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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Anton Antonov @japhb Mmm... unfortunately Raku CBOR is still slow compared to Python (≈ 40 time slower.) 00:08
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@japhb Of course, thanks working on "CBOR::Simple" ! And thanks again for bringing my attention to it! 00:09
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japhb Anton Antonov: Not terribly surprised, especially if you were unable to use packed array types. CBOR::Simple is (I believe) the fastest structured data codec in Raku-land ... but that doesn't make its JSON-like data as fast as tuned Python code. OTOH, it *might* have better fidelity -- Raku has a richer builtin type library than most languages, thus being able to round trip Rat and Capture and such. 00:59
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Anton Antonov @japhb Mmm... unfortunately Raku CBOR is still slow compared to Python (≈ 40 times slower.) 09:05
@japhb Of course, thanks for working on "CBOR::Simple" ! And thanks again for bringing my attention to it! 09:06
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Voldenet python will be unbeatable here, because cbor2 uses raw C for reading cbor lengths 09:33
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lizmat *phew* fixed irclogs.raku.org wrt changed format in discord bridge messages 10:50
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pmurias hi! 11:27
tellable6 2020-08-20T06:44:00Z #raku-dev <patrickb> .tell pmurias If you find the time I'd value your insights on github.com/Raku/nqp/issues/656
2020-10-27T01:48:00Z #raku-dev <[Coke]> .tell pmurias there are some js specific opcodes at gist.github.com/coke/f87ab505c6cb8...b5cb6a8990 like "attrhintfor" that could use some docs.
2020-10-27T01:52:00Z #raku-dev <[Coke]> .tell pmurias I mean like asyncreadbyte
pmurias anything cool has been recently happening in raku land? 11:29
lizmat pmurias: if the tellable6 response is any indication, you missed the new coerce protocol, the work on RakuAST and the IRC logs server irclogs.raku.org 11:30
pmurias: good to see you, hope you are well!
AlexDaniel probably wasn't that long, it's just that tellable still has some messages it's unsure about if it delivered them 11:31
pmurias lizmat: nice to see you too, hope you are doing well too 11:33
lizmat as well as I can, without current parameters :-)
AlexDaniel lizmat: oooooo, irclogs.raku.org/raku/live.html is faaaancy 11:34
really cool
lizmat thank you :-)
AlexDaniel and the search function works! 😌 11:36
that's all I could possible wish for wrt irc logs
ok maybe one more thing is search across multiple channels
lizmat yeah... that's tricky... you just have to change channel to repeat the same search though 11:37
you would need a whole new display mechanism to show results from different channels.... and scrolling would be hell to implement 11:38
AlexDaniel aaa yeah indeed
are you taking feature requests? :) 11:39
lizmat github.com/lizmat/App-Raku-Log/issues
I also take PR's :-)
pmurias myself I'm going doing fairly ok now, worked for google for 2+ years, now checking up on old stuff now that I have more free time 11:43
lizmat ++pmurias
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Anton Antonov @Voldenet Thank you for clarifying that Python's cbor2 uses raw C. 12:25
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lizmat ok, irclogs.raku.org updated, now running on rakudo blead 12:38
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nine Nice to read that pmurias++ is doing ok :) 14:47
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[Coke] What's the latest tech for releasing a module? 15:18
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Nemokosch raku.org/resources/ could you please update the glot.io link to "raku" instead of "perl6"? 15:52
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guifa [Coke] fez 15:54
guifa . o O ( someone didn't watch my talk hahahhahahhaha ) 15:55
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japhb wonders if pmurias is another Xoogler like himself 16:24
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jaguart guifa: Do you have a link to your talk? 16:32
guifa jaguart: www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2eDeSRZ6p8 16:33
I mainly talk about fez towards the end 16:36
jaguart thanks :)
guifa I haven't rewatched it though. Hate listening to myself talk haha 16:38
Nemokosch It was good 16:46
ugexe lgtm
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ugexe not sure if its worth mentioning, but one of the reasons the file names get mangled is so that files can be referenced by their case-sensitive name even on case-insensitive file systems 16:52
guifa and probably also makes life easy if names are non-ASCII too
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tonyo guifa: a note on the checkbuild - it'll prompt and ask if you'd like to continue anyway 17:57
it being fez 17:58
Anton Antonov @guifa I am watching the linked talk now (and, yes, somehow I missed it...) 18:04
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p6steve i've put CBOR2 on the most wanted list (maybe we need to use C too) 18:24
japhb: github.com/japhb/perl6-most-wanted/pull/3 18:29
Anton Antonov <@928301352029937715> I could not login to the lightsail notebook you provied. 18:33
<@928301352029937715> I could not login to the lightsail notebook you provided. 18:34
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[Coke] is www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2eDeSRZ6p8 choppy for anyone else or just me? 18:57
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lizmat not for me 18:59
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japhb p6steve: I'm no longer the upstream for perl6-most-wanted. That was (long ago) handed off to the community-shared repos. :-) 19:05
(GitHub wants to rather hilariously merge almost 300 commits from ~8 years ago.) 19:06
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Anton Antonov @Coke not for me 19:22
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[Coke] fez's checkbuild doesn't care if 'zef test .' would fail. 19:35
ok, I think I uploaded a dist, whee. Should see about moving the old ones I had. 19:39
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guifa tonyo: noted. I'm probably going to look at reworking the talk into a written guide somewhere 20:30
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p6steve anton: sorry --- I have just relaunched and checked login 20:58
anton: right now this is more of a sandbox ... but I would really like any f/back if you have time to play 20:59
anton: url is: container-service-1.gs7k0bfrb4gvk....tsail.com/
anton: token is: 76d4187c69b2ab498c29fbc6574d76c6c1edde4b3007cdc3 21:00
anton: workbooks are in /eg
[Coke] ah, and now that I'm looking at the readme for this module on the site, I see like 8 things I had meant to change first. :) 21:01
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p6steve japhb: thanks ... I have reforked and PRed 21:08
japhb Thanks! 21:16
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pmurias japhb: re ex-googler, yes 21:25
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Anton Antonov <@928301352029937715> I got in! 🙂 21:35
<@928301352029937715> Should I try to install some of my DSL modules? Ideally this weekend I will make them translate to Dan... 21:39
<@928301352029937715> Well, maybe not -- it seems you actively working on that playground!
p6steve anton: yay! (i) do what you want, I can always rebuild, (ii) the index ipynb already use Data::Generators, Data::Reloaders (feel free to load more via console), (iii) on Dan feel free to do a PR 21:58
Anton Antonov <@928301352029937715> Thanks. In the last 15 min the Raku-kernel constantly restarts. I could not do anything. 22:00
I get these messages: "Kernel Restarting : The kernel for raku-Dan-Jupyter/eg/DD-raku-dan-pandas.ipynb appears to have died. It will restart automatically." 22:01
p6steve all: if you would like to play just follow github.com/p6steve/raku-Dan-Jupyter readme (AWS lightsail account needed - there's a free version for limited time)
committable6 p6steve, gist.github.com/b0e4997e0c612acd05...4188966921
p6steve commitable6: huh? 22:20
committable6 p6steve, I cannot recognize this command. See wiki for some examples: github.com/Raku/whateverable/wiki/Committable
AlexDaniel all: say 42 22:21
committable6 AlexDaniel, gist.github.com/5205ed610808bed7a1...e585a9fc63
p6steve oh...
AlexDaniel p6steve: yeah sry, maybe it should not be a command, I think once every few months people accidentally trigger it :) 22:22
p6steve the robots are taking over
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AlexDaniel it's interesting though that it can run code on 2014.01… time flies 22:23
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