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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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SmokeMachine saint-: it seems to be the ? On chats 00:09
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SmokeMachine saint-: if you remove it (the `?`) it works: glot.io/snippets/gbu92d4tjy 00:10
(I removed the action while testing…)
saint- SmokeMachine why does it break though? What if I want the match to be frugal/non-greedy 00:19
Because for my actual usecase I need it to be frugal 00:24
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SmokeMachine Because you haven’t said a limit it would search for, so it will only return 1 char… but if you add a limit (like a <?before> for example it works well: glot.io/snippets/gbu92d4tjy 01:04
m: say “aaaaaaaa” ~~ /a+?/ 01:05
camelia 「a」
SmokeMachine m: say “aaaaaaaab” ~~ /a+?/
camelia 「a」
SmokeMachine m: say “aaaaaaaab” ~~ /a+? <?before “b”>/ 01:06
camelia 「aaaaaaaa」
SmokeMachine saint-: 👆
saint- SmokeMachine : glot.io/snippets/gbuamtf4rl
Why does it work when it isn't part of a token. Meaning like if I just put <char>?+ 01:08
I think I get it though
Because there is no end limit when it evaluates just that token on its own
It's weird that those aren't equivalent though, I guess that's just how raku works right? 01:09
SmokeMachine What do you want? Multiple sentences? Why not `token sentence { <word>+ % <.ws> <endPunc> }; token sentRefEnd { <sentence>+ <ref> }`? 01:11
(I forgot to mention word would be `\w+` 01:12
saint- The % thing is interesting, didn't see that yet, but 01:14
Right now I'm just trying to understand how this works, or rather why it's not working
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SmokeMachine glot.io/snippets/gbuavu593w 01:15
saint- SmokeMachine glot.io/snippets/gbuawafqem 01:16
This still doesn't work, but the commented line works
SmokeMachine (Sorry for keep using glot.io, but I’m using my phone… so no computer to test code)
saint- That's no problem, it's a cool site! 01:17
As for my problem, I just want to understand why my example glot.io/snippets/gbuawafqem doesnt work
SmokeMachine Because char includes the endPunc, so it gets consumed by it and never is found by <?before>
saint- Oh wait okay it should be nongreedy 01:18
Non greedy doesn't work either
token sentFrag { <char>+? <?before endPunc> }
This doesn't help
SmokeMachine glot.io/snippets/gbuazuteey 01:19
saint- Why doesn't non-greedy work though 01:21
It works if I don't put it in a 'sub' token
I get why your example works but it's pretty contrived just for this use case
Or not that clear in general I guess
It's putting logic of other tokens in a lower level which shouldn't need to know about stuff 01:22
Sorry if I'm not expressing it cleraly
SmokeMachine saint-: sorry, I’m going to sleep now… (2:22 here…)
saint- Okay no problem thanks for the help! 01:23
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Nemokosch I think SmokeMachine made a perfect argument 06:42
> Because you haven’t said a limit it would search for, so it will only return 1 char
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a regex/token is one entity, it's not some macro that gets substituted into another regex/token 06:49
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Having said that, I haven't got a clue why or how this works: glot.io/snippets/gbuazuteey 06:59
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okay, I think I get it 07:07
it wouldn't match the final dot before the ref
it's kinda hacky, basically the definition of a character prevents those from being matched 07:08
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Ven_de_Thiel o/ 09:45
m: "-".IO.e; say 1; "-".IO.d;
camelia 1
Failed to find '/home/camelia/-' while trying to do '.d'
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Ven_de_Thiel m: subset File of Str where .IO.e && !.IO.d; sub f(File) { say 1; }; f("-"); 09:46
camelia Constraint type check failed in binding to parameter '<anon>'; expected File but got Str ("-")
in sub f at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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Voldenet "-" is valid filename, try /dev/stdin 09:56
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Nemokosch lizmat: what does CLI::Help do actually? It seems like if I just make my MAIN sub a multi, I would get -h and --help for free without it as well 10:05
lizmat how? 10:06
m: multi sub MAIN() { }; @*ARGS = "--help" 10:07
camelia Usage:
lizmat is that what you mean ?
Nemokosch yes
SmokeMachine Hi lizmat have you seen my answer about json?
lizmat well, that's for the cases where you can specify the handling of your options as arguments to main
"rak" is too complicated for that, it basically has *%_ to catch all options, and takes it from there 10:08
then CLI::Help is very helpful (to me anyway), as it let's me write extended help in text files in resources
SmokeMachine: so how would you specify a path ? 10:09
Nemokosch Fair enough
SmokeMachine As code: *.parsed andthen .<path><to><wanted><key>.defined 10:11
(About specifying help on resources files… do you also use it to generate your README and/or your pod? 10:12
lizmat no, the pod is maintained separately and the README generated from that 10:19
that information is more for the module developer / maintainer in my view...
the user of "rak" will probably only use --help and/or have man pages created from that, I'd guess 10:20
SmokeMachine (I read App::Rak’s README and Changes file probably more than I should… :) ) 10:21
lizmat well, until recently, that was the only source of info 10:22
--help should give you a lot more now
SmokeMachine *more than I probably should (sorry I should learn proper English…) 10:24
lizmat SmokeMachine: so I guess the problem re handling JSON, is that pretty JSON would be separated up into multiple lines, instead of a single blob? 10:26
SmokeMachine No, also because when searching on json you would probably search for a path and not a string… 10:27
For example, if you want to search for every json-schema that has a endpoint defined with a query parameter called “property”. Only searching by the string “property” wouldn’t help… 10:30
lizmat is there a module that would allow you to search a hash / array (from from_json) like that? 10:31
SmokeMachine I was think in pure Raku... just parse the json and do something like: 10:34
m: my $parsed-json = {a => { b => { c => 42 }}}; say $parsed-json<a>{*}>><c>
camelia (42)
lizmat so, if JSON would be recognized, and a parsed json would be in $_ in your Callable, then you could do: 10:40
rak '{ .<a>{*}>><c> }' ?? 10:41
SmokeMachine m: something like that, but I'd prefer to have an obj representing the file, that way I could do something like `rak '{ next unless .extension(2) eq "schema.json"; .parsed.<a>{*}>><c> }'` 10:44
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Bogus term
at <tmp>:1
------> ile, that way I could do something like ⏏`rak '{ next unless .extension(2) eq "sc
expecting any of:
argument list
SmokeMachine (sorry, please ignore the `m:`) 10:45
lizmat how about a --json flag that would try to interprete each selected file as JSON, and only if that parsed, would present it as $_ to your callable?
this would also imply --files-with-matches 10:46
SmokeMachine better, but I couldn't, yet, avoid json that are not json-schema...
lizmat how can you separate one from the other ? 10:47
SmokeMachine blablabla.schema.json is a json-schema (depending on the user's definition)
lizmat is that a file extension? sorry, am a json schema noob 10:48
SmokeMachine you could also, for example, search all json files that the content doesn't match the file name `rak '{ .file-name eq .parsed<file-name> }' 10:49
I don't think that's required, but I've seen many places using like that 10:50
another example, without using json, if you want to search all files that mentions its own name on its content `rak '{ .content.contains: .file-name }'` 10:53
(assuming .file-name yould return the name of the current file and .content would return a string with its content) 10:54
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Nemokosch m: $composit = { dummy => <actual content> }; $composit .= <dummy>; 11:03
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '$composit' is not declared. Did you mean 'CompUnit'?
at <tmp>:1
------> <BOL>⏏$composit = { dummy => <actual content>
Nemokosch oops
m: my $composit = { dummy => <actual content> }; $composit .= <dummy>; 11:04
camelia No such method '&postcircumfix:<{ }>' for invocant of type 'Hash'
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Nemokosch ^ why does it lie?
SmokeMachine m: my $composit = { dummy => <actual content> }; $composit .= AT-KEY("dummy") 11:06
camelia ( no output )
SmokeMachine m: my $composit = { dummy => <actual content> }; $composit .= AT-KEY("dummy"); say $composit
camelia (actual content)
SmokeMachine curious
Nemokosch I mean... okay but AT-KEY is lower-level and less powerful 11:07
SmokeMachine m: $composit = {}; $composit{("bla", )}
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '$composit' is not declared. Did you mean 'CompUnit'?
at <tmp>:1
------> <BOL>⏏$composit = {}; $composit{("bla", )}
SmokeMachine m: my $composit = {}; $composit{("bla", )} 11:08
camelia ( no output )
SmokeMachine m: my $composit = { dummy => <actual content> }; $composit .= {"dummy"}; 11:09
camelia No such method '&postcircumfix:<{ }>' for invocant of type 'Hash'
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Nemokosch m: my $composit = { dummy => <actual content> }; dd $composit.{"dummy"}; 11:10
camelia $("actual", "content")
Nemokosch is this a syntax hack, then?
lizmat not sure
Nemokosch anyway, I think .= could be expected to work? 11:11
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SmokeMachine I would expect that to work... 11:11
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SmokeMachine that's not only that... 11:14
this works:
m: my $composit = { dummy => <actual content> }; $composit .= self.elems; say $composit
camelia {dummy => (actual content)}
SmokeMachine but this doesn't:
m: my $composit = { dummy => <actual content> }; $composit .= self.<dummy>; say $composit
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Malformed postfix call
at <tmp>:1
------> > <actual content> }; $composit .= self.⏏<dummy>; say $composit
Nemokosch well, did it work 11:15
seems to me it didn't return what you asked for 11:16
SmokeMachine yeah, I think you are right
Nemokosch which is no surprise actually - there is an issue for the precedence of .= 11:17
SmokeMachine m: my $composit = { dummy => <actual content> }; $composit .= (self.<dummy>); say $composit
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
'self' used where no object is available
at <tmp>:1
------> my => <actual content> }; $composit .= (⏏self.<dummy>); say $composit
expecting any of:
argument list
SmokeMachine :( 11:18
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Nemokosch another interesting one 11:27
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Nemokosch m: my @values = (1..90).pick: 5; @values.classify(* % 3){1}[0] = 1; dd @values; 11:28
camelia Array @values = [48, 4, 55, 5, 80]
Nemokosch so the assignment succeeded... but to what?
m: my @values = (1..90).pick: 5; dd @values; @values.classify(* % 3){1}[0] = 1; dd @values; 11:29
camelia Array @values = [85, 47, 76, 33, 24]
Array @values = [85, 47, 76, 33, 24]
SmokeMachine 12:29 <Nemokosch> m: my @values = (1..90).pick: 5; dd @values; (my %c = @values.classify(* % 3)){1}[0] = 1; dd @values; dd %c 11:30
m: my @values = (1..90).pick: 5; dd @values; (my %c = @values.classify(* % 3)){1}[0] = 1; dd @values; dd %c
camelia Array @values = [85, 6, 68, 16, 17]
Array @values = [85, 6, 68, 16, 17]
Hash %c = {"0" => $[6], "1" => $[1, 16], "2" => $[68, 17]}
SmokeMachine There!
Nemokosch so classify did copy, after all 11:34
again, I think this should be documented... rotor for example doesn't copy. You can witness the modified element. 11:36
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lizmat SmokeMachine: release 0.20 of rak has a --json option 12:28
SmokeMachine \o/ 12:29
lizmat % time rak '{ $_ with .<auth> }' --json
META6.json: zef:lizmat
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Nemokosch okay, next thing... 12:38
m: my &test = *{'fej'}; my &test2 = *{'fej'; 'orr'}; 12:39
camelia Type Whatever does not support associative indexing.
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Nemokosch m: my &test = *{'fej'}; 12:40
camelia ( no output )
Nemokosch so yeah, the first one works, the second doesn't, is what I'm trying to say
lizmat yeah, the rules of WhateverCode generation are mysterious 12:41
Nemokosch and the error message is clearly less-than-awesome, even if it doesn't work 12:42
I don't know why it should not work but the error message is lying basically
SmokeMachine m: my &bla = *.<bla>; my %a = %( bla => 42); say %a.&bla 12:43
camelia 42
lizmat well, if the currying doesn't work, the * is a Whatever
so technically, I understand the message
SmokeMachine me too... 12:44
lizmat but maybe an AT-KEY on Whatever could provide a better (runtime) error
m: my &test2 = *.{'fej'; 'orr'}
camelia Type Whatever does not support associative indexing.
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Nemokosch You know the underlying behavior, in that sense you can understand the error message. But in this sense, all error messages are correct, this is not a high tally... 12:46
Probably this fails on a syntax problem. But should it, really? Even with the dot 12:49
SmokeMachine but yes, I agree that's LTA
that should work IMHO... 12:50
Nemokosch I don't actually know but if I were to guess, once you detect the syntax problem, it's not more difficult to make it work than to give back a descriptive error message instead 12:52
lizmat I suggest making an issue for it, and marking it as something to be solved in the RakuAST branch 12:53
Nemokosch I'm trying to remember these and compile (haha) them in the evening 12:56
SmokeMachine lizmat: could something like this be done? `ran --modify-files --backup=<ext> --save=I` and then `ran -I=bkp` mean `ran --modify-files --backup=bkp`? (just curious)
lizmat I've been thinking about that, but have yet to find a way to make it easy to pass the given argument to the correct option 12:57
how about ###? 12:59
rak --modify-files --backup=### --save=I 13:00
SmokeMachine `{}`?
lizmat and then rak -l=bkp ?
'{}' indicates a callable... which could be confusing with a needle like that 13:01
SmokeMachine my message was missing the last part, sorry: `rak --modify-files --backup=<ext> --save=i=ext`
yes, makes sense... I was thinking on `find`... 13:02
lizmat find functionality is also on my list :-) 13:03
SmokeMachine (could, adding a "name" for the parameter, help on "documenting" your tags?)
lizmat ? 13:04
SmokeMachine like, this `rak --modify-files --backup=<ext> --save=I=ext`, when you call `rak --list-additional-options` could return `-i=ext` and that helps you to know it expects an extension... 13:05
or better: `rak --modify-files --backup=<extension> --save=i=extension` => `-I=extension` 13:06
lizmat hmmm
SmokeMachine (sorry, my Mac keeps replacing `i` with `I`) 13:07
lizmat using < or > in an argument, will be troublesome in most shells 13:09
Nemokosch is i a reserved trademark of Apple? xD
lizmat SmokeMachine: also, how to handle a default 13:11
SmokeMachine maybe it could even accept optlong's format, then `--save=I=extension` would ben that's a flag, `--save=C=lines=I` mean it's a number, etc
but maybe that's too much 13:12
lizmat rak --modify-files --backup=[bak] --save=I
rak -l would use bak
rak -l=bkp would use bkp ?
SmokeMachine I like it!
rak --context=[10] --save=C ? 13:13
`rak --context=[] --save=C` for argument required? 13:14
lizmat rak --modify-files --backup=! --save=I # argument required 13:15
lemme mull over that during a little bicycle ride :-) 13:16
SmokeMachine :)
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Nemokosch Hey, do you know what I should do with an Exports.pm6 file if I want to make an old module up-to-date? 17:29
or is this something completely ad-hoc in HTML::Tag? Because it's indeed not listed in the provides section... 17:32
for now, I'm gonna assume the latter and add it to provides 17:37
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SmokeMachine hi again lizmat ! could it be prettified some how? usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/...8%402x.png 18:21
lizmat: sorry, maybe that's not needed... usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/...4%402x.png 18:22
lizmat yeah, whatever you return, gets output. If it's not a string, it will get stringified, which may not be what you want 18:23
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SmokeMachine lizmat: something seems wrong: usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/...1%402x.png 18:29
`rak '*.<a>{*}>><c>'` hangs 18:31
lizmat % rak '*.<a>{*}>><c>' --degree=1 18:32
Type WhateverCode does not support associative indexing.
SmokeMachine yes... sorry... same here when I pass a single file...
but `rak --json '*.<a>{*}>><c>' <(echo '{"a": {"b": {"c": [42, 13, 3.14]}}}')` seems to not be expecting `--json` 18:34
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lizmat SmokeMachine: I think it's basically because reading from STDIN is not really implemented yet 18:35
SmokeMachine but that's a file... and that works for other codes... 18:36
lizmat hmmm
SmokeMachine for example, `rak --json '*.<a><b><c>' <(echo '{"a": {"b": {"c": [42, 13, 3.14]}}}')` works well
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lizmat then it's because it's not a valid WhateverCode: 18:39
m: dd q/*.<a>{*}>><c>/.EVAL
camelia (Failure.new(exception => X::AdHoc.new(payload => "Type WhateverCode does not support associative indexing."), backtrace => Backtrace.new),)
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Nemokosch uh-oh, the associative indexing is back 18:40
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lizmat I guess I need to check for the EVAL to return a Failure 18:41
SmokeMachine I also think so... but why is that blaming --json? 18:42
lizmat some twisted logic issue in the MAIN sub I guess :-)
it should have complained about the needle 18:43
SmokeMachine lizmat: rak is becoming great! 18:44
lizmat m: CATCH { say "CATCH" }; q|/ foo bar /|.EVAL # meh, looks like this type of compile error is not catchable :-( 18:50
camelia Potential difficulties:
Space is not significant here; please use quotes or :s (:sigspace) modifier (or, to suppress this warning, omit the space, or otherwise change the spacing)
at /home/camelia/EVAL_0:1
------> / foo⏏ bar …
SmokeMachine lizmat: I have another suggestion, if you don't mind, that I'm not sure how useful it would be... 18:51
lizmat: the option to watch a file or a dir and that would be like `tail -f ... | grep ...` 18:53
lizmat rak --watch pattern paths ? 18:54
SmokeMachine yes
lizmat feels doable :-)
SmokeMachine :)
does `--json` accept a list of jsons 1 p/ line? (like this: jsonlines.org) that's very used for logs... kind of the perfect use-case for rak... 18:59
lizmat: ^^ 19:00
lizmat --json currently assumes the whole file
--json-per-line could well take one line and convert to json
SmokeMachine --json-line?
lizmat if that would fail, should it abort or ignore
--json-per-file and --json-per-line you can create your own shortcuts if you want :-) 19:01
--json will go in that case
SmokeMachine 👍 19:02
(sorry for keep asking more features...)
lizmat hmmm... didn;t know about JSONlines... maybe JSON::Fast::Hyper should also support that
I can always say "no" or "make a PR" 19:03
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Nemokosch I'm almost certain there was discussion about .= 22:43
But where is the issue for it?
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: 2colours assigned to coke Issue Function return types should also tell about the used assignment/container github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/337 23:23
Nemokosch Anyway, I've just created 3 issues for 3 different things... 23:25