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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
guifa_ question is the classic counting one: is * and × one operator with two forms? Or two separate operators that map identically internally? 00:00
also yikes, that table got sorted alphabetically! 00:02
habere-et-disper Thanks guifa_. Can anyone recommend a coding typeface which has ligature support for raku? FiraCode comes close but needs set support. 00:06
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tonyo set support? 00:10
i currently use a bastardized version of monaco with some ligatures added 00:11
habere-et-disper Sets... 00:13
ASCII Unicode(&)      ∩
(|)      ∪
(<)      ⊂
(>)      ⊃
(<=)     ⊆
(==)     ≡
(>=)     ⊇
(^)      ⊖
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Nemokosch I don't think it's "yikes" that it got sorted; I seem to recall something about this when I complained about precedence stuff 07:33
gfldex .tell habere-et-disper you can find a complete list of symbols in github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast...corekeys.t . Please note that this wont contain macro-ish stuff like the feed operators, .WHAT and friends. 07:43
tellable6 gfldex, I'll pass your message to habere-et-disper
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gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2022/07/30/sw...g-sundays/ 09:30
Nemokosch ~~you copied my solution~~ 09:32
come on, that shift is not nice at all at the end... 09:39
gfldex It iterates just nicely, as it should. 09:40
Nemokosch I mean it works but I'd go as far as to say you won't find anyone who finds this loop better than an immutable for loop 09:41
it's not idempotent in the first place
gfldex I could define an infix ofc and then hyper it. However, the hyper would do exactly the same thing under the hood. 09:43
Nemokosch yes, you could
don't kill the hope that it can eventually operate better 😅
like any hope for parallelization is gone with these mutable operations
gfldex Hypers don't forward adverbs to the infix. :-/ 09:52
Nemokosch do adverbs even belong to the operator or they are just arguments? 09:55
gfldex They do, or %foo<somekey>:exists would not work. 09:57
Nemokosch sure? idk what the syntax is, it could still be a part of the signature 10:00
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> sub postcircumfix:<{ }>(%container, **@key, 13:32
> :$k, :$v, :$kv, :$p, :$exists, :$delete)
when I see something like this, I would think that it's just an argument that has some syntax magic that allows it to go right after the closing bracket
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guifa_ Operator adverbs were one of those things that were a super cool idea, but outside of the circumfixes, never really seemed to pick up too terribly much use 14:14
10 / 3 :int; # result 3 14:18
^^ could have been a possible use
Nemokosch but that would require syntax black magic again, no? 14:20
eh, I guess if an infix could take more than one argument on the left, it should work
lizmat m: multi sub infix:</>($a, $b, :int!) { $a div $v }; say 10 / 3 :int
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Malformed parameter
at <tmp>:1
------> multi sub infix:</>($a, $b, :⏏int!) { $a div $v }; say 10 / 3 :int
lizmat m: multi sub infix:</>($a, $b, :$int!) { $a div $v }; say 10 / 3 :int 14:21
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '$v' is not declared. Perhaps you forgot a 'sub' if this was
intended to be part of a signature?
at <tmp>:1
------> sub infix:</>($a, $b, :$int!) { $a div ⏏$v }; say 10 / 3 :int…
lizmat m: multi sub infix:</>($a, $b, :$int!) { $a div $b }; say 10 / 3 :int
camelia 3
lizmat :-)
no black magic needed 14:22
guifa_ One could also imagine for any math operators are a precision and/or width adverb 14:24
Nemokosch that "subscript adverb" is kinda hacky though
guifa_ It actually follows all the rules of the adverb
you have an operator
and an adverb
adverb gets passed to the operator
(remember, [ … ] is an operator in Raku, not specialized syntax ) 14:25
Nemokosch yes, that makes sense 14:26
[]:exists, though, is something that doesn't follow from the rules of an operator
[:exists] would
similarly to m:g// instead of m/:g/
guifa_ afk for a bit 14:27
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guifa_ is there any tidy way to do a join but keeping things list-y? 15:31
like my @a = <a b c>; @b = @a.join(' + '); such that @b is ['a', ' + ', 'b', ' + ', 'c'] ? 15:32
gfldex m: my @a = <a b c>; my @b = (@a Z (' + ' xx *)).head(*-1); dd @b; 15:35
camelia Array @b = [("a", " + "), ("b", " + ")]
gfldex m: my @a = <a b c>; my @b = (@a Z (' + ' xx *)).flat.head(*-1); dd @b;
camelia Array @b = ["a", " + ", "b", " + ", "c"]
Nemokosch I was rather thinking of a reduction 15:36
guifa_ meh. I'll just build a sub for it 15:40
I'm having to change some actions frmo just string building (where join works perfectly) to generating a list of mostly strings, but a few things that stringify based on various settings
Nemokosch it doesn't stop bugging me, though 🙂 15:45
can functions return (quasi) anonymous operators? that is, can something returned from a function and generated "on the fly" have associativity assigned? 15:46
okay, I'm still curious if that works but it won't help a lot 15:53
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guifa_ grrr 15:54
Geth Documentable/devel: 00c4432728 | Altai-man++ | 3 files
Sort out situation with escaping URLs

And streamline forming of the search index entry fragment URL.
Since the beginning, results of the url method for search index entries and secondary pages were not percent encoded, ... (14 more lines)
guifa_ just realized my solution needs to also flatten the whole thing
guifa_ I'm going to be lazy and use old fashion iteration
Nemokosch m: sub joiner($separator) { return { ($^a , $separator, $^b).Slip } }; my &plus-joiner = joiner ' + '; dd [[&plus-joiner]] <a b c>; 15:55
camelia slip("a", " + ", "b", " + ", "c")
tellable6 2022-07-29T08:35:03Z #raku <jjatria> Nemokosch: I guess that's the big question: is the fact that even in a "trusted" ecosystem anyone can "hijack" a distribution a feature or a bug?
2022-07-29T12:07:01Z #raku <ugexe> Nemokosch: its all very intentional and somewhat related to the dbic ownership problem from years ago, not "for the lolz"
2022-07-29T13:02:34Z #raku <lucs> Nemokosch: Thanks too.
2022-07-29T18:56:33Z #raku <japhb> Nemokosch: Better to ping me directly from IRC. irssi (my IRC client) doesn't highlight anything the bridge bot says, so I can easily miss stuff. (And this channel is too chatty to read everything all the time.)
Nemokosch seems like the return is needed 15:56
guifa_: what do you think? 15:57
guifa_ it's definitely a way to do it. I think to do the associativity you'd ultimately need to use EVAL or RAST 15:59
Nemokosch it looked like it didn't explicitly refuse sub (...) is assoc<list> 16:00
but I realized that it wouldn't get me closer to a solution
guifa_ I just ultimately did sub list-join(@x,$y) { my @z = @x.head[]; append @z: |$y, |$_ for @x.skip(1); @z } 16:01
Since I'm refactoring code, being able to say @foo.join --> @foo.&list-join makes life easier 16:02
Nemokosch > append @z: |$y, |$_ 16:03
oh, this is a method call. You are probably the first one that I see using this syntax
guifa_ I think it reveals some of my perl background 16:04
for instance, in Perl you'd say push @list, $element 16:05
Most of the time in Raku you see @list.push($element) or @list.push: $element 16:06
Nemokosch it's unusual for me, that's for sure :D
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guifa_ all the new kids on the black are so OO they always think "subject verb object", but older code often would be verb subject object 16:08
Nahita in this amazing video, it is mentioned, i remember it from there :p youtu.be/Odce4aH0_gY?t=916
guifa_ Nahita: unsurprisingly (see what I did there?) that's my presentation :-)
Nahita yes yes :p\p 16:10
Nemokosch not sure why I didn't remember this was your presentation, almost sure I've seen it 16:11
Nahita it is an amazing presentation i think, thank you for it, i learned \*a lot\* from it
maybe i forgot a lot, too, but still
guifa_ I just love that the powers that be back in the day really realized the utility in not really strictly distinguishing methods from subs
Nemokosch as someone who raises issues almost every day, I would be a bit wary with that "unsurprising" there 😅 16:13
anyway, these are the last days of pondering whether I can define and compile a presentation (other than the lightning talk) for the conference 16:15
guifa_ I'm going to redo my module one, but touch it up a bit 16:16
I definitely noticed one or two things I forgot during it
Nemokosch that's cool; it really was my main source to even start with modules 16:17
guifa_ I'm never doing three talks in one conference again though lol, that was stressful 16:18
Although Ruth beat me out with 4 16:19
(on the Perl side)
Geth Pod-To-HTML/devel: 813ef63bf8 | Altai-man++ | lib/Pod/To/HTML.pm6
Generate URL fragments for index entries according to new schema

Prior to this, URI fragments rendered were aligned with the format Documentable expected to follow, however it was recently changed to address number of issues such as:
  - Absence of special characters escaping in the fragments
  - Relying on the formatting code parts that should be flexible
   in long term
guifa_ She got reeled in to do an extra talk because Odin lost his passport and couldn't give his talk :-O
Nemokosch What I still fail to decide is whether the presentation should have a strict structure or it could be mainly driven by my sheer "Raku journey" in the last year
yes, I've seen at least one from Ruth, maybe two even
the first one, now that was definitely fun for someone who knows nothing about Perl, too xD 16:20
guifa_ She's great. Actually was the first person from the conference I saw when I walked in, and made me feel super welcome there
Nemokosch my private jet hadn't arrived so I could go to that conference :DD 16:23
guifa_ I'd been really wanting to go to an in person event ever since I started getting sucked into the Raku world 16:24
And then between dissertation and pandemic, wasn't able to for years 16:25
Nemokosch It could be nice indeed but the distances, man 16:30
Even Riga or Amsterdam would have been some trip but Houston... 16:31
guifa_ What part of the world do you hail from? 16:53
Geth Documentable/devel: 0a8418d2be | Altai-man++ | t/202-references.t
Update test data
Nemokosch ~~middle of it~~ Post-Eastern Europe 17:06
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Geth Pod-To-HTML/devel: c939f02adb | Altai-man++ | 2 files
Update test data
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guifa_ Ah yeah, that's a long flight to houston 18:31
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