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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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guifa youtu.be/1-KV8oiOSZA <-- finally 01:26
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tonyo . 01:49
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Nemokosch so are you Matthew? 08:05
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dutchie m: sub MAIN(Num() $n) { say $n.raku }; BEGIN @*ARGS=<-- -3> # [Coke]: just need to put a -- in to stop it being parsed as an option 09:52
camelia -3e0
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MitarashiDango[m Not sure if I'm just being silly but I can't seem to find the public key for the latest rakudo star asc? 3E7E3C6EAF916676AC549285A2919382E961E2EE 11:13
patrickb MitarashiDango[m: You are not. Wie are currently fighting with the rakudo.org Website to get the keys listed there. 11:55
You can retrieve the key from rakudo.org/keys/rakudo_github_auto...61E2EE.asc
MitarashiDango[m Gotcha, thanks for letting me know!
patrickb I also just uploaded the key to keys.openpgp.org The email verification might take some time though. 11:59
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Nemokosch patrick not saying "just use rakubrew and forget about it all" 12:07
the disappointment
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patrickb Nemokosch: I don't understand. 12:08
tellable6 patrickb, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
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patrickb Ah, you mean using rakubrew instead of the binaries from rakudo.org? Well.... rakubrew downloads and uses those exact binaries. :-P 12:09
And I do think we should encourage people to actually usefully check signatures of files they use. 12:10
So MatarashiDango[m++
Nemokosch Yes but why bother with it? 12:14
At this point, I don't even think it's good practice to download distributions by hand 12:15
also, "signature" for what? if it's the real thing? if it's not damaged? 12:16
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finanalyst Can anyone help with a github actions problem? zef is not listing the most recent module version on github, but it does locally 12:31
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GramFilipem Hi all, not sure if anyone uses it, but I added Raku support to starship: github.com/starship/starship/relea...tag/v1.9.1 12:44
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lizmat GramFilipem++ 12:51
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MitarashiDango[m Well I am trying to update the dockerfiles for rakudo star so cutting out the signatures might not be the best move 😅 13:04
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GramFilipem Hmm, anyone knows where I can find the code for discord raku-bot (bridge)? 13:09
Nemokosch <@195453211409121280> probably knows, he made it from what I know 13:11
discord.com/channels/5384078799804...1576256562 confer this stuff 13:13
GramFilipem thanks <@297037173541175296> 13:15
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Geth docker: m-dango++ created pull request #50:
Update to 2022.06.1
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stevied Is this normal? modules.raku.org/update.log 14:24
log is full of "Error accessing GitHub API. HTTP Code: 401" errors
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I'm trying to get to the bottom of the problem here: github.com/finanalyst/raku-pod-ren...1169997694 14:26
zef keeps trying to load an old version of the module 14:28
zef keeps trying to load an old version of the Raku::Pod::Render module
Voldenet GramFilipem: pretty cool, but when you build raku from git, version includes also sha1 from git
I'm not sure how useful it is though 14:29
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GramFilipem Thanks Voldenet, I'll check whether it still works with raku built from git 14:39
Voldenet most likely it will work 14:44
because git hashes are attached to the end of version string 14:47
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guifa Nemo: yup, that's me 14:47
Nemokosch I watched the other one, it was very much needed, super useful stuff 14:48
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stevied I suspect this is a rather urgent issue: github.com/Raku/ecosystem/issues/606 15:53
how do I attract someone's attention to it?
[Coke] checks current status of SSL on a slightly older mac 15:56
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stevied this thing on? 15:59
can someone take a look at github.com/Raku/ecosystem/issues/606 16:00
I think a bunch of modules are not getting updated in the ecosystem. could be wrong on this but that's what it looks like to me. 16:02
ugexe git:// is deprecated on github afaik
so any modules using git:// for github source urls should switch to https://
stevied so this can be corrected by the module author? 16:03
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ugexe if im correct, then yes 16:03
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ugexe rather if im correct that this is the reason for the error shown 16:03
stevied that's a crap load of modules not getting updated. 16:04
ugexe a good reason to only use dependencies that are actively updated 16:06
or at least have an active author
stevied well, the module I wanted to install was updated 2 weeks ago 16:11
it's still showing 3.7.3 as the last version but currrent version on github is 3.7.5
ugexe the other thing is its giving a 401 error
so maybe the ecosystems token is expired or something?
stevied so this seems to be an ongoing problem
that is what I was thinking it was, yes 16:12
this is why I think this is a fairly urgent issues and should probably be escalated 16:13
ugexe ah yeah its happening for every dist... for some reason i thought it wasnt
stevied I don't know what person handles that
ugexe zef doesn't use that ecosystem though
or rather its generated elsewhere 16:14
stevied I don't know anything about that but zef keeps trying to install version 3.7.3 when latest version is 3.7.5
ugexe well maybe not... it uses REA now which I dunno what that is based on
stevied so zef seems to be impacted
so how do we figure out who the point person is on this? 16:16
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ugexe zef is on version 0.13.8 16:17
oh you mean the modue you want to install is on version 3.7.5 16:18
[Coke] .seen util
tellable6 [Coke], gist.github.com/65dad325f95616f1c6...c9bd14bb96
stevied correct. see github.com/finanalyst/raku-pod-ren...1170020548
ugexe github.com/Raku/REA/tree/main/meta...od::Render 16:20
that doesnt have 3.7.5
stevied I know it doesn't. because it's stuck at 3.7.3 16:21
it's not getting updated
ugexe my p6c ecosystem scraper isnt having any problems, but we voted to replace it with rea -- raw.githubusercontent.com/ugexe/Pe.../p6c1.json
patrickb ping lizmat: Is there something wrong with gh access in REA? 16:22
stevied I don't know what that means. All I know is that when I do `zef install Raku::Pod::Render it tries to install 3.7.3
patrickb stevied: Thanks for actively getting this problem noticed. 16:23
stevied Raku::Pod::Render does have this for the source-url in META6: `source-url: github.com/sdondley/MenuSimple.git`
ugexe you could pass it --/rea to potentially work around it until rea itself is fixed
stevied oops, wrong module. shit. let me fix
it has this: `source-url: git://github.com/finanalyst/raku-pod-render.git` 16:24
ugexe er, --/rea --p6c
stevied so it's using the git protocol
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patrickb iirc git:// access has been completely disabled on GH. 16:26
Nemokosch rings a bell
ugexe i think its using the github web api, and only using the source-url to construct the https github api url itself 16:28
patrickb ugexe do you know off hand whether there is any s/^git/https/ going on in the p6c eco? (which rea possibly misses)
ugexe none
the github api is giving a 401 error, which suggests the token being used is expired or invalid now 16:29
patrickb ugexe: what does "it" refer to?
ugexe modules.raku.org/update.log
and im presuming REA is using modules.raku.org to get its list 16:30
patrickb ah. So the got URL thing is a wrong lead
ugexe probably
patrickb *git
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[Coke] Anyone have a howto to get a backtrace on a mac for a raku segfault? 16:45
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ugexe rakudo-lldb-m is the lldb runner 16:56
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stevied from what I can tell, all 1400 or so modules are failing 17:02
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actually, 2001 modules looks like 17:03
patrickb At least it's consistent. So to sum up: modules.raku.org and REA fail to update their databases. AFAICS raku.land is good.
I guess lizmat will deal with REA (that's what zef uses). 17:04
But then I think modules.raku.org is currently maintainerless / community maintained. 17:05
stevied yeah, I think any module uploaded directly to raku.land and not using pf6 is good
patrickb Both raku.land and modules.raku.org are only providing a website for browsing modules. Neither of the two are the basis of any installers. 17:07
stevied yeah, I was going to say, raku.land/github:finanalyst/Raku::Pod::Render is showing 3.7.5 but zef doesn't knot it exists 17:08
yeah, I was going to say, raku.land/github:finanalyst/Raku::Pod::Render is showing 3.7.5 but zef doesn't know it exists
patrickb Also both raku.land and modules.raku.org display modules in all three of our three ecos (p6c, cpan, fez) 17:09
stevied i don't know enough about what happens under the hood to know why
i'll let you all figure out the REA thingy, whatever that is
modules.raku.org shows version 3.7.3, iirc
modules.raku.org/search/?q=raku%3A...A%3Arender 17:10
yeah, says "last updated on 2022-01-01. this is wrong
it was updated 2 weeks ago
all it does is link to GH repo, but metadata is wrong 17:11
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[Coke] ugexe: danke. 18:03
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[Coke] is there a rakubrew command to wipe all caches? 18:19
(I just tried --configure-option="--moar-option=-debug" and it seemed to skip the moar build entirely) 18:20
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[Coke] (will just build a one off copy outside of rakubrew for now) 18:24
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[Coke] m: (3 is rw)++ #awww. 18:57
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Two terms in a row
at <tmp>:1
------> (3⏏ is rw)++ #awww.
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
statement modifier
[Coke] sees something in Util's presentation and thinks "didn't I write that?", checks, it was lizmat. Coke is probably thinking of something in parrot. 19:06
(I wonder who has the record for the most useless lines of code in git blame right now. I have several closing brackets and empty lines. :) 19:12
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lizmat patrickb: afaik REA is up to date ? 19:28
the REA is slightly more picky
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[Coke] regarding the recent SO article about SSL on mac - here's my current (much improved) state, with a bt from a segfault: github.com/jnthn/p6-io-socket-asyn.../issues/55 19:44
Looks like the sefault is inside libcrypto itself. 19:47
also seems slightly different than any of the other errors reported in the module
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[Coke] do we have a test module that helps with comparing very long strings? 20:20
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[Coke] Test::Differences 20:25
patrickb lizmat: IIUC zef only sees Raku::Pod::Render:ver<3.7.3> via REA even though there already is a R::P::R:ver<3.7.3>. 20:28
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[Coke] should that last # have been different? 20:38
patrickb yes 20:42
That's the latest version in the git repo (raku.land sees it)
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guifa how can you check if a method is proto? 20:51
I would have thought .onlystar or something but even for an actual onlystar proto it doesn't work 20:53
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stevied just found some other really weird ecosystem weirdness. When I do `zef install Pod::To::HTML` it tries to install Raku::Pod::Render. I have to do `zef install Pod::To::HTML:auth<github::Raku` to get the proper module 21:32
this is on a totally clean docker image
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so how does this happen? someone should probably look into this as well. I'll file an issue. 21:34
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gfldex foo 21:46
gfldex /join gfldex-bot-test 21:48
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stevied here's the issue: github.com/Raku/ecosystem/issues/607 21:57
gfldex 3 22:09
SmokeMachine I've been rethinking on how the syntax to grammar for event patterns should be. (I have no idea on how to do that yet, but...). Could someone see if any of this (github.com/FCO/EventExpressionLang...mindstorm) make sense? And if someone have any suggestion 22:19
github.com/FCO/EventExpressionLang...sk.rakumod 22:21
lizmat patrickb: fwiw. looks like the REA has a 3.7.6 and no 3.7.4 or 3.7.5 22:23
guifa SmokeMachine I actually updated the BASIC test module, it now allows for standalone subs in addition to methods (although your pattern stuff really just requires methods, I think
lizmat this *could* be the result of updates on Github while the REA harvester was out
also: the 3.7.6 is on zef 22:24
guifa SmokeMachine I'll actually be posting a real world useful module soon based off of a discussion I had at TPRC
(if you saw my LT, you'll already know what's coming haha)
stevied lizmat, the author of the R::P::R module just updated his module to work with zef about an hour ago
lizmat hmm.. I guess... but I don't think I like the way it was done :-) 22:25
anyways, it's late for me... I'll look at getting 3.7.4 and 3.7.5 out of the git repo into the REA
stevied See github.com/finanalyst/raku-pod-ren...1170517058
but what about the 401 errors for all the other modules? aren't those also a problem? 22:26
lizmat and indeed.. people should move from the git ecosystem to zef :-
SmokeMachine guifa: I did watch, but I confess I don't remember about any new module, could you say something about it? 22:28
guifa haha it was more of a hint
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guifa I'm doing JavaScript regex syntax and compiling it via AST 22:29
so instead of regex foo { … } you can do ecma-regex foo { … } and it will just work (I've got to figure out spacing though, since it's significant in ECMA and that just sucks if you want the brackets on different lines lol 22:30
SmokeMachine guifa: Oh! Now I remember about that being said... :
guifa the goal will be to make a module with the various flavors of regex syntax
so you could also do posix-regex { … } or python-regex { … } etc etc
SmokeMachine good idea! are you going to implement p5 regex swell? 22:31
guifa I think that would be pretty easy since we already have P5 option yeah?
SmokeMachine wasn't it removed?
guifa it's still in the docs 22:32
SmokeMachine I can be misremembering... 22:33
guifa m: 'aaa' ~~ m:Perl5/(a)*/
camelia ( no output )
guifa m: say 'aaa' ~~ m:Perl5/(a)*/
camelia 「aaa」
0 => 「a」
guifa yeah, that modifier is still there
guifa . o O ( note to self: implement m:ecma/…/ as well ) 22:34
SmokeMachine I think I was thinking about this: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/2624 22:35
any opinion/suggestion about the "event". syntax? 22:38
guifa SmokeMachine I'd need to take a closer look at it to give you better feedback. If it's not urgent, please pester me next week when I'll be sitting around very bored most of the day :-) 22:40
SmokeMachine guifa: not urgent at all! I'll sent it to you next week then. Are you going on a vacation? 22:41
guifa I wish haha, but am traveling more than I care to for the next few days 22:42
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Geth Pod-To-HTML: sdondley++ created pull request #94:
correct module name for install instructions