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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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SmokeMachine .tell Justin546 I’ve been planing removing Red::Driver::Pg from Red and make it a separated module, but I’m still not sure and haven’t had the time to do that… 08:05
tellable6 SmokeMachine, I'll pass your message to Justin546
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arthur .tell hi 10:11
tellable6 arthur, I saw hi 2018-07-31T00:53:35Z in #perl6: <hi> how to compile libperl.a from perl source.
arthur .tell tellable6 kick 10:12
tellable6 arthur, Thanks for the message
arthur .tell arthur kick 10:14
tellable6 arthur, I'll pass that message to your doctor
arthur Hi doctor
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guifa_ Xliff: as I'm reworking this module, I just realized I had forgotten the whole reason I made the timezone reaction loop 14:00
tellable6 guifa_, I'll pass your message to Xliff
guifa_ to update the $*TZ variable
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guifa_ how do you exit a react loop? docs sort of say to use "done" but that seems to just turn off (lack of a better term) the whenever block, but doesn't exit the react block entirely 14:39
Nemokosch sounds interesting 14:43
it would be good to see an example of what you mean
guifa_ Nemokosch: there might be a bit way of testing supplies, but I figured the best way is to make the test file look like how people would use it 14:44
so I have
tellable6 guifa_, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
guifa_ react { whenever minute-shifts() { do-tests and exit-react } }; done-testing() 14:45
although the question is now more theoretical. I realized that if something goes wrong, that test will NEVER END. So I now have `start react { ... }; sleep $expected-time; ok $event-called; done-testing` 14:46
where event-called is set to true when the event is called
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guifa_ et voilĂ : github.com/alabamenhu/DateTimeReact 15:24
ty vrurg++ and Xliff++ for the idea
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