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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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japhb Xliff: I don't think anyone was suggesting removing the methods. 00:20
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Xliff japhb: Oh. That's good. 00:46
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thowe So, like, anyone here use things like fail2ban or Mailman (v2) or Postfix Admin? 02:24
Or am I just one of these weird old Sysadmin types from Perl 5 world? 02:25
Voldenet fail2ban is great though 02:41
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thowe OK, yeah... I have issues with it, but it doesn't have much decent competition. I think a better alternative, that's newer, would be nice, and Raku is a great choice for making such a thing. It would be useful; the language it's written in would be unimportant to it's main audience as long as it is easy to get and install for someone with no Raku knowledge. Preferably just part of your OS packages. With a good website and docs. Such things are one of the g 02:47
important for me would be Mailman; the v3 iteration really leaves the door open.
I really should bullet those points: useful as a tool to people for whom the language is beside the point; easily deployed; actual web site with docs (showing it's maintained, etc...) the current gen of a number of things are aging and leaving a gap. 02:49
i want to work on something like that, but I feel I need an interested mentor of sorts. 02:50
And I would be dogfooding it
mailman and fail2ban competitors would really scratch a couple itches for me 02:51
Anyway, got my useless opinion out. as you were 02:55
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guifa finally got subs working for BASIC 06:29
end up being surprisingly easier than I thought once I tracked down the relevant code 06:30
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jjatria thowe: I remember you asking about projects in Raku for people who are not necessarily into Raku. I guess this was what was in your mind? 10:45
The closest I've got is raku.land/zef:jjatria/App::Lorea which we use in the raku.land stack for hot-reloading 10:47
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SmokeMachine I also have some code for watching file changes… but for a different intent and way of doing: github.com/FCO/pulp/blob/master/pulp.p6 11:50
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thowe jjatria: yeah, that was a somewhat related statement. 15:36
jjatria: and that seems a useful tool 15:37
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lizmat weekly: www.youtube.com/watch?v=waHAGThlRH8 Raku -Ofun for everyone 19:11
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly) 19:12
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drakonis ah, the talks are live at last 19:15
lizmat some are :-)
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drakonis the nailgun for raku talk wasnt in the schedule 19:19
perryprog Wait, we have nearly as many questions on SO as Python? That doesn't seem right. 19:20
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drakonis guess its a lightning talk 19:20
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lizmat a 19 minute lightning talk ? :-) 19:20
drakonis its a 4 minutes talk 19:21
well, this is a good one
perryprog Or more accurately, Python only has about 2K questions? 19:22
drakonis codesections: hoho
this is good
also isnt this basically how common lisp works?
lizmat www.youtube.com/watch?v=waHAGThlRH8 is 19 minutes for me?
drakonis www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT1uBYBubNU
this one
lizmat ah, yes, that's a lightning talk :-) 19:23
drakonis is there a list of lightning talks?
its not in the website
lizmat not yet, I guess... things are getting uploaded today and the coming days, I guess 19:24
drakonis nailgun seems p. good and is basically how developing common lisp with slime/sly works like
you have a running server that you can fire commands
lizmat perryprog: I think it's actually 2M ? 19:26
perryprog i.imghurr.com/e/6MnyftnGcv.jpg
oh 19:27
I can't read
lizmat hehe
perryprog there's a 'k' there.
drakonis do notice that it says answered
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lizmat weekly: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT1uBYBubNU 19:31
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
guifa there are a few ligtning talks
but that's not one of them
I think my, codesections, and util are all giving a LT today
drakonis not one? 19:32
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guifa Oh the nailgun one is (too many youtube links) 19:39
lizmat weekly: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSP_GgcHQ0Q Raku for beginners 2 hours, 45 minutes! 19:41
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
[Coke] .ask codesections - Please let me know what happened at the raku documention session at the conference. I just heard about it from liz 5m ago. 19:52
tellable6 [Coke], I'll pass your message to codesections
guifa [Coke] we haven't done much on that, actually. No one showed up for the session so we ended up working on LTs and discussing other random stuff 19:55
Geth doc: caa632da5d | (Luis F. Uceta)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/functions.pod6
Fix URL (#4087) (#4088)
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/functions
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Geth doc: 9781d5d0fd | rir++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 3 files
Simple typos, misphrasings, and punc (#4081)

  * Simple typos, misphrasings, and punc
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locria Is there any way to package raku distribution as standalone zip file? 20:31
I only want te ship precompiled (moarvm bytecode) and moarvm
`raku -e 'CompUnit::Loader.load-precompilation-file("hello.moarvm".IO)'`
this works for scripts without `use xxxx` 20:32
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ingy rakudo-moar-2022.06-01-linux-x86_64-gcc README.md has "Rakudo is Copyright © 2008-2021, The Perl Foundation." 22:50
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