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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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guifa tbrowder you may want to look at mine in this case, because I do some wrapping for that for several different combos of args 01:08
tbrowder ok, will do, thnx 01:19
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[Coke] ok, never seen this before: doing an install on a clean windows 10 box. install strawberry perl and git bash. in git bash, run perl Configure.pl..... get an error about a missing perl5 module, Locale/Maketext/Simple.pm 02:33
and the use is coming from /usr/share/perl5/core_perl/Params/Check.pm - bother. 02:36
oh, using the wrong perl. 02:38
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El_Che morning+your_offset! 08:58
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tbrowder lizmat: guifa: i solved my problem. i was getting misled by the error msg: my formatter had a typo but but the error msg said i couldn't use year month ... formatter and i thought my formatter has tested ok but i was wrong. i made some chg that finally triggered a problem with a specific line in a formatter and i saw the problem (missing comma after the sprintf "..."). fixed that and all looks well so far. 12:16
lizmat *phew* :-) 12:17
El_Che o/
tbrowder yes, what a relief!
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tbrowder i thing that LTA msg deserves a bug entry 13:39
like “invalid formatter” 13:41
lizmat please provide example in an issue :-) 13:45
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tonyo Is any module publisher currently using windows without Linux subsystem? 14:13
lizmat good question 14:16
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Voldenet wsl or wsl2? 14:19
[Coke] me? 14:30
El_Che hi tonyo, what are you trying to do? Make a package manager? A module publisher?
[Coke] I have no "big" modules, but anything I do on windows is with a raku that is built using Visual Studio (and then usually run in git bash) 14:31
(can also build one using just strawberry perl's toolkit + git bash)
gist.github.com/coke/f6488d106d4a5...3e69b553f5 (strawberry/git bash install instructions from git) 14:32
Happy to test something on windows if you need.
El_Che [Coke]: I am not bashing on Windows, but you are a couragous man 14:35
[Coke] Eh - I have to use it for work, so it's nice to be able to use Raku for some of that. 14:36
El_Che I was supposed to do that and tried really, really hard
then one day I went pyscho and installed Linux :)
it helped that I managed the network access :) 14:37
(never mind, I have colleagues that are perfectly happy now with wsl and stuff, but it never cliked with me)
I think I officially have a "test" linux and a "test" mac next to a old windows laptop somewhere. 14:38
Voldenet I prefer msys2 over wsl
El_Che They probably just sighed and went further with their lives :) 14:39
Voldenet the problem is that apparently MS is not entirely sure what they need wsl for
El_Che cygwin like but more modern? 14:40
Voldenet the "linux vm pretending it's not vm" is the most hilarious one so far
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Voldenet the msys2 is something that ships with git for win currently 14:41
msys2 is fork of cygwin
El_Che I see 14:44
those were the days
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holyghost re, working on smalltalk now, later on raku 15:24
Interested on the switch raku, but a bummer 15:25
I'm still working on one GPL project casually : sourceforge.net/projects/zaramacs/files/ 15:39
More Artistic L coming soon
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Nemokosch cygwin comes with certain limitations that basically sabotage installing Rakudo 16:30
looking at you, open file limit
I use WSL as "the cygwin that actually works"
integrates well with the windows filesystem, providing complete interoperability, I can use all the usual grep, sed, scp business from Windows 16:32
also, it comes with a nice VSC plugin for "remote" development
Geth Raku-Steering-Council/main: a42b75a9d1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | minutes/20221001.md
Minutes of 1 Oct 2022
Nemokosch on Windows 11, there is WSLg for opening windows cross-OS
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El_Che lizmat: what's the trouble with the alpine package? I had no trouble building there 17:07
ugexe building rakudo or a module/distribution? 17:13
because the later is what was broken
and it didnt affect certain modules for whatever reason 17:14
drakonis morepablo.com/2022/09/so-you-re-us...guage.html a raku mention here 17:15
its been a while since i've last checked on raku, has rakuast gone anywhere?
oh, that just came up on the minutes 17:16
El_Che ugexe: I understood rakudo from liz' notes 17:17
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ugexe ah maybe. there was also recently a distribution precomp issue with alpine (and others) that was fixed last week 17:23
i assumed it was that 17:24
El_Che yeah, that's also liky
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tonyo El_Che: fix fez up a bit to make it more consistent/usable 19:37
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El_Che tonyo: nice 23:08
tonyo: not easy
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