitions: github.com/antononcube/Raku-DSL-En...es.rakumod 14:11
moritz antononcube: perlpunks.de/paste/show/60c61269.6e90.d6 your word boundary regex seems to work for me 14:13
perlpunks.de/paste/show/60c612d3.6e90.3b3 this one illustrates all the position where it matches 14:14
antononcube @moritz Ok, good to know! 14:15
I am trying it out now.
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antononcube @moritz Thank you! You comment really helped -- I found a mistake in another part of my program... 14:29
I have another question -- it is about using Raku in Babel org mode. (orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/babel/) 14:34
Does someone here use Babel org-mode and Raku? I read somewhere that Raku is supposed to supported in Babel, but I do not think it is. 14:35
I found this emacs-Lisp definition: mail.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-de...00636.html . And with some little tweaking I made it work in Aquamacs. It looks like though the author, Tim Van den Langenbergh, has abandoned any efforts in that direction and deleted / removed the corresponding files from hist GitHub repository. 14:39
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gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2021/06/13/te...-waterbed/ 14:42
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gfldex moritz: I'm on page 40 of "Parsing with Perl 6" and I already learned a few new tricks. :) 14:48
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moritz gfldex: glad you're getting something out of it :D 14:57
antononcube @gfldex Yes, it is a good book -- I learned a lot about Raku grammars from it.
moritz bows and blushes
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Altreus Perl 6␛b6xA Raku <- this puts Perl Raku 14:59
Altreus would use FPCRaku 15:00
oh, no it doesn't because you didn't put a space after the 6!
gfldex I tried to shoehown a 6 into that vim command.
Altreus :) 15:01
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antononcube I do not like this vim-direction in the discussion. I am interested in using Raku in Emacs... :/ 15:04
Altreus gfldex: you've put where instead of were a couple of times btw
gfldex Thanks for the denitting. 15:05
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SmokeMachine I've started writing this module to test my Pod code snippets, does anyone have any advice of a better way of doing that? Or would like to help me on evolving that? (Sorry, there is no good README yet...) github.com/FCO/Pod-Test-Code 17:04
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Xliff Hello! 19:27
I am now getting this error:
Cannot modify an immutable Block (-> |c { #`(Block|948...)
at /home/cbwood/Projects/p6-GIO/lib/GIO/Roles/AppInfo.pm6 (GIO::Roles::AppInfo):429
That error points here: github.com/Xliff/p6-GIO/blob/maste...o.pm6#L429 19:29
This is a regression from last week's Raku.
This error was not reported in g0de28ae72. 19:30
Can someone take a quick load at that code and see if they can find an eror. Note I have used this code in previous raku, no proble. 19:31
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Xliff This error appears again, here: 19:43
Cannot modify an immutable Block (-> |c { #`(Block|941...)
at /home/cbwood/Projects/p6-GUPnP/lib/GUPnP/Roles/ACL.pm6 (GUPnP::Roles::ACL):124
lizmat could you golf this to something bisectable, or do you know the offending commit already? 20:05
ah, I should drop the g :-) 20:06
Xliff: can you provide a full stack trace ?
Xliff lizmat: This is over 500,000 lines of code. Where do you golf? 20:07
Am attempting to find the commit, but that is time-consuming and might not finish, today.
Full stack trace incoming
lizmat ah, you're saying that 0de28ae72 is not it 20:08
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Xliff No. Checked that one and it produced the same error. 20:08
It's within the last 3 weeks. Thought last week had a no error week.
I'll have to check the stat files. 20:09
I might need to install bot code to get this one.
lizmat ++Xliff 20:10
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raydiak generally you would golf it by making a copy of the project, then rippinng out giant chunks one at a time, checking if the failure still exists after each one. repeat until the only thing left is the failing code, then reduce that to the shortest possible thing you can write which still triggers the bug 20:12
Xliff radiak: Yep. I get the gist of that, but what happens when you are 3 projects into a dependency chain? 20:15
raydiak start by removing the dependencies. if you're lucky, the bug will still exist without them 20:16
Xliff Can't remove the dependencies and expect the code to compile! 20:17
raydiak remove the part that won't compile without them
Xliff Unfortunately that is most of the code
So I have to show examples from the code. Golfing doesn't work with what I have. 20:18
Especially this part. It's more types than anything else.
If you use a type from a previous dependency (which is all over the code.... see GObject)
raydiak remove the type constraints
Xliff You have to include the dependencies
Humm.... I'll think about that.
lizmat Xliff: full stack trace ? 20:19
Xliff But what if the dependencies are a part of the issue?
lizmat: Still working on dependency installs.
raydiak then you at least know that, which is a start
lizmat ok, whenever you have one :-)
raydiak then you start ripping apart the dependencies too 20:20
lizmat raydiak: I think Xliff gets the concept of golfing :-)
raydiak he asked. I answered. 20:21
Xliff radiak: At that point, it's probably just easier for someone to download the code and look at it.
raydiak I looked. didn't see anything obvious. if it's 500,000 lines and the error is elsewhere, that's going to be a tall order 20:22
anyway, apparently I'm not being helpful. going to move on with my morning. good luck, I hope someone can help you 20:23
Xliff Now you feel my pain.
Fortunately at the GIO level it's not over 100k
lizmat: stack trace generated. Creating a gist. 20:27
lizmat: gist.github.com/Xliff/b9067702a014...98ee8f3f79 20:28
lizmat Ah, looks like Method::Also is involved 20:31
does it happen at compile time ? 20:33
Xliff Looks like it. 20:34
And o crap. I think I know why. I made recent changes.
Will the use of "but" modify a block?
If that is true, then I will need to wrap the block in a sub. *sigh* 20:35
lizmat yup :-( 20:36
Xliff Maybe this: 20:37
my \me = -> |c { o."{ $p.value.name }"( |c.list.skip(1), |c.hash ) };
me = me but Method::Also::AliasedMethod;
So could that be wrapped in a sub?
m: role Subby { }; my $a = sub { say "Hi!" } but Subby; $a.^name.say 20:38
camelia Sub+{Subby}
Xliff Cool!
vrurg Xliff: the error rather points at an attempt to assign to a non-Scalar.
Xliff vrurg: Then wouldn't \me count?
vrurg Xliff: sure it will. 20:39
\me becomes a binding to a Block.
You don't need a sub, perhaps. Just use $me =
Xliff Hah! OK. Then changing it to $me should fix it. Checking. 20:40
vrurg As a matter of fact, you can still use \me, but then `me := me but ...` 20:41
Ah, pardon me, `me := ` won't work. :( Though I always expect it to be ok. 20:42
m: my $r := { say "foo" }; role R { }; $r := $r but R 20:43
camelia ( no output )
vrurg Anyway, the above is faster and more memory-efficient.
Xliff vrurg: What about "my $me := -> |c { o."{ $p.value.name }"( |c.list.skip(1), |c.hash ) } but Method::Also::AliasedMethod;" 20:47
vrurg Xliff: Then just `\me = ` will do too, if you prefer this form. 20:48
Xliff I attempted that version of \me and it still generated the error.
vrurg Xliff: I'd say an attempt to assign into `me` is lurking somewhere. 20:49
moritz m: my $r := { say "foo" }; role R { }; $r does R; say $r
camelia -> ;; $_? is raw = OUTER::<$_> { #`(Block+{R}|79142800) ... }
vrurg m: role R { }; my \me = -> |c { } but R; 20:50
camelia ( no output )
vrurg m: role R { }; my \me = -> |c { } but R; say me
camelia -> |c { #`(Block+{R}|87593896) ... }
Xliff cd 20:53
raydiak Xliff last note before I'm afk: I hope you understand I'm never trying to be counterprodocutive. I've golfed bugs out of codebases twice as large. it does take some time and thought, but it does work if you do it right. I only wanted to point out that a tool you already have in your belt can work even here. I hope you don't feel like I'm picking on you. that is never my intention 20:54
Xliff raydiak: I understand that. Thanks for your input. It's just when I come to my p6-GLib projects, golfing is not an easy or quick way to reach a problem. --ll-exception is almost faster. 20:56
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raydiak for the cases where it works, it definitely is. sometimes the cause is not obvious in the current stack 21:01
did this work when you originally made the change? I wonder what the difference is
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MasterDuke Xliff_: are you using rakudo at HEAD? if so, have you noticed any compilation speedup in the past day or so? 21:51
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Xliff_ MasterDuke: Just compiled at like midnight. 22:58
Or slightly after.
Won't know overall until the singular job completes
That'll be a while
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