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raydiak I just tried and encountered the same problem. It worked after a `sudo ln -s /usr/lib/perl5/5.34/core_perl/CORE/libperl.so /usr/lib/`. perhaps there is a way to specify an additional path to check for native libs? 00:27
moon-child one way is LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but... 00:29
raydiak could that be an indication that I need to do something special with ldconfig or fiddle with ld.so.conf or whatever? should there already be a symlink to libperl in a standard location? do I have to remember to fuss with this every time my distro updates perl? 00:33
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moon-child more likely is that libperl.so is hiding away because it doesn't want to be linked against 02:02
moon-child nah is just shy
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lucs I need the Inline::Perl5 :( 02:23
Anything I can do to help? 02:24
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lucs & # ZZ 02:34
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elcaro I think there's a bug with ~& (yes, yes... stringy bitwise-AND... very popular operator!) 04:18
doc says: Coerces each argument to a non-variable-encoding string buffer type (e.g. buf8, buf16, buf32) and then performs a numeric bitwise AND on corresponding integers of the two buffers, padding the shorter buffer with zeroes.
but it doesn't look like any padding is occuring
m: say 'foo' ~& 'bar'; say 'foo' ~& 'barssssss'
camelia bab
elcaro I'm guessing should look like this... 04:19
m: say Blob.new(|(0 xx 5), |('foo'.encode) Z+& ('barssssss'.encode)).decode
camelia ␀␀␀␀␀bcc
elcaro or... something
Raku just punts directly to nqp::bitand_s 04:20
so my question is... should the paddding be happening in rakudo or in nqp?
nqp tests for bitand_s only tests for equal length strings
m: say Blob.new(|(0 xx 6), |('foo'.encode) Z+& ('barssssss'.encode)).decode # I missed a zero before 04:22
camelia ␀␀␀␀␀␀bcc
elcaro and maybe "padding" means after... and maybe that depends on Endianess of the system... I dunno 04:23
moon-child elcaro: honestly that looks like a doc bug to me 04:27
padding with ones feels more correct, as they're the identity element for and
I'm guessing that string was pasted from the doc for or, which does use 0
ah...hmmm 04:28
roast has a test: "aaaaa".encode ~& "aa".encode eqv "aa\0\0\0".encode 04:29
m: say "aaaaa".encode ~& "aa".encode
camelia utf8:0x<61 61 00 00 00>
moon-child m: say "aaaaa" ~& "aa"
camelia aa
moon-child m: say ("aaaaa".encode ~& "aa".encode).decode
camelia aa␀␀␀
aa␀␀␀ 04:30
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elcaro moon-child: changing the docs is _easier_... but the bitwise AND should pad the shorter buffer. it's more useful that way 04:31
i will raise an issue anyways
moon-child r: say "aaaaa" ~& "aa" 04:33
camelia aa
moon-child curiouser and curiouser
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raydiak .tell lucs apparently zef is not the best way to get it running (though you can make it work with the symlink workaround I mentioned earlier). I just tested building with the instructions at github.com/niner/Inline-Perl5#building and that worked flawlessly without workarounds 08:41
tellable6 raydiak, I'll pass your message to lucs
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mykhal m: say "\x1D00\x2329".comb.map({$_.ord.base(16)}) 10:00
camelia (1D00 3008)
mykhal (.. i guess it's bad, new issued new rakudo #4457 ) 10:03
lizmat feels strangely distracted by massive amounts of water 10:04
moritz lizmat: hope they aren't getting too close to you 10:07
lizmat the coming 3 hours we should have the highest point around here 10:09
most problems are on the Belgian side of the river now
was just watching water coming over a wall intended to keep the river out 10:10
www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2021/07/16/li...r-vrijdag/ 10:12
that is a picture of one of the roads we frequently cycle on
moritz ugh, stay safe! 10:18
I guess the wild horses have retreated a bit :D
lizmat we're about 10m higher here :-) 10:19
yes, they have been moved to higher grounds a few days ago already
www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2021/07/16/li...r-vrijdag/ # more normal situation 10:21
oops, wrong lonk 10:22
the right hand side of the river here is the Dutch side 10:23
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lizmat the road to the bridge (on the Dutch side) is closed due to flooding 10:23
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lizmat to give you an idea of volume: 3700 m3 / sec 10:25
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lizmat feels the urge to get on her bike and go see for herself, but decides there are probably too many watchers getting in the way there already 10:34
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lizmat weird to realize that one of the roads I cycled on yesterday, is now under .5m of water 10:44
sjn Time for a swim! :-) 10:46
lizmat eh... no!
too much debris in the river, whole trees and other big things 10:47
saw a refrigerator float by yesterday
and then the water was still 2m lower than it is now 10:48
sjn Toys in the water! :-D
sjn is a practicioner of blind and uncritical optimism. Yay! o/
sjn is a practicioner of blind and uncritical optimism. Yay! \o/
lizmat :-) 10:50
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gfldex When I check the map yesterday I could see the number of failed cell towers to more then doubled over night. I shall write to the government to have electrical conductivity of water removed! 12:12
keutoi m: (False, False, True).reduce(&infix:<&&>)
camelia Too many positionals passed; expected 0 to 2 arguments but got 3
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
keutoi Why is this an error?
:m (1, 2, 3).reduce(&infix:<+>) 12:13
and this is not?
moritz m: say (1, 2, 3).reduce(&infix:<+>) 12:14
camelia 6
moritz keutoi: infix:<&&> is special because it short-circuits
m: 0 && say 42
camelia ( no output )
gfldex m: say &infix:<&&>(True, False);
camelia False
moritz and that messes up some things internally 12:15
m: say &infix:<&&>.candidates
camelia (&infix:<&&> &infix:<&&> &infix:<&&>)
moritz m: say &infix:<&&>.candidates.map: *.signature
camelia ((Mu $x = Bool::True) (Mu \a, &b) (Mu \a, Mu \b))
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moritz though why &reduce tries to pass three arguments to it? no idea 12:16
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keutoi :m say (False, False, True).reduce(-> $a, $b {$a && $b}) 12:17
m: say (False, False, True).reduce(-> $a, $b {$a && $b})
camelia False
keutoi Thank you, seems to work if i wrap it.
Is this a bug?
moritz yes 12:18
gfldex keutoi: are you filing the issue? 12:21
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keutoi No, can someone familiar with relevant repos do it? 12:23
moritz yes, I'll do it 12:26
keutoi Thank you 12:27
moritz github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4458 there you go 12:32
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lucs . 13:27
tellable6 hey lucs, you have a message: gist.github.com/950200490e208b85e2...62e7af768e
lucs raydiak: Soryy, I'd missed your comment about linking to the lib. Also, I'll go read the build instructions on the github page. Thanks! 13:29
Hmm... So, wondering how/if Inline::Perl5 handles possible multiple Perl installations (from perlbrew for example). 13:52
Altreus TIAS? 13:54
:) 13:55
I'm interested too, but only because you brought it up
lucs I TIAFailed :) 13:57
moritz lucs: I would expect that Inline::Perl5 uses the Perl 5 that was active when it was compiled 14:01
lucs moritz: I got this error when I tried that with a perlbrewed 5.34.0 (with the -Duseshrplib option, yes): gist.github.com/lucs/9fdbad93fcbc9...d62b5d5a17 14:05
Uh, the error was not even being able to install it. 14:06
moritz I don't know how Distribution::Builder searches for its perl :( 14:07
ugexe zef does that search
from the message just posted
basically just shoves it into a `is native(...)` and sees if it works
use NativeCall; sub is_installed is native("perl") { }() 14:13
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gfldex_ keutoi: fix incomming: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/4460 14:17
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keutoi gfldex: looking at your fix this bug might affect (<||>) too 14:32
m: (True, False, False).reduce(&infix:<||>)
camelia Too many positionals passed; expected 0 to 2 arguments but got 3
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
gfldex There is more work to be done in Bool.pm. infix:<^^> can return a non-boolean value but only when used in reduce. see: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast...l.pm6#L127 14:34
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gfldex This feels like a good usecase for macros post RakuAST. 14:36
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b-bar Might I ask why Raku has adopted 𝑒 (U+1D452) as the Unicode symbol for natural exponent? 14:49
According to the Unicode standard, U+1D452 has no special meaning[1], rather U+2147 (ⅇ) may represent natural exponent[2].
[1] unicode.org/charts/beta/nameslist/...html#1D452
[2] unicode.org/charts/beta/nameslist/....html#2147
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Geth doc: mykhal++ created pull request #3918:
Opener chars doc unicode mismatch fix
vrurg b-bar: 1D452 𝑒 Mathematical Italic Small E – I think 'mathematical' is the answer. 14:52
b-bar: and for 2147 the comment says: "_sometimes_ used for the natural exponent" 14:53
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b-bar Thank you @vrurg. But if the word "mathematical" is the key, wouldn't the appropriate symbol for pi be U+1D70B instead of U+03C0? 15:03
vrurg b-bar: good point. I think it can be an alias. But then again, for 03c0 it is also clearly stated in the comment: "math constant 3.141592..." 15:07
I think 1D70B can be made an alias. I also like the look of it more than 03C0. :) 15:09
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spydox hello , Im a newbie can I ask a couple of questions? 17:39
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spydox hi 17:42
sjn of course, feel free to ask anything about Raku :) 17:43
spydox Im trying to get started. I wrote a little helloworld.pl and tried run in comma.. All I get is unexpected EOF. It does run at the linux prompt. I *think* it thinks Im trying to run a "prolog" file .pl ? 17:47
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spydox it runs /usr/bin/swipl -t halt -q /home/me/CommaProjects/one/two.pl 17:48
seems like it SHJOULD run like /usr/bin/perl6 ....
I went thru every comma menu I dont see where it determines the compiler based on file type
I even tried a she-bang which was ignored 17:49
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MasterDuke well, .pl isn't recommended for raku scripts, you could try .raku 17:52
spydox wilco, Im on it! ty
sjn yeah, .pl is traditionally perl5 scripts; we used .pl6 before the name change, today it's .raku as MasterDuke says 17:56
spydox TYVM sir and sir! 17:57
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mykhal m: 0x3030.base(33).lc.&[R~]: <f>~q/o/x 2 18:09
camelia ( no output )
mykhal m: say 0x3030.base(33).lc.&[R~]: <f>~q/o/x 2
camelia foobar
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mykhal say 35.&{(2..36).map($^a + *)} # works 18:45
evalable6 (37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71)
mykhal say 35.&{(2..36).map($^a.base(*))} # not :/
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MasterDuke you can't use a whateverstar as an argument like that 18:50
moritz it doesn't curry inside a method call 18:51
otherwise things like @list.pick(*) couldn't work 18:52
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mykhal say 35.&{(2..36).map({$_.base($^a)})} # aha 18:59
evalable6 (100011 1022 203 120 55 50 43 38 35 32 2B 29 27 25 23 21 1H 1G 1F 1E 1D 1C 1B 1A 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 Z)
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mykhal moritz: .pick(*) is interesting, seems to work like .permutations.pick , I don't grasp the syntax if it does not empty the @list 19:31
.. if it does not pick randomly (allowing duplicates), than one would expect these were pop()-ed 19:37
.. well, ok, my interpretation has holes, if .pick arg must be <= .elems 19:44
.. (kind of must) 19:47
( (0..*).pick is funny and nice, not trying to be biased picking near 0 rather than near Inf/2 :) ) 19:53
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mykhal ( .. if overthinked again, maybe it should return Inf rather than Nil ) 20:20
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spydox snap I cant get comma to use a raku compiler 20:43
Altai-man spydox, how are you setting SDK? 20:46
spydox how can I find trhat
Altai-man spydox, File -> Project Settings. 20:47
spydox Raku v2019.11
its odd if I say RUN the only thing there is edit config
and if I go in there all my files are under "prolog" 20:48
yet a bunch of sources show up on the left..
if I do + on config, all the files are under "Prolog" 20:50
evem though there is no prol;og in the disk path 20:51
Altai-man spydox, can you show a screenshot? 20:54
spydox ok
Uploaded file: uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/726b6007.../posed.png 21:00
my first file was a .pl I guess it thinks this is a prolog project! 21:02
Altai-man spydox, no, I don't think so. can't you select "Raku" in "Add New Configuration"? Then you can specify a script to run and run it using the SDK you specified in Project Settings. 21:05
spydox if I do that it says UNEXPECTED EOF and it tries to run it as PROLOG 21:06
let me try again
Altai-man spydox, are you using standalone Comma or a plugin for IntelliJ? 21:07
spydox standalone in ubuntu
hello 21:08
Process finished with exit code 0
THANKS sir much better
Altai-man spydox, and you have prolog plugin installed?
spydox well - I didnt MEAN to install that but I guess so
Altai-man hmm, alright, thanks
spydox I thjink Ill start over I dont like that PROLOG thing in there! 21:09
tyvm ! 21:17
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melezhik . 21:40
hi patrickb! you owe me a feedback on azure devops pipeline thoughts :] 21:41
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lucs How should I prompt the user for non-echoed terminal input? (for a password for example) 22:59
ugexe need to use a nativecall module
github.com/titsuki/p6-Terminal-Readsecret 23:00
lucs Thanks!
ugexe oh that points to github.com/titsuki/raku-Terminal-Getpass but yeah 23:01
lucs Ha. deprecated even, in favor of Terminal::Getpass :)
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japhb Dang it, I need to finish the work on my Linenoise replacement. These questions would get much easier. 23:32
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