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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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cnx hi, is there any collection of raku grammar for programming languages? 05:39
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moritz I don't really know of a collection; there's rakudo itself for parsing raku, there are various JSON parsers (I happen to like JSON::Tiny, because I wrote it :D) 07:40
and I guess you could browse modules.raku.org/ for interesting modules 07:41
cnx thanks for the pointer 07:43
Nemokosch the cool kids browse raku.land these days, lizmat opened an issue for deprecating modules.raku.org even 07:45
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jjatria cnx: TOML::Thumb is implemented as a grammar as well. But I guess the question is what do you mean "collection?" 07:59
tellable6 Sorry kid, that's not my department. 08:01
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cnx jjatria, i meant something like github.com/antlr/grammars-v4, i.e. grammars for multiple languages 08:12
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SmokeMachine that's very interesting! 08:43
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jjatria cnx: ah, the name of raku.land/github:raku-community-mo...4::Grammar suddenly makes a lot more sense :D 11:43
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kawaii_ Hi, is there expected to be a Rakudo release this month? :) 12:28
lizmat yes 12:50
jdv is working on that
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jdv kawaii_: with luck on friday. without asap afterwards... :) 15:58
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guifa_ I'll have one soon for ECMA regex lol 22:03
so close to release
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jjatria melezhik: about the Tomtit profile, I don't think I really understand what those "profiles" are yet. But sure, knock yourself out :) 22:42
tellable6 jjatria, I'll pass your message to melezhik
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