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Set by lizmat on 6 August 2021.
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SmokeMachine_ .tell vrurg thank you for your beautiful words about Red :) 02:40
tellable6 SmokeMachine_, I'll pass your message to vrurg
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lizmat less than an hour for the 2nd day of the First Raku Conference! 14:08
[Coke] hopes this production release wraps up before then. 14:16
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[Coke] 2 minutes 14:58
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[Coke] (til rakucon1D2) 14:58
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lizmat is watching a presentation by Elizabeth Mattijsen :-) 15:04
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SmokeMachine_ m: sub bla(*@*a) { say @*a }; bla 1, 2, 3 15:52
camelia [1 2 3]
SmokeMachine_ It seems to work… 15:53
nine vrurg: Borland Pascal! Oh the memories :)
MasterDuke turbo pascal was the second language i ever used. qbasic was the first 15:54
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[Coke] guesses his first language was Level 1 BASIC on the TRS-80 16:14
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[Coke] looks up release date of the TRS-80: wikipedia: "44 years ago". *oof* 16:18
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nine Damn those ads are interesting! 16:39
vrurg nine: Yeah, it was my payjob once. 16:40
tellable6 2021-08-07T02:40:53Z #raku <SmokeMachine_> vrurg thank you for your beautiful words about Red :)
nine started programming with Borland Pascal and by reading through "Borland Pascal 7.0 Das Buch" 16:41
vrurg My first language was something nobody ever heard about. Certainly not outside of USSR, and even there it was a handful of people working with it. 16:43
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lizmat my first language: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TUTOR 16:44
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tonyo vrurg: what language? 17:20
vrurg tonyo: it doesn't event have a name in latin alphabet. ЯМБ :D 17:21
Can be translated as A Language Of Accountant Machines 17:23
[Coke] regarding jnthn's note about the spec test suite incidentally using features because they're convenient - might be nice to have a pass through the spec test suite to disentangle that sort of thing. (e.g don't use whatever-* if not needed) 17:26
lizmat slightly -- on that: tests need to be easy to make
this kind of refactoring is *fortunately* rare!
MasterDuke that refactoring (of tests) might be easier to do in some sort of automated fashion after rakuast lands... 17:31
nine Honestly sounds rather like useless busy work to me. 17:33
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[Coke] it's useless for rakudo, mostly; might be helpful for a new implementation 17:42
lizmat jnthn surprises me :-)
[Coke] for $dayjob, sort of thing I'd put on the backlog but not prioritize until a business owner wanted to "pay" for it.
I'm behind, no spoilers!
(kidding, spoilers ok. :) 17:43
lizmat an example of a custom compiler pass
that looks at misspelt names 17:45
El_Che Turbo Pascal++ 17:46
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nine tonyo: follow up on auth checking: so if fez does the auth checking but at the same time I can still upload to CPAN or GitHub using someone else's name in my META6.json, what do we really gain? Sounds like it would only really work when we migrate everything to fez and abandon the other ecosystems. 18:35
lizmat well, that would be a good course of action, IMO 18:36
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japhb I concur. The only reason I haven't pushed for it is that the native fez support for mi6 wasn't merged last time I checked, and telling people to move away from CPAN when their tooling tries to push them onto CPAN seems destined for LTA. 18:49
(And I have only recently managed to get out from under a pile of unshaved yaks of my own.) 18:50
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ugexe nine: thats more a matter of what the default zef configuration is 19:19
p6c and cpan can very well default to off and be turned on only with e.g. --cpan once some critical mass occurs
although that i guess that mostly requires adbandoning the other ecosystems 19:20
vrurg Perhaps smoother migration could happen if zef ignores other ecosystems if a module already exists in fez/zef? 19:57
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ugexe github.com/ugexe/zef/pull/400 this sort of does that... it allows grouping ecosystem plugins together in such a way that an earlier ecosystem with a lower version would be taken over a later ecosystem with a higher version 20:15
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timo Util: i enjoyed your lightning talk 22:27
[Coke] crap, I had the live stream paused on a talk, and when I finally got back (just now), looks like it timed out. now it's hanging. 22:35
ah, maybe I was the first one to ask for the nonstreamed version, we're good now 22:36
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