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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tonyo m: gist.github.com/tony-o/d235c11bc96...73152ac27b 03:15
camelia ( no output )
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[Coke] on raku.land, why is README.md shown as "Readme" 15:23
Even if we're display multiple file types there possibly, should be "README", no?
added 'zef-deps .' as requested, which reads depends from local META6.json as the package list 15:26
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[Coke] Added some tests, env var to control output, renamed --graph to --png, cut another version. 16:05
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lizmat Geth 18:30
oops :-) 18:31
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tbrowder hi, i want to put a binary file in a module's resources subdir, and, according to the docs, i should be able to get a path to it like this (inside a module): "my $path = %?RESOURCES<images/binary.jpg>.absolute" but i get an error (like /:i slip/) 19:54
i've looked at using the published module "Distribution::Resources::Menu" but i should be able to avoid that. 19:56
ideas, anyone?
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p6steve tbrowder: i am doing this <<constant $n-path = %?RESOURCES<libraries/dan>;>> 20:27
over here github.com/p6steve/raku-Dan-Polars
what does <<dd $path;>> say? 20:29
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you may want to look at my Build.pm since that is where I create the library file.. 20:33
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tbrowder <p6steve>: thnx for the links 20:43
leont Got a «Cannot find method 'is_dispatcher' on object of type BOOTCode» error that I don't fully understand yet 20:44
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leont When passing a Nil to a conversion type, I would expect that to be turned into the type object of the destination type, but apparently it doesn't do that. Not quite understanding my error yet though as I can't easily minimize it. 20:49
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tbrowder hm, can't get it working...still see error...gotta look at rakudo src i tink... 21:03
hm, i think i begin to see the light. while the module is NOT installed i must access the resources one way, and another way when it's installed. thus i have to be able to handle the uninstalled module for testing. 21:11
sounds like the $?DISTRIBUTION var might work for both situations... 21:16
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ugexe %?RESOURCES can be accessed the same regardless of if its installed 21:55
tbrowder A
well, i haven't broken the code yet :-( 21:56
ugexe zef uses %?RESOURCES, and zef can install itself
i.e. %?RESOURCES works the same for zef if its installed or no 21:57
have you posted your code? 21:58
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tbrowder nick, the $?DISTRIBUTION works well, i showed above one line above, like the docs, and i couldn't get it to work with %*RESOURCES 22:00
my module is at github.com/tbrowder/GraphicsMagick 22:01
it test ok locally and on github now 22:02
ugexe one line doesnt tell us if you set it up right
if it works with $?DISTRIBUTION it really should work with %?RESOURCES 22:03
although there is nothing wrong with using $?DISTRIBUTION either
you have no resources listed in your META6.json 22:04
tbrowder that's what i thought, but no success. i do not have any resources listed in the META6.json 22:05
if that is required, that seems to be redundant
and it's not real clear in the docs
ugexe its not redundant
"If you have any additional files (such as templates or a dynamic library) that you wish to have installed so you can access them at runtime, they should be placed in a resources subdirectory of your project, e.g.:" 22:06
then right after
"The file must then be referenced in META6.json (see below for more on META6.json) so that the distribution path can be provided to the program."
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ugexe see docs.raku.org/language/modules 22:07
tbrowder i do that, but i don't dup that in META6. to me t(
that's redundant. i didn't do that for DISTRIBUTION
ugexe your code doesnt work on installation like you think 22:08
because if the resources arent listed in the META6.json then they arent getting installed
if its working its because your environment is setup in a way that most any other user won't have 22:09
tbrowder hm, you're correct i'm sure, because i'm just getting the testing working on github.
either the system ought to fill the META6, or maybe mi6 can handle it. at any rate, the docs need to clearly state the current requirement. 22:11
i'll try to post a gist later
ugexe the docs do state it 22:12
i quoted it above
it also looks like mi6 should populate resources, or at least tries -- github.com/skaji/mi6/blob/d96645bd...kumod#L291 22:13
actually i dont see any code in there for actually generating it 22:14
so maybe you'll want to raise an mi6 issue
tbrowder oh, ok, i've been looking in the "variables" section where RESOURCES and DISTRIBUTION are both discussed. very confusing 22:16
modules section is much clearer, sorry
i will file issue for mi6 22:17
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tbrowder so done 22:55
another subject: what happens when a module in zef is found to have an issue causing failures? can it be removed? 22:57
one such floating around is Digest::SHA, ver 0.17.1 which needs to be replaced by ver 0.18.1 22:58
[Coke] removed... from where? 23:02
you can uninstall it from your machine; if someone is depending on that version specifically, they need to update their deps.
In your specific case: PDF::Document seems to have changed its deps in the past few days. use to be it needed Text::Utils which needed Temp::Path which needed Digest::SHA - but now Text::Utils doesn't need that. 23:19
Temp::Path's dependency is just on Digest::SHA, no version; so you got unlucky; your fix is to 'zef uninstall' it, then zef install it. (or do do an in place upgrade but I don't remember the command for that.) 23:21
tbrowder it looks like Temp::Path (repo unknown) when installing with zef depends on Digest:ver<0.17.1>, but its Meta depends on Digest::SHA but searching for it on modules.raku.org doesn't show it, it shows Digest::SHA1::* and Digest::SHA256::*
[Coke] it doesn't depend on that version
can you show me the command you're running to show that? 23:22
tbrowder zef install 23:24
just a moment. it happens with my new module but i have another doing the same thing... 23:25
[Coke] (the full command) 23:26
what specifically are you installing?
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[Coke] Ah. It doesn't *depend* on that version. it's just that there isn't a more recent version, it seems. 23:27
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[Coke] it's reporting that 0.17.1 is from the -rea- archive; REA is where modules go to die, I thought - I'm still not sure why we have that in the default search path. 23:29
zef info --/rea Digest::SHA 23:30
- Nothing. so it's only in REA, and it's only the old one.
You said you saw a later version in github? Looks like they never cut a release. 23:31
lizmat, ugexe: Looks like there *IS* a Digest version 0.18.0 here: github.com/Raku/REA/tree/main/archive/D/Digest , but zef is reporting 0.17.1 from REA. Any thoughts? 23:34
apologies for emitting a line everytime I found some data instead of waiting. :)
tbrowder no, please, i'm seeing some other issues on my host i'm using 23:36
with my babbling i'm glad to have anyone inject some truth 23:41
well, i've nuked my zef stuff, can't recover till later in the week :-( 23:59