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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2022/07/11/th...d-problem/ 08:30
Nemokosch defined vs definite is just another argument for the existence of Satan 08:44
> A value check is needed in this instance because .AT-POS will coerce to Int (by rounding) what may give a reasonable answer for an unreasonable question. 08:50
This is both controversial and technically false - the value gets truncated, not rounded
Learned that the hard way just yesterday
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lizmat Nemokosch: good spot, was watching the text more than semantics 08:56
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
gfldex it wouldn't hurt is tellable6 would get a little bit smarter 09:00
dutchie if nemo ever actually shows up in irc it's going to be a flood
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AlexDaniel a bit smarter in what way? 09:47
it knows about messages sent from discord 09:48
aaa mmm, does it think that Nemokosch is not online? Interesting
hmmmmmm whaat 09:49
github.com/Raku/whateverable/blob/...le.p6#L100 09:50
based on that line it should not auto .tell to bridged users
the nickname here is correct: github.com/Raku/whateverable/blob/...le.pm6#L28 09:51
.seen Nemokosch
tellable6 AlexDaniel, I saw Nemokosch 2022-06-22T11:10:27Z in #raku: <Nemokosch> or escaping
AlexDaniel .seen stevied 09:52
tellable6 AlexDaniel, I saw stevied 2022-06-29T22:26:35Z in #raku: <stevied> but what about the 401 errors for all the other modules? aren't those also a problem?
AlexDaniel I'm pretty sure that it doesn't recognize discord-raku-bot in this case 09:55
it's weird because sometimes it does 🤷 09:56
if anybody is interested in debugging this, I can assist 09:59
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Quibono Good morning. I assume the raku irc is more active than the discord? 12:25
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moritz I have no idea how active the discord is :-) 12:41
Quibono Haha all the activity I see is on the IRC bridges. How is your day going? 12:43
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moritz slowly recovering from the 'rona, so could both be better and worse 12:50
Quibono Oof. Keep getting vaxxed if you can, it can help with after effects. What sort of stuff do you do with Raku? 🙂 12:52
moritz not much, these days, to be honest. Used to be pretty big into grammars, these days it's more like better shell scripts 12:54
Quibono Ah so you’re just the person to ask about grammars then. 🙂
moritz I think the last "proper" script I wrote was for splitting PDFs into separate files per chapter, using pdftk: gist.github.com/moritz/ea14aa095b3...421808b911 12:55
well yes. I've also written a / the book about them
Quibono I want to write a language in raku. 12:56
moritz ah, then parsing is likely the first step :-) (and if you believe most of the compiler books, about 60% of the work, because they always seem to spend soooo much energy and page count on parsing...)
Quibono Haha you wrote the book? That’s crazy. 12:58
moritz yes, pretty crazy. It's the book I'm the most proud of, and the one with the best reviews on amazon, and the one with the worst sales numbers :-) 12:59
simply too small of a nice to sell in higher numbers
so, tell me about your language, what do you want to interpret or compile? 13:02
lizmat moritz++ # can't be said enough
And yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/07/11/2022-...nciations/ 13:03
moritz lizmat++ # weekly
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Quibono Moritz: I might do a bytecode VM for now, then AOT compile to native later. I want the language to be good at expressing program transformations like compiler passes, since I’m planning on writing an LLVM like tool chain in it. 13:13
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Altai-man lizmat++ 13:20
Quibono Potentially it’d be cool to try and get an AOT compiler option for raku, I heard there’s a test suite for compilers? 13:21
nine Quibono: the language is defined by a specification test suite. So there's that. Also the new RakuAST based frontend will make it much easier to try fancy things like writing an AOT compiler. That said, the latter would be a huge undertaking. 13:41
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Quibono Nine: yeah, my plan is to build the backend up to compile my (simple) language, and then work on seeing about other frontends. 13:56
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p6steve what is the best way to take a CArray[uint8] (of utf8 encoded bytes) and make a Str? 15:16
I have got as far as $array.list to give me the List of chars ... but decode only seems to work on bin encoded data 15:17
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p6steve quibono: the discord raku channel is usually empty but for visitors asking where everyone is ... occasionally a tumbleweed ... perhaps we should pin a statement to the channel home to explain how to use the discord raku bot? 15:25
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p6steve finally worked out discord irc bridge 15:48
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coleman hello discord! 16:05
Nemokosch Sup 16:06
coleman Not much, just relaxing over here in Raku's IRC 16:07
Wasn't aware the bridge between Discord and IRC had issues, but thanks to p6steve for working the problem 16:08
Voldenet m: Buf.new(<226 134 145 32 84 104 105 115 32 105 115 32 116 104 101 32 98 101 115 116 32 119 97 121 44 32 112 54 115 116 101 118 101>).decode().say 16:10
camelia ↑ This is the best way, p6steve
Voldenet m: use NativeCall; Buf.new(CArray[uint8].new(<226 134 145 32 84 104 105 115 32 105 115 32 116 104 101 32 98 101 115 116 32 119 97 121 44 32 112 54 115 116 101 118 101>)).decode().say 16:11
camelia ↑ This is the best way, p6steve
Voldenet this also works
p6steve coleman: that's really my unfamiliarity with the need to go #verify: rank? member and then select #irc-raku ... but maybe I'm not the only one 16:12
Voldenet: oh so simple
Voldenet: thanks!!
Voldenet I was stuck on a few "oh it's so obvious" problems a lot too 16:13
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melezhik . 17:03
jjatria any luck with PublicSuffix/Sparky setup?
p6steve 1 #!/usr/bin/env raku 17:06
3 use lib '../lib';
5 use Dan;
6 use Dan::Polars;
8 my \df = DataFrame.new;
9 df.read_csv("../dan/src/iris.csv");
10 df.head;
11 17:07
12 my \ds = df.to-dataset;
13 say ds[3;3];
[Coke] p6steve: please use something like gist.github.com for sharing multi-line snippets)
p6steve anton: I have now made a to-dataset methon in Dan::Polars so that you can use it to Polars / Rust read_csv;
anton: you can use it like this 17:08
Coke: oh, ok sure
anton: I will put this in a snippet with the cli deployment info 17:09
anton: please send me your 700MB csv exampl eif possible and I can time it 17:10
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p6steve anton: meantime the gist is here gist.github.com/p6steve/c733fb6c9a...ff0b1fda32 17:22
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melezhik . 18:08
jjatria melezhik: nothing yet. I need to find some time to try it out, and I still need to make sure that the automatic deploy thing even works 🤞 18:09
tonyo jjatria: limited in what way? Once you have the token you can just put the token in the cloud (should be in the fez config file if you're logged in) 18:17
jjatria I didn't know fez could generate tokens already. How do they work?
I was thinking limited in that you could given them permission to push only certain dists, etc
tonyo Ah, I have nothing like that set up 18:18
They're just login tokens and they expire after 30 days
jjatria Yeah, I mean, I don't know how often a setup like this would be needed
tonyo The idea of using an org could also help so you just have an org and make a generic user for the org and push dists that way 18:19
jjatria But then that bot user can still make releases for any dist in that org, right?
It would serve to disconnect this from your personal creds, but it would still have global write access 18:20
global = inside that org
tonyo Yea they could release any dist in that org, was thinking more to isolate your own user 18:21
jjatria (in case you've missed the context: this is for raku.land/zef:jjatria/PublicSuffix with the idea that something could trigger a new release whenever the public suffix list gets an update)
tonyo Hmm I'll give that a think
That sounds like something using a jwt would solve 18:22
jjatria Incidentally: with a setup like that, generating up to several releases per week in busy periods it seems, would storage become a problem? 18:23
re. jwt: hm, interesting...
lizmat And yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/07/11/2022-...nciations/ 18:28
looks like I forgot to clickbait on #raku
or not?
japhb lizmat: I saw it 5 1/2 hours ago or so 18:30
lizmat weird... I looked on my mobile about 3 hours ago, and it wasn't there
anyways, an extra clickbait never hurts 18:31
japhb True! :-) 18:35
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melezhik jjatria my take on that - one could spin up a sparky server , that would run scheduled job to check updates from public suffix list and then if any will trigger a new distro release, Sparky covers pretty much all this scheduling logic and even more - github.com/melezhik/sparky#run-by-cron 19:03
the only question is if you are willing to spin up and support Sparky instance
as for the secrets - they could be injected into Sparky VM as env vars, so that for example fez-login plugin could use this information to setup login to fez - sparrowhub.io/plugin/fez-login/0.000003 19:05
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guifa o/ 19:29
Nemokosch how can I treat Whatever and WhateverCode identically? 19:31
guifa context? 19:32
Nemokosch Basically I want to do some indexing with the Whatever star and don't want to "special-case" the star in itself 19:33
guifa subset Whatevs of Any where Whatever|WhateverCode; 19:35
lizmat I was going to say: you can't without using junctions or a subset
guifa A whatever isn't callable though 19:36
Nemokosch Ah, this is kind of stupid though, the star represents a very exact value 19:37
`* + 2 - 2` is equal to `*`, except one has a nice interface to work with 19:39
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Geth doc/finanalyst-patch-1: 0248426715 | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/modules.pod6
Update modules.pod6
doc: finanalyst++ created pull request #4095:
Update modules.pod6
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Geth ecosystem: b0375239f0 | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Update META.list

migrated from p6c to fez: RakuConfig, raku-pod-render, pod-from-cache, raku-pod-extraction
guifa nemokosch: ah. In that case, I'd still do a multi, and just have the whatever return a whatever returning the object itself (via .self)
tellable6 guifa, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
guifa m: multi sub foo(WhateverCode &bar) { bar(42) }; multi sub foo(Whatever &) { samewith *.self }; say foo (* + 2); say foo *;
camelia ===SORRY!===
Calling foo(WhateverCode) will never work with any of these multi signatures:
(WhateverCode &bar)
(Whatever &)
at <tmp>:1
------> oo(Whatever &) { samewith *.self }; say ⏏foo (* + 2); say foo *;
guifa wait what?
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guifa oh right 20:24
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guifa Foo &bar = Callable[Foo] 20:24
m: multi sub foo(WhateverCode $bar) { $bar(42) }; multi sub foo(Whatever $) { samewith *.self }; say foo (* + 2); say foo *; 20:25
camelia 44
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Nemokosch why does this work? 😅 20:39
guifa If you say foo * + 2, the * + 2 becomes a WhateverCode (which is a callable, hence we can $bar(42) ) 20:40
If you say foo *, it's a Whatever, not useful since it's not callable. samewith says "call foo again, but use this other set of arguments instead" 20:41
Nemokosch so far so good
guifa The main multi candidate will only take a whatevercode though, so we need to a pass a whatevercode identity function, as it were
the only way to do that that I know of is *.self (and it's a method on Mu, so guaranteed to work for *everything*) 20:43
et violà, I finally found a use for .self !
Nemokosch indeed, so what is the whatevercode identity function? 🧐
guifa *.self
m: my &foo = *.self; say foo 55; say foo 'bar'; say foo /regex/ 20:44
camelia 55
guifa or put another way, *.self is equivalent to -> $x { $x.self }, which by definition produces the same as -> $x { $x } 20:46
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Nemokosch oh, so in this case, the star has no special relevance 20:47
it just happens to be a Whatever-ish way
guifa Yeah. Per the docs 20:49
Nemokosch this is good enough I'd say
guifa "Whatever is a class whose objects don't have any explicit meaning; it gets its semantics from other routines that accept Whatever-objects as markers to do something special. Using the * literal as an operand creates a Whatever object."
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Nemokosch I find it mentally tiring to keep in mind that even the apparent method call on * is operator stuff 20:52
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tonyo jjatria: storage shouldn't be a problem, it's all sitting here in s3 22:11
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guifa Nemokosch: you can do a true call on * by encasing it in parentheses 22:28
tellable6 guifa, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
guifa m: say (*).^methods
camelia WhateverCode.new
guifa hrm
m: say ((*)).^methods 22:29
camelia (Capture ACCEPTS raku Str BUILDALL)
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tonyo not to be confused with 23:10
m: say [*] [1,2,3]
camelia 6
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