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Set by lizmat on 14 August 2022.
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gfldex role B { has $.b }; role A { has $.a; multi method new(*%o (:$a, :$b!)) { self.^mixin(B).bless(|%o) }; multi method new(*%o (:$a)) { self.bless(|%o) } }; multi a($ (:a($) where .so) --> True) {*}; multi a($ (:a($)) --> False) {*}; multi a($ (:a($) where .so, |) --> 42) {*}; a(A.new).say; a(A.new(:a)).say; try a(A.new(:a, :b)).say; $!.WHAT.say if $!; 00:19
evalable6 False
atweiden-air_ slaps forehead 00:32
of course.
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SmokeMachine lizmat: Hi! I think I found a bug in rak... `rak '/"=>" \s* 0/ && !/nullable/'` of course it wouldn't work, but it doesn't give 08:14
tellable6 2022-08-20T00:09:51Z #raku <melezhik> SmokeMachine I have fixed sparrowhub.io queue, new builds should get triggered now
SmokeMachine sorry
lizmat: Hi! I think I found a bug in rak... `rak '/"=>" \s* 0/ && !/nullable/'` of course it wouldn't work, but it doesn't give any error (probably because it starts and ends with /) but (of course) it doesn't do what I wanted... could it? 08:15
lizmat: and when I try `rak '{ /"=>" \s* 0/ && !/nullable/ }'` it dies... `Cannot resolve caller Bool(Nil:U: );` 08:16
lizmat SmokeMachine: I hope that I will be able to release the next App::Rak before Wednesday, depending internally on the new plumbing, aka the "rak" module 08:47
I'm pretty sure it will show new issues, so I'm not focussing on solving issues on the current (old) codebase 08:48
SmokeMachine lizmat: ok, thanks
lizmat meanwhile, if you would want to check out whether it works with rak (you would have to make your own CLI) 08:49
SmokeMachine lizmat: but do you think `'/regex1/ && !/regex2/'` should work? 08:50
lizmat well, I don't see any reason it shouldn't (yet)
when something starts and ends with a / , the string will be EVALled 08:51
SmokeMachine or at least `'{ /regex1/ && !/regex2/ }'`
lizmat as long as the EVAL works and something Callable comes of it, it should work afaics
SmokeMachine really? that answers why it didn't die... but don't answer why I got the wrong result... :( 08:52
lizmat there's some trickery involved if you also specified :ignorecase and/or :ignoremark
(adding :i:m into the regex)
SmokeMachine lizmat: changing the subject, sorry for so many tweets last week... I didn't want to increase your work for Rakudo weekly... if you prefer to leave some of my tweets out of it, I would understand... 08:57
lizmat This time of year I worry more abourt lack of content than too much content :-) so the tweets were welcome to me :-) 08:58
SmokeMachine :) 👍 08:59
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lizmat SmokeMachine: changing the subject on you: looks like github.com/FCO/OrderedHash is lacking some very basic documentation ? 09:46
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SmokeMachine lizmat: yes, it is… I have to find some time to write it up… I just released that because there was a PR there… 09:51
lizmat I tend not to mention modules without documentation in the Weekly :-) 09:52
SmokeMachine lizmat: that's a good choice in my opinion...
when I write some documentation I'll make a new release to let it be announced... 09:54
lizmat okidoki!
SmokeMachine (to tell the truth I didn't remember I had written that before the PR has arrived...) 09:55
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gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2022/08/22/su...ospection/ 10:31
SmokeMachine gfldex: do you need eval there? 10:39
m: sub bla($a, :$b, *@rest, *%opts) { say &?ROUTINE.signature.params>>.&{ ::(.name) } }; bla 1, :2b, 3, 4, 5
camelia (1 2 [3 4 5] {})
SmokeMachine m: sub bla($a, :$b, *@rest, *%opts) { die; CATCH { say &?ROUTINE.signature.params>>.&{ ::(.name) } } }; bla 1, :2b, 3, 4, 5 10:40
camelia (1 2 [3 4 5] {})
in sub bla at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
SmokeMachine gfldex: ^^ 10:45
gfldex good catch :-> 10:48
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ab5tract Is there some way to get this parametization to work as expected? 12:40
tellable6 2022-07-28T20:38:50Z #raku <tonyo> ab5tract `Considering that I was able to create a fez representation of a module without any kind of authentication that I owned the module` - what does this mean?
ab5tract m: role A[::T] { has $.b; method a(T $b) { A[T].new(:$b) } }; my A[Int] $f = A[Int].new.a(55)
camelia Type check failed in assignment to $f; expected A[Int] but got A[T] (A[T].new(b => 55))
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
ab5tract I didn't see a bug report filed for this but maybe my search-fu wasn't good enough 12:42
.tell tonyo I meant that it seemed like all I had to do was call fez from within a checked out repo. Meaning that if I checked out a repo that wasn't already on fez, I could "claim" it 12:45
tellable6 ab5tract, I'll pass your message to tonyo
SmokeMachine m: role A[::T] { has $.b; method a(T $b) { ::?CLASS.new(:$b) } }; my A[Int] $f = A[Int].a(55) # <-- ab5tract 12:46
camelia ( no output )
ab5tract ah, thanks SmokeMachine!
ah, thanks SmokeMachine! 12:47
SmokeMachine I was thinking... as we have: `@bla is List` would it make sense to be possible to do: `@bla are Int` and that be equivalent to: `@bla where *.are ~~ Int`? 13:03
lizmat as in "my @bla are Int" ? 13:08
or "if @bla are Int {" ?? 13:09
SmokeMachine ^
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SmokeMachine lizmat: the first one 13:15
lizmat How is that different from "my Int @bla" ? 13:16
SmokeMachine lizmat: but that would be even more useful in `sub fff(@bla are Int) {...}`
leont Can someone please merge this: github.com/Raku/doc/pull/4086, the operator precedence table is currently entirely wrong
SmokeMachine lizmat: because that would work better on functions 13:17
Geth doc: 68ca383047 | (Daniel Mita)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | assets/js/main.js
Fix precedence table ordering

Table header names changed in #4031. Closes #4085.
doc: 396e823f2c | Altai-man++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | assets/js/main.js
Merge pull request #4086 from Raku/operator-table-fix

Fix precedence table ordering
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lizmat SmokeMachine: interesting idea 13:18
leont Oh wait, I could have merged that myself. I keep forgetting someone gave me that commit bit 😅 13:20
SmokeMachine I think that would be useful...
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/08/22/2022-34-rakuust/ 15:04
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tonyo .tell ab5tract you could claim it only as far as whatever user you're logged into fez as, there's less the idea of claiming a name here since Foo:auth<zef:t> and Foo:auth<zef:a> are different modules. so yes, you could upload it but you couldn't upload it for another user 15:30
tellable6 tonyo, I'll pass your message to ab5tract
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Anton Antonov @lizmat It is a Mathematica notebook, not a Jupyter one! 😲 17:29
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lizmat oops 17:51
fixed 17:52
Anton Antonov @lizmat Thanks! 🙂 17:56
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MitarashiDango[m How are the assets generated on docs.raku.org? It looks like the latest js change isn't showing up yet. 20:04
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