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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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guifa_ pushes out update to Timezones::ZoneInfo . If you are Chilean or Iranian, you'll definitely want to update 04:10
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andinus is there a guide to packaging XS modules ? 16:49
ingy: github.com/tony-o/raku-fez/blob/ma...kumod#L204 -- you can do these manually 16:52
lizmat XS ? You mean NativeCall ?? 16:54
andinus yes 16:56
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andinus the C library is also included with the raku module 16:57
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andinus C++* 16:58
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lizmat I believe Inline::Perl5 has a similar situation, with a small C wrapper being needed 16:58
perhaps that can give you some inspiration
andinus i see, i'll check that out
lizmat personally, all of the NativeCall I've done, just used the C lib or installed libraries 16:59
*C standard lib
andinus i see
thanks 17:04
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ingy andinus: perfect. thanks. much appreciated. 20:05
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ingy lizmat: I don't think it's fair to say that I always want the easy way :\ 20:09
I just made this project public github.com/ingydotnet/pst 20:10
Which required learning inane details about 35+ languages
lizmat looks like a cool project 20:11
ingy Thanks. Should make it easy for me to do a lot more raku publishing. 20:12
lizmat well, I was a bit grumpy at the time and the remark "I guess I'll look in the fez code and see what it's doing. I just thought I could get a quicker answer here :)" pushed the wrong button 20:13
ingy noted. it's how over there I hear...
lizmat yeah, 33 today and tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday 20:14
ingy bleh
I only asked that after fighting with zef/fez stuff for an hour
lizmat next week, it's going tp drop to about 27 with rain ... so it'll turn more Amazon like instead of more Sahara like at the moment 20:15
ingy I'll have some issues/prs for tonyo soon enough :D
lizmat issues are good, PRs are better :-)
ingy 20:16
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SmokeMachine lizmat: Amazon doesn’t seem to be that cool… on Rio de Janeiro (my home town) farther from the equator then Amazonas 40 is not uncommon… :) 20:45
lizmat hehe... I know
but for here, 5 days of 30+ is pretty uncommon 20:46
although not as uncommon as it used to be :-(
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SmokeMachine lizmat: I can imagine… I’m living 3 years on UK, I’m now in Venice and I’m missing the uk’s weather… 21:20
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