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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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azawawi Good morning :) 05:54
github.com/azawawi/raku-godot-fun # Camelia as a Sprite 3D :) 05:56
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tbrowder .ask azawawi g'day, what timezone are you in? 13:33
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to azawawi
[Coke] Dumb IRC question: What does "(+Ziw)" mean in my irssi status bar? 13:36
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dutchie they are your user modes 13:36
libera.chat/guides/usermodes explains what each one does
tbrowder .tellable github.com/tbrowder/Mi6-Helper/ 13:37
.weekly github.com/tbrowder/Mi6-Helper/ 13:39
weekly github.com/tbrowder/Mi6-Helper/ 13:41
whatever :-( 13:42
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[Coke] dutchie: thanks! 14:02
[Coke] finds caller id modes, and wonders how many people get random private messages on libera. I don't think I've ever gotten one. 14:06
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[Coke] ... interesting. I'm still seeing network drops with my monitor (just using ping), but I'm not seeing the drops here on irssi anymore. 14:08
until today, they were definitely correlated.
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azawawi hi 14:11
tellable6 2022-09-30T13:33:14Z #raku <tbrowder> azawawi g'day, what timezone are you in?
azawawi tbrowder: hi. It is +03:00 14:12
El_Che you night owl 14:13
solving perl and raku problems? :)
(I read it as 3 am, I realize I am wrong :) )
azawawi My time zone is +03:00 UTC 14:16
so it is 17:16 here
El_Che yeah, I got that on the second reading :)
I am on +1, but we only differ 1 hour, yeah Summer Time :) 14:17
azawawi github.com/azawawi/raku-godot-fun # 0.4.0 is out: Camelia in 3D with basic color materials :) 14:18
Long time I have been away from Perl 6 which is raku now. 14:21
It takes time to read raku code again. Lots of things to grasp.
japhb azawawi: Welcome back, and good on you for doing graphics work! 14:22
azawawi next up, animation player support. so you queue up some animations :) 14:23
I thought of going the GDNative route but that's too much work
To embed raku in Godot that is... like other languages 14:24
One language we should learn from is Racket and DrRacket 14:27
Documentation, tutorials and support for raylib and a gui toolkit outside of the box 14:28
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melezhik o/ 15:07
if someone is interested in adding their modules to Raku Alpine Repository - feel free to send me PRs - github.com/melezhik/raku-alpine-re...kages.raku - an example of a such
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[Coke] . 15:29
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tonyo hm 17:30
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