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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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guifa_ [Coke]++ 00:27
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guifa hot damn 01:41
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guifa I finally figured out how to do quoted regexen in slang 01:42
nine++ for ^∞ 01:43
It's all thanks to a bug fix you did back in 2016 lol
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Xliff guifa: Gonna share the trick? 06:29
tellable6 Xliff, I'll pass your message to guifa
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guifa_ Xliff: yeah, I'm about to post the module 09:21
tellable6 2022-08-01T06:29:54Z #raku <Xliff> guifa: Gonna share the trick?
guifa_ I'm still struggling with installing the lexical symbol and trying to get that figured out first 09:22
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guifa_ but tbh if it's not possible to do "my/our ecma-regex foo { … }", as long as "my &foo = ecma-regex/…/" works, I think I'll be okay 09:23
(and RakuAST will make the former easy anyways)
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Nemokosch it would be nice to get to know today whether my other talk will be accepted or not. It's also okay if not but yeah... I need to start planning. 10:14
lizmat Nemokosch: you can ping @andrewshitov on Twitter :-) 10:27
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
lizmat Nemokosch: this one? Refurbishing Raku legacy with Raku 10:28
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
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tbrowder G’day all. An off-topic question: I use SmartGit when I (reluctantly) need to use Windows. Does anyone have a fav GUI they use for Git on Win 10? I like SmartGit except its setup for ssh is too much trial and error and its not well documented, 11:55
*it’s 11:56
not well..,
moritz_ not personal experience, but several Windows-User have told me they like the github client for windows (and despite the name it's also a generic git client, not "just" githbu) 12:01
Kaiepi i use the tui 12:02
<ide> should have something or other for git 12:03
e.g. vs code
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lizmat CommaIDE 2022.07 is out: twitter.com/jnthnwrthngtn/status/1...3771421698 12:07
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El_Che Plugin 'Comma Community Edition (Raku Language Support)' (version '2022.07.0') is not compatible with the current version of the IDE, because it requires build 221.* or older but the current build is IU-222.3345.118 12:14
tellable6 2022-07-31T19:45:31Z #raku-dev <jdv> El_Che 2022.07 release happened
El_Che (there is a new intellij release)
ah, new raku pkg
I'll build then today 12:15
lizmat El_Che: yes, please
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[Coke] (git on windows) I use git bash 12:17
(so, command line)
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habere-et-disper I have a fundamental misunderstanding of whatever closures. 12:27
Is it possible to convert:
m: ('a'..'z' Z=> ^26).map( { .pairs, .antipairs } ).flat
camelia ( no output )
habere-et-disper into:
m: ('a'..'z' Z=> ^26).map( *.pairs, *.antipairs ).flat
camelia Cannot map a Seq using 'WhateverCode.new, WhateverCode.new'
Did a * (Whatever) get absorbed by a list?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
lizmat m: dd *.pairs, *.antipairs 12:32
camelia WhateverCode.new
lizmat that's a list of 2 WhateverCode objects 12:33
habere-et-disper: I'm not sure what you're trying to do ?
El_Che lizmat: running a test build for all the supported distros 12:35
lizmat El_Che++
El_Che jdv: thx for the heads-up! 12:37
.tell jdv: thx for the heads-up!
tellable6 El_Che, I'll pass your message to jdv
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habere-et-disper I'm trying to declare and append to a hash it's inverse. While this works: 12:41
m: say ('a'..'z' Z=> ^26).map( { .pairs, .antipairs } ).flat
camelia (a => 0 0 => a b => 1 1 => b c => 2 2 => c d => 3 3 => d e => 4 4 => e f => 5 5 => f g => 6 6 => g h => 7 7 => h i => 8 8 => i j => 9 9 => j k => 10 10 => k l => 11 11 => l m => 12 12 => m n => 13 13 => n o => 14 14 => o p => 15 15 => p q => 16 16 => …
habere-et-disper I don't like all the parentheses and I think of an intuitive way to move in/out up/down of a closure was to change $_ into * but that doesn't work:
m:  say ('a'..'z' Z=> ^26).map( *.pairs, *.antipairs ).flat
camelia Cannot map a Seq using 'WhateverCode.new, WhateverCode.new'
Did a * (Whatever) get absorbed by a list?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
lizmat habere-et-disper: because the latter is the equivalent of: 12:44
m: say ('a'..'z' Z=> ^26).map( { .pairs }, { .antipairs } ).flat
camelia Cannot map a Seq using '-> ;; $_? is raw = OUTER::<$_> { #`(Block|5270057319824) ... }, -> ;; $_? is raw = OUTER::<$_> { #`(Block|5270057319896) ... }'
Did a * (Whatever) get absorbed by a list?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
lizmat m: dd ("a".."z").map: { ($_, .antipair).Slip with $_ => $++ } # habere-et-disper: perhaps a better way ? 12:56
camelia (:a(0), 0 => "a", :b(1), 1 => "b", :c(2), 2 => "c", :d(3), 3 => "d", :e(4), 4 => "e", :f(5), 5 => "f", :g(6), 6 => "g", :h(7), 7 => "h", :i(8), 8 => "i", :j(9), 9 => "j", :k(10), 10 => "k", :l(11), 11 => "l", :m(12), 12 => "m", :n(13), 13 => "n", :o(1…
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habere-et-disper Thanks lizmat. I've refined it down to: 13:18
m: say flat ('a'..'z').pairs.map: { $_, .antipair }
camelia (0 => a a => 0 1 => b b => 1 2 => c c => 2 3 => d d => 3 4 => e e => 4 5 => f f => 5 6 => g g => 6 7 => h h => 7 8 => i i => 8 9 => j j => 9 10 => k k => 10 11 => l l => 11 12 => m m => 12 13 => n n => 13 14 => o o => 14 15 => p p => 15 16 => q q => 1…
lizmat habere-et-disper++ 13:19
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/08/01/2022-...merelease/ 13:44
El_Che lizmat: package should be up 13:46
onlu opensuse 15.4 not there yet 13:47
cloudsmith must add the repo. *Every* raku release is the canary for adding missing repos
lizmat liz@DebianMini:~$ raku -v 13:50
Welcome to Rakudo™ v2022.07.
El_Che: weekly updated :-)
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El_Che opensuse 15.4 added 14:26
leont submitted that talk, for 20 minutes. I might have to ask to make that 45 TBH, but I won't be sure until I've written it 14:32
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tbrowder moritz_: thanks 16:55
[Coke]: using bash works i know, but i see warnings about using files on its file system with Wih 16:57
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to [Coke]
[Coke]_ Wih? 16:58
tbrowder *Win apps. (ext4 vs ntfs)
16:58 [Coke]_ is now known as [Coke]
tbrowder Win apps, such as Word 16:58
[Coke] I'm not sure how that relates to git? 16:59
tellable6 2022-08-01T16:57:09Z #raku <tbrowder> [Coke]: using bash works i know, but i see warnings about using files on its file system with Wih
[Coke] I am using git bash on the same drive as everything else, no issues here. 17:01
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tbrowder ok, good to know, thnks 17:03
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tonyo tbrowder: does the win10 shell not have git cli? 18:19
or do you use a gui in your solaris 9 (:)) setup normally?
tbrowder tonyo: yes, i have bash and can use the git cli. i will use that as a fall-back if i can’t get smartgit to do what i want. thnx 18:21
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jdv El_Che: rock on 18:36
tellable6 2022-08-01T12:37:46Z #raku <El_Che> jdv: thx for the heads-up!
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[Coke] I have a loop that could start one or two Proc::Async items, but may skip either on any given iteration; can I still use the react {whenever} syntax? can I wrap the whenever block inside an if in the react? 19:07
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[Coke] "Failed to spawn process... name too long" - how long is too long? 19:22
jdv long 19:23
coleman There is an OS-level limit to the length of a command line but it is REALLY long 19:31
basically you have to blow the stack
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tbrowder i 20:00
[Coke] yah, I ended up just playing with the number so it's not exploding right now, but would love to know what my limit really is so I can make sure I don't blow up when the args change slightly later. 20:01
tbrowder looking at the docs i see no clean way to separate an absolute file path onto TWO parts: basename and its parrent. i think its "$f.IO.parent.absolute" but its 20:08
*it's not shown as an example anywhere in my searching 20:09
Nemokosch any particular reason why Any.List is a List _containing_ Any?
tbrowder 'scuse my typos...
Nemokosch even worse: List.List being a nested list 20:10
lizmat m: dd "foo".List 20:11
camelia ("foo",)
lizmat calling .List on *any* scalar value, will create a List with that value 20:12
m: dd List.List
camelia (List,)
lizmat that's not a recursive list, that's a list with a List type object in it
Nemokosch indeed, but who thought this was a good idea? :\
tellable6 2022-08-01T10:27:36Z #raku <lizmat> Nemokosch: you can ping @andrewshitov on Twitter :-)
2022-08-01T10:28:46Z #raku <lizmat> Nemokosch: this one? Refurbishing Raku legacy with Raku
lizmat it's the other side of:
m: dd List[0] 20:13
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
List cannot be parameterized
at <tmp>:1
------> dd List[0]⏏<EOL>
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lizmat m: dd "foo"[0] 20:13
camelia "foo"
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Nemokosch and that's also a source of bugs 20:13
lizmat it also simplified a *lot* of things
Nemokosch indexing strings "works", just never well 20:14
in my particular case - I'm retrieving JSON data and do a map on an array that may be missing
the missing array acts like an array that contains an Any value 20:15
like really...
lizmat .map({ ... }) with $value
Nemokosch it was deep(-ish) in an expression 20:16
lizmat m: my %h; for %h<a> { dd $_ }
camelia Any %h{'a'} = Any
lizmat same issue, I guess
so not just with JSON
Nemokosch anyway - it can be solved surely, I for example added // () on the supposed array 20:17
but I'm quite confident that it's a bad default...
lizmat the default allows you to do this:
m: my %h; %h<a>++; dd %h 20:18
camelia Hash %h = {:a(1)}
Nemokosch that a missing list will implicitly treated as a list that contains a sole Any
lizmat the Any is actually a container waiting for a value
Nemokosch and then throw warnings all over the place
feels like very unnecessary mental load 20:19
lizmat so you'd rather it be an empty Slip
Nemokosch Well definitely, although I get it that it's really hard to adjust to that in a consistent manner 20:20
but I do think Any.List itself is questionable as ((Any)) 20:21
or any value with .List as that value inside a List, for that matter
lizmat well, it is consistent: why would Any be different from any other type object ?
Nemokosch I mean... yes, it escalates from the generally troublesome "type objects are default values" principle, partially 20:22
but it doesn't follow that values have to convert into lists with a wrapping semantics 20:23
That's not a "conversion" in my dictionary for sure
Especially if we take it into account that a List can be converted into an Int as the number of elements in that List 20:24
lizmat well, if you feel strongly about it, there's the problem solving repo :-)
it's just that there have been *extensive* discussions on these behaviours in the 15 years it took to get the first release out 20:25
Nemokosch If I saw any chance that it would be changed, I would open an issue for it
Frankly speaking, this falls into the category that I consider a waste of time 20:26
lizmat I would have to agree :-) 20:27
Nemokosch Eventually, there will be no convincing argument why it works this way; there will be 5 other things brought up that I all consider issues, and eventually nothing would change.
Been there, done that at least two times
Now that we are at it, not even != and ne could be turned into proper first-class operators by all that "lobby" coming from several unrelated people 20:30
And out of all the issues that I consider unjustified gotchas, 1. that would be the easiest fix 2. that got most support from unrelated people 20:31
lizmat how are != and ne not first class operators ?
Nemokosch You have to know this because you were the one who even opened a pull request to fix this 20:32
m: so (1&2&3&7) < 5 20:34
camelia WARNINGS for <tmp>:
Useless use of "so " in expression "so (1&2&3&7) <" in sink context (line 1)
Nemokosch oops
m: dd so (1&2&3&7) < 5
camelia Bool::False
Nemokosch m: dd so (1&2&3&7) < 5
camelia Bool::False
Nemokosch me and the clipboard 20:35
m: dd so (1&2&3) < 5
camelia Bool::True
Nemokosch and you probably know what comes next
m: dd so (1&2&3&7) != 5
camelia Bool::True
Nemokosch m: dd so (1&2&3&7&5) != 5
camelia Bool::True
Nemokosch "all of these are not equal to 5"... seems about right, no? would I lie to you? :D 20:36
lizmat github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/3874 20:37
Nemokosch Exactly! 20:38
lizmat well, read all the reasoning please :-)
Ah, I see you did 20:40
well, I spent enough time on that already, and as I said on Jan 5th, I gave up 20:41
Nemokosch and ngl I think it's easy to see the logic mistake TimToady made when this came up back in the day on irc 20:47
namely that English (languages I know in general added) doesn't know precedence for words
therefore natural languages can "contradict themselves" by using different precedence, conveyed by emphasis or just common sense in the context 20:48
this doesn't work for a formal language
also the whole analogy breaks if we don't insist on reading != as something with "not" in it but say "is different", "is smaller or bigger" or something like that 20:53
lizmat I'm afraid your preaching to the choir here :-) 20:57
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Nemokosch I'm too late to join a conversation from 6 years ago :P 21:01
But frankly I wouldn't even feel chill about it if I didn't leave some traces of what I think has to be commented on
And this whole reasoning is too easy to break, annoyingly easy, when we are talking about the design of a programming language... 21:04
what does "5 is greater than any of the listed numbers" even mean, for example? It definitely can be understood as "greater than all of them", right? 21:05
but when I pose this as a question, suddenly it leans towards "is there a number in that list that is less than 5" 21:06
we could come to the conclusion that it's "any" that is really weird and "logic-breaking" in English, not negation 21:08
tbrowder erf, solution is "path.dirname, path.basename", i just can't remember it!!! 21:11
Nemokosch sorry for spamming that question "away" - actually if I noticed, I would have known the answer :( 21:12
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Geth doc: 2f18f82501 | (Daniel Mita)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | cpanfile
Set max AssetPack version in cpanfile (#4094)
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