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Set by lizmat on 16 August 2021.
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xinming releasable6: status 08:47
releasable6 xinming, Next release in ≈2 days and ≈10 hours. 1 blocker. Changelog for this release was not started yet
xinming, Details: gist.github.com/90aaafbde650df09a2...d8484b4949
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tib Hello 09:31
A 2 parts serie of blog posts about Raku
Thank you lizmat for proofreading 09:32
2nd post is probably more interesting for people here
I hope you will enjoy these blog post 09:33
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El_Che weekly: dev.to/thibaultduponchelle/raku-fe...er-vm-1ahh 10:59
notable6 El_Che, Noted! (weekly)
El_Che weekly: dev.to/thibaultduponchelle/raku-ot...etails-c3b
notable6 El_Che, Noted! (weekly)
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tbrowder howdy, all: \o/ 11:56
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lizmat tbrowder o/ 12:14
tbrowder lizmat: hi. i was going to ask a question but i did find the answer in the docs. 12:22
lizmat docs++
people working on the docs++ rather :-)
tbrowder i'm in process of porting more old code to raku and need to test then
*them algorithmically 12:23
maybe back later...bye 12:24
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lizmat weekly: news.perlfoundation.org/post/jnthn...rt-2021-06 12:49
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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mjgardner My Perl & Raku article is a front page feature on DZone.com. dzone.com/articles/perl-amp-raku-best-frenemies usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/...l-raku.png 15:53
corwin \o/ 'grats mjgardner! 15:55
mjgardner It gets way more views than my lowly blog. 15:56
gfldex My sleep deprived brain did read lovely instead of lowly and I shall stick with it! 15:58
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corwin +1 16:01
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lizmat mjgardner++ 16:48
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tbrowder mjgardner: great! and i'm glad to see a perl user recognize easier syntax and such with raku 18:34
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codesections Any thoughts between Text::CSV and CSV::Parser? 22:29
(Or any other Raku CSV parsers, for that matter – but those seem like the main two)
I vaguely recall that one CSV parser in Raku passes up on some optimizations so that it can be a stable Rakudo performance benchmark. Is that one of these? Or did I make that up? 22:31
moon-child <lizmat> [Coke] I could optimize Text::CSV significantly, by using nqp, but agreed with [Tux] only "standard" language should be used 22:38
(not as a performance metric, but for portability) 22:39
codesections Aha. Thanks moon-child. So it looks like we don't have a fully optimized CSV parser, but that not really even a problem for my usecase so **shrug**
Also, unless it's just me, modules.raku.org seems to be down (though raku.land is a fine alternative) 22:40
moon-child tbh I'm somewhat sceptical of portability losses from using nqp. There aren't any major non-rakudo implementations; and if such appear in the future, it should not be hard to make a portability shim 22:41
re modules.raku.org, see #raku-dev. Dns/cloudflare stuff
codesections I *think* that it was partly for performance measurement reasons: IIRC, we use that as a Rakudo benchmark and want to track how fast Raku (rather than nqp) has gotten 22:42
oh, I found what I was remembering – in a r/rakulang thread I started myself. Oops. www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...ments_and/ 22:45
japhb moon-child: The nqp:: ops have no language stability guarantees; nqp:: ops can (and do) get removed when no longer needed by Rakudo itself.
moon-child codesections: ah, right on 22:46
japhb That said, JSON::Fast and CBOR::Simple both use nqp ops because the performance need is strong
moon-child japhb: right
codesections japhb: is the thought that Text::CSV doesn't need the same treatment because CSV files tend to be less performance critical? Or we just haven't gotten around to an CSV::Fast equivalent to JSON::Fast? 22:48
japhb But I'd be in favor of someone doing a CSV::Fast; being able to handle more data formats at decent speed is a good thing. And localizing most of the nqp:: use in the few modules that really need may cut down on indiscriminate use in the ecosystem in general.
codesections: ^^
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tonyo_ CSV::Parser was written to be configurable and handle any kind of data you want, including binary csvs. That said, it's slow as hell 23:32
japhb: libcsv bindings exist in Text::CSV::LibCSV
rba Still most of the sites are down. Sorry. stats.raku.org 23:42
japhb tonyo_: Is that sufficiently fast and correct that we can recommend that to people as their default? 23:43
tonyo_ japhb: which? 23:45
libcsv is usually considered fast enough
japhb Text::CSV::LibCSV (not just libcsv, I'm also including the completeness/speed of the binding) 23:46