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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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SmokeMachine lizmat: I was thinking... is there a way on rak to have default parameters? Something like an anonymous tag that would always be applied? like an alias with the same name of the command (`alias rak="rak --my --default --parameters`). Or is that not needed? 08:15
lizmat I was thinking about adding default parameters at some point
until then, you could --save all your default parameters in a single option, and always apply that option (either directly or through an alias) 08:16
rak --foo --bar --baz --save=d
rak -d ... 08:17
SmokeMachine :+1 08:18
👍 08:19
and another question, is there a way of (as you did with --pattern) to have an attribute for the path ran will search on? that way I could do something like: `rak --red ...` and independently of where I am, search on Red repo... 08:20
lizmat: ☝️ 08:21
lizmat --files-from= --paths-from= ?
SmokeMachine thanks! I missed that! 08:22
and it seems there is something wrong on the list of predefined groups (raku.land/zef:lizmat/App::Rak#--ex...ionsspec), for some reason #ruby is being shown <#ruby> (or I've misunderstood the reason for that). 08:25
lizmat: and the last suggestion (sorry for keep bothering you), would that make sense on the documentation, group the parameters by context instead of sorting them alphabetically? 08:29
lizmat well, I see the README as the source of documentation of the module, aka "sub rak" 08:30
the user documentation I see as what you get with --help
and that *is* grouped by context
see e.g. rak --help input 08:31
SmokeMachine I keep looking more at raku.land/zef:lizmat/App::Rak than at --help, every time I'm on twitter on my phone and I see a new release, I got there to see the news... 08:33
but that makes sense
lizmat well, you can check raku.land/zef:lizmat/App::Rak/changes
I hope that rak will be used by people who are not necessarily into raku (yet), so will use --help, or maybe a man page 08:35
Nemokosch where does the changes section come from?
lizmat it's manually maintained? App::Mi6 forces you to create a new entry before you're allowed to release :-) 08:36
which I think is a good thing :-)
SmokeMachine I do... but then I got through the options to remember then 08:37
sorry, another feature request... could `~` be expanded when `--files-from`? usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/...2%402x.png
Nemokosch what is App::Mi6 in the first place? 😅 08:38
SmokeMachine lizmat: something seems wrong usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/...8%402x.png 08:40
Nemokosch: raku.land/cpan:SKAJI/App::Mi6 08:42
Nahita what's the difference between declarators `package` and `module`? 08:43
Nemokosch oh this is interesting 08:46
Nahita from design.raku.org/S11.html#Modules, i thought you cannot export from `package`-declared things, but i tried and it works :p 08:47
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lizmat Nahita you don't even need a package, you just need a compilation unit 09:09
to be able to export stuff
SmokeMachine: is that with --files-from or --paths-from ? 09:11
SmokeMachine lizmat: that was with: `rak --files-from=/Users/fernandooliveira/Red/ --save=red` 09:15
Nahita so there's no difference between `package { }` and `module { }`? 09:21
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lizmat the difference is in HOW 09:35
m: dd (package A { }).HOW
camelia Perl6::Metamodel::PackageHOW.new
lizmat m: dd (module A { }).HOW 09:36
camelia Perl6::Metamodel::ModuleHOW.new
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Nahita thanks. i still have no idea what's the difference other than they have different names. 09:54
Altreus Er, how do I correctly spell: sub new (%args) ? 09:55
If I do that, it complains that "too few positionals passed" 09:56
I used to do sub new (|%args) so that the provided list got turned into %args but that is obsolete and failed to compile
lizmat Altreus: %*args ? 10:04
aka a slurpy hash ?
Altreus ah, maybe! I try
oh wait, *%args, right? 10:05
lizmat SmokeMachine: 0.46 or rak should have home dir expansion
Altreus: yeah, duh, sorry, too many distractions :-)
Altreus that's the bunny, thanks :D 10:06
forgot about slurpy
lizmat SmokeMachine: with --files-from it expects to get files 10:11
with --paths-from, it will treat any directories for recursive searches
so I guess you need --paths-from
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SmokeMachine I've tested with both wit the same result 10:30
lizmat what does 'rak --red --list-expanded-options say ? 10:40
SmokeMachine usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/...9%402x.png 10:49
lizmat: ☝️ 10:50
lizmat ok, I think there's one level of indirection that your missing 10:52
both --files-from and --paths-from take a *file* of which the contents will list either filenames or paths to search 10:53
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SmokeMachine hum... ok, the error makes sense then... is there a way to pass a dir? 10:55
lizmat well, put that dir in a file, and mention that file with --paths-from 10:56
but I just realized that you cannot specify a ~/file with --paths-from yet
but with 0.47 (now on zef) you can 11:00
SmokeMachine: so, create a file ~/redpaths with .../Red in it
and then --paths-from=~/redpaths 11:01
SmokeMachine yes, `rak "ResultSeqSeq" --paths-from=<(echo ~/Red/)` seem to work... I'll create the file... 11:07
thanks 11:10
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Geth doc: coke self-assigned Improve "is deprecated" docs github.com/Raku/doc/issues/4102
c00c428629 | Coke++ | xt/01-raku-version.t
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[Coke] with modules.raku.org/dist/Terminal::Sp...rs.pm6#L68 - should I be able to do "Bar.new(:type<foo>)" to set $.type to foo? 14:08
(no, also my $bar.new; $bar.type = "foo" also doesn't seem to generate the desired result. 14:10
... Sorry, the answer to the first is *yes*, the old "are you sure you're running the code you think you are" test. 14:13
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[Coke] so whatever zef error I got yesterday about the supporting tools... gone today. did the same 'zef install .' again with no changes, and it is working 15:43
Wonder if there was a change to one of the deps of . (a git clone of Documentable) as listed in one of the backends... 15:44
s/backend/module repos/
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ugexe [Coke]: afaik that error is a rakudo bug. the zef logic related to that is just github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/7c46ca2d...od#L70-L73 18:34
no one has ever been able to reliably reproduce it, but the logic in zef that would lead to that error is basic enough to be confident the problem lies in rakudo somewhere 18:35
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ingy `zef install Readline` fails with `===> Testing [FAIL]: Readline:ver<0.1.6>:auth<cpan:fooist>` 18:53
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ingy where does zef log to? 18:57
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ugexe you can use `--debug` to get more info 19:09
[Coke] at a guess, it needs the dev library installed for readline? 19:12
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japhb ingy: Or you can `zef install Terminal::LineEditor` instead ... (*cough* shameless plug *cough*) 19:33
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lizmat *phew* that's both my Raku Conference presentations recorded and uploaded 19:44
japhb lizmat++ 20:00
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leont still hasn't finished their slides :-s 20:36
Nemokosch saame... 20:40
long week...
ingy waves to lizmat :) 20:41
ugexe: cheers
japhb: awesome
when is/was this Raku conf? 20:44
japhb: well that was bizzare... `zef install Terminal::LineEditor` actually worked... 20:46
August 8-10 2022, Rīga, PerlCon 20:48
Nemokosch it almost always works
ingy August 11-13, 2022, Rīga, The Raku Conference
Nemokosch these were the plans... long ago
in fact, it will be 13-14, and online 🙂
ingy wonder if I coulf give a lightning talk from Seattle :D
Nemokosch why not? 20:50
japhb Pretty sure the answer is "yes". :-) 20:59
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ingy I'm writing a package manager (for 42 languages) so that I can publish modules in 42 languages at once: gist.github.com/ingydotnet/b2ed269...04e8212b3f 21:32
so maybe I could present that 21:33
is `zef test t/` supposed to do what I think?>
Geth ecosystem: e2327a564c | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
adding Collection-Plugins

It is not being accepted by fez ...... don't know why.
leont ingy: I suspect you want «prove6 -l t» 21:43
ingy ah 21:44
ty 21:45
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ingy $ zef install App::Prove6 21:47
All candidates are currently installed
No reason to proceed. Use --force-install to continue anyway
$ which prove6
leont: what gives? 21:48
leont That's odd, are you sure your paths are set up correctly
ingy no
leont For me it installs to ~/.raku/bin/
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ingy leont: gist.github.com/ingydotnet/6010b37...30f9dfecd3 21:51
$ /opt/rakudo-pkg/share/perl6/site/bin/prove6 -lv t 21:53
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japhb ingy: Looks like /opt/rakudo-pkg/share/perl6/site/bin wasn't in your path for some reason, though I'm kinda surprised that /opt/rakudo-pkg/bin was but the site-bin wasn't. (I build from source though, so I don't know if that's a bug in rakudo-pkg.) 22:23
ingy japhb: gist.github.com/ingydotnet/5ba14cd...a090d4854c 22:34
that's how I set up all of raku
suggestions welcome
japhb ingy: Just add the site bin to where you set up the PATH. Here's how I calculate it in the perl5 script that helps me bootstrap rakudo: 22:39
my $site = `$raku -e 'print CompUnit::RepositoryRegistry.repository-for-name("site")'`;
my $site_bin = "$site/bin";
ingy I set up the path elsewhere. already fixed. 22:42
was just wondering if that's a same raku/zef setup
*sane 22:43
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japhb I'm curious why you turned off testing for zef's self-install -- was that just to save build time? 23:42