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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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guifa ugexe: tonyo: is it possible to change your non-public e-mail address on fez? 04:47
tonyo guifa: i could do it for you 04:59
guifa tonyo: ha, I don't need it done, but am finishing up my talk on making modules 05:00
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guifa ended up being more thinking about designing modules wit a little bit on fez at the end (leaving y'all plenty of space to get into technical nitty gritty about it for other talks/conferences) but wanted to be prepped for any questions 05:00
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tonyo at the moment it's just a PM transaction - no api for it yet but can add it to the list 05:01
will it be online? i'd give it a listen
guifa tonyo will be recorded, but not hybrid 05:07
Looking back I've noticed I have a tendency to push people to make good modules
(obvs subjective a bit, but wanting people to think a bit about how people use modules, at least) 05:08
tonyo are you advocating pinning module versions in usage? 05:10
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andinus in marketing.raku.org/id/1531801752/img is there a reason `use WWW` is inside of submethod TWEAK? 11:00
lizmat andinus: because use statements are lexical? to prevent poisoning the outer scope with unnecessary exports ? 11:08
m: sub ok(|) { say "this ok" }; { use Test; ok "foo" }; ok "bar" 11:09
camelia ok 1 -
this ok
Nemokosch is 6.c, c for "christmas" a sort of inside joke originally? 11:10
in other words, which was first
the "is it christmas yet" mocking, or the name for the version? 11:11
lizmat you'd have to ask Larry
he came up with the versioning, but yeah: afaik, the "c" is for Christmas, I think the mocking was first 11:12
Nemokosch 😅 11:13
what will be the name of the e version? 11:17
[Coke] Under discussion, last I checked 11:18
lizmat I think the consensus is that there will be a 6.e (perhaps Eventually :-), but that versioning after that is still undecided 11:19
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Xliff lizmat: I would suggest e = Easter. 11:57
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Anton Antonov `e (elem) <enriched enlarged engaging endeavor>` 12:08
Is there a package that makes text console plots? I think I saw Raku code for doing that, but I am not sure it is a package…
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[Coke] I would vote against Easter. We already had Christmas. 12:25
I have seen Epiphany (but in Spanish), Easter, and Eid suggested. 12:26
Nemokosch Well you were the one who wrote that under the issue as well, no? 12:27
SmokeMachine I would also vote against Easter for the same reason... 12:28
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Nemokosch I also have mixed feelings about easter. But it could be named just Egg 🤣 12:29
"Easter" would kinda seem like "hah, they don't see past their own shit" 12:30
Xliff Well, gee. 12:34
Voldenet it would be fun idea to name 6.e "everlasting" and never release another one
Xliff Voldenet: Noooo! I haz plans for 6.f! 12:35
Voldenet :>
Xliff Fly, fly away!
Voldenet "ethereal" then
Xliff (would mix well with the butterfly theme...)
Nemokosch flutterby! 12:37
Xliff LOL! 🤣 12:38
Voldenet I see 6.f ideas are better, so maybe call 6.e evicted and release 6.f instead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nemokosch ~~like Perl 6~~ 12:41
Anton Antonov Found it -- "Text::Chart". (Initially I was searching into raku.land with "plot".) 12:48
Nemokosch it's nice where raku.land has gotten 12:50
Anton Antonov Hmm... raku.land has to be endowed with certain semantic search capabilities. 12:59
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andinus lizmat: ah i didn't know about use being lexical, thanks! 14:08
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guifa tonyo: of course! 14:18
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tonyo guifa: excellent news 15:25
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guifa_ tonyo / ugexe are there any strictly required fields in the META6.json? 15:59
I assume name, auth, version and provides 16:00
tonyo depends on what side you're on, on the upload side you must have a valid dist
with no wildcard version
(cpan and git both allow wildcard anything)
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guifa_ will say "generally required fields" and "other commonly used fields" for appropriate verbal wiggle room ;-) 16:02
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ugexe the language itself just requires a bare minimum of 'name' i think (i.e. what items of META6.json *must* be provided for CURs to be able to use them), although practically it also requires that `provides` be correct if you want to install modules 18:12
the language itself doesn't understand e.g. `depends`, although various raku tools would require it 18:14
"name, auth, version, provides" is a good bare minimum 18:17
like technically auth and version aren't needed, but it would be easier for everyone if they are used that way 18:18
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p6steve 2 19:19
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habere-et-disper Hi All! Is there a rationale for why `head` is available as .head (has a method signature), but is unavailable as standalone `head`? 20:18
m: say (1000..*).grep(&is-prime).head(2)
camelia (1009 1013)
habere-et-disper versus 20:19
m: say head(2) (1000..*).grep(&is-prime)
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Two terms in a row
at <tmp>:1
------> say head(2)⏏ (1000..*).grep(&is-prime)
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
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Voldenet I guess that is easy to explain - having them as methods is better code style 20:29
it seems that a lot of routines exist because of perl5 familiarity 20:30
like pop, shift, push, unshift 20:32
but if you look at the implementation (github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/db07...tors.pm6), those routines just use methods 20:34
p6steve isnt' there a way to apply a method as a sub? 20:42
kind of methodop inverse
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Nemokosch doubtful 21:21
also, don't underestimate the worth of having head as a sub
1000 .. * ==> grep &is-prime => head 2 21:22
1000 .. * ==> grep &is-prime ==> head 2
this fails on the lack of the sub head
it wouldn't be bad style, not at all 21:23
lizmat I guess the same for tail and skip then? 21:24
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Anton Antonov @lizmat I experimented with "App::Rak" a little. Do you think it is a good idea to have the options `--must=<rx>` , `--must-not=<rx>`, `--inverted` or that is too far away from the style you prefer for that package? 21:32
Nemokosch lizmat: yes, preferably 22:01
Xliff Please do not remove .head, .tail and .skip 22:23
I <3 them.'
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