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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tonyo tbrowder: i have a branch i've been working on for the CSV that should fix a lot of those bugs 02:35
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moritz Good morning. How do I bring up an issue to the steering committee? open an issue on github.com/Raku/Raku-Steering-Council/issues? 08:14
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PolarBearXL m: :21num 08:38
camelia WARNINGS for <tmp>:
Useless use of ":21num" in sink context (line 1)
Useless use of constant value :21num in sink context (line 1)
PolarBearXL :㉑num
m: my $p = :㉑num; 08:39
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Malformed initializer
at <tmp>:1
------> my $p = :⏏㉑num;
expecting any of:
colon pair
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lizmat moritz: that'd be a way to do it 09:15
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moritz thakns! 09:34
aaarg, cannot type. Please auto-correct yourself :-)
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moritz github.com/Raku/Raku-Steering-Council/issues/50 opened 09:38
lizmat thakns! :-) 09:41
tbrowder lizmat: yr grepper series is very helpful, and very nicely presented, thanks 09:48
lizmat nice to hear, thank you :-)
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Geth ecosystem/main: 84e92ffb14 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove Lingua::EN::Sentence

It now lives in the zef ecosystem
lizmat moritz: actually, I wasn't awake yet it should have been raku/problem-solving: I've moved the issue there github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/348 10:10
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moritz thanks for moving it 10:45
Nemokosch I think Twitter has been a cursed platform for a long-long time but really, what do we even have for publicity 10:47
Okay, I think even Facebook is miles better than twitter but Facebook-as-news-feed in the IT? Weird 10:48
Maaaybe LinkedIn?
moritz reddit exists 10:51
Nemokosch Yes but 1. Reddit exists for a long time already 2. it's not really like a news feed 3. it suffers from the same echo chamber characteristics as Twitter 10:53
lizmat which is why I've been publishing my posts on dev.to 10:54
moritz well, for reddit, if you want publicity beyond the echo chamber, you have to post to /r/programming, not just to /r/rakulang
lizmat hmmm.. that's a good point :-)
Nemokosch dev.to was also a good idea 10:55
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even Medium could be 10:55
lizmat but Medium basically has a pay-wall, doesn't it ? 10:56
Nemokosch yes, I think so, kinda 10:59
frankly I don't use medium enough to really notice 😄 11:00
lizmat well, that and the fact that it didn't allow me to just get a time based feed, put me off Medium
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Nemokosch fair enough 11:05
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moritz: it's good to see you around, I wish some people were still as much "in Raku" as back in the day 11:13
I'm still thinking about the perl6book site, it just fell behind on my priority list, mainly to other Raku-related things actually
also added it to my Raku-notes repo I think
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tbrowder .tell tonyo i have turned yr cro articles into reasonable pdf (butf 12:01
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to tonyo
tbrowder .tell tonyo , but i will keep fine-tuning it. one prob is not knowing name of font you used for the directory diagrams so those chars don't show. i'm pretty sure that can be fixed if you know the name. 12:05
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to tonyo
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tbrowder .seen dwarring 12:10
tellable6 tbrowder, I saw dwarring 2021-09-28T18:15:00Z in #raku: <dwarring> yes there is a lot going on there
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Xliff \o 12:33
japhb: Please be around.
Xliff crosses fingers
lizmat It's a bit early for japhb I think, like 5:30 in the morning? 12:35
Xliff He's west coast? 12:38
And a good morning to you, liz.
lizmat afaik yes
good afternoon to you :-) 12:39
Xliff Heh. I'm east coast, so it's 8:41am here =) 12:41
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Xliff Hmmm... My INIT phaser isn't firing in a used compunit... 12:57
Ah... nevermind. Initialization order issue. 12:58
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lizmat tbrowder: OOC what are the advantages of going markdown -> rakupod -> PDF, rather than directly from markdown -> PDF ? 13:14
asking for a friend :-) 13:15
dev.to/tbrowder/test-drive-20m8 :-)
tbrowder i ha
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tbrowder i haven't found an easy way to do that. the modules i' 13:16
i've looked at aren't very suitable. 13:22
also, getting pod is very usaeful for improving and correcting the original doc. 13:23
i see you found my new fav platform--thanks for recommending it--very easy to use 13:25
on my TODO list is a module to use pod for limited but beatiful word processing 13:27
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tbrowder finally, PDF is IMO currently the universal document for online and paper use 13:28
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/10/31/2022-44-prename/ 13:36
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japhb Xliff_: I'm around at the moment. What's up? 14:52
tbrowder lizmat: whadda ya think about putting raku-advent on dev.io iif we can use the
*our own domain name? 14:53
sure is easier to edit on
maybe use our own servers to host our own instance 14:58
[Coke] lizmat++ as always 14:59
lizmat: instalments should have 2 ells.
Xliff_ japh \o 15:00
japh: Why is my output looking like a stairstep with TErminal::Print::DecodedInput running? 15:01
lizmat: Can we have a String.lop that does the opposite of String.chop? 15:02
It would add such wonderful symmetry. 15:03
japhb Xliff_: Because the terminal has to be in raw mode for the supply to work properly. Something like ReadKey can pop in and out of raw mode for a single keystroke, but that doesn't work well when you've got a long-running supply. 15:08
(And raw mode doesn't implicitly CR when you LF)
Xliff_ So I have to add CRs to my output? 15:16
tonyo .tell tbrowder not sure if you saw my note about the CSVs. the monospace font on that site is Source Code Pro (fonts.google.com/specimen/Source+Code+Pro) 15:23
tellable6 tonyo, I'll pass your message to tbrowder
[Coke] SCP++ 15:25
One of my first installs on new machines! 15:26
Anton Antonov Is it a good idea to migrate from WordPress to DEV.ti (dev.to) ? (Say for Raku posts.) 15:29
Is it a good idea to migrate from WordPress to DEV.ti (dev.to) ? (Say for Raku posts.) 15:30
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[Coke] I think we're only using wordpress for the advent calendar and it's probably some effort to migrate. anyone doing new blogging can go anywhere, of course. 15:40
tonyo if you're setting up something new then you can always use the free github static site 15:41
tellable6 2022-10-31T12:01:51Z #raku <tbrowder> tonyo i have turned yr cro articles into reasonable pdf (butf
2022-10-31T12:05:24Z #raku <tbrowder> tonyo , but i will keep fine-tuning it. one prob is not knowing name of font you used for the directory diagrams so those chars don't show. i'm pretty sure that can be fixed if you know the name.
tbrowder tonyo: thnx for font info 15:44
tellable6 2022-10-31T15:23:21Z #raku <tonyo> tbrowder not sure if you saw my note about the CSVs. the monospace font on that site is Source Code Pro (fonts.google.com/specimen/Source+Code+Pro)
Xliff_ japh: How can I tell if raw mode is active via Terminal::Print? 15:47
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Nemokosch do you know Arne Sommer by any chance? 16:04
japhb Xliff_: Yeah, adding CRs should work. Basically in raw mode you have to be very explicit; the terminal infrastructure doesn't DWIM anymore in that mode. 16:20
Xliff_: decoded-input-supply reads from raw-input-supply (github.com/ab5tract/Terminal-Print...Input.pm6) which stays in raw mode as long as it hasn't been closed. 16:23
(This is yet another improvement when I wrote the code in Terminal::LineEditor -- it knows how to smoothly exit and return to raw mode as desired.) 16:24
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tonyo .tell tbrowder you're also welcome to take over the CSV::Parser repo 16:56
tellable6 tonyo, I'll pass your message to tbrowder
tonyo i did that in 2010 for a POS log parsing project i needed a CSV parser for and haven't looked much at it since
tbrowder thnx for invite, but i’m not sure i am capable of properly handling the binary stuff. also, i would probably chg the API to suit my coding style. 16:59
tonyo i probably would too, was also my first raku project/module 17:02
tbrowder i think it would be best to turn it over to the group repo. then there is less chance of a kerfuffle 17:03
[Coke] We should only be taking things into group that we're agreeing to maintain 17:04
we shouldn't be where modules go to die.
tbrowder but i’m stealing some of yr stuff for my simpler version 17:05
[Coke]: yes, that’s true
lizmat [Coke]: only if you're in the US :-) 17:19
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[Coke] ok 17:33
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Nemokosch by the way - does that "modules looking for adoption" site still live? 17:38
lizmat it does, sort of 17:44
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Xliff_ japhb: OK, I still want to make the jump to Terminal::LineEditor, but I din't really want to have to write that $*IN pump when I am working on a web app server. 17:52
So I think I'll work on a PR for T::L 17:53
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Xliff_ (had to drop off for a nap) 17:53
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lizmat powernaps are good :-) 17:59
[Coke] sounds like a great idea actually! 18:00
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japhb Xliff_: Ah, fair enough. :-) 18:05
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Nemokosch github.com/Raku/ecosystem/blob/main/ADOPT-ME.md I was referring to this 18:29
lizmat yup, that's the one 18:38
Nemokosch I think it's good that there is something like this at all 18:42
I wish more de facto abandoned modules ended up there, it's still much better than to be de facto abandoned
[Coke] there are some on that list that are already in 'raku-community-modules', which seems a contradiction 18:44
Nemokosch that's also something I don't get. What's the process of adoption? 18:48
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lizmat [Coke]: then the list must be adapted, PRs welcome :-) 19:05
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Xliff_ japhb: So I'll need to go back and check my non-existant notes on how you were going to do it. 21:17
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japhb *snrk* Well, happy to answer questions, of course. 21:28
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tonyo tbrowder: does tux's module not work for you? 22:10
tbrowder not well
tonyo What's it do/not do? 22:16
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Guest88 Hi 22:37
I want to ask u , what raku programming language used for
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Nemokosch Hello 22:46
To write discord-to-irc bidirectional bridges so that we can chat now? 😄 22:47
Jokes aside, I for one mostly use it as a "glue language" to make string processing tasks less painful 22:48
I also wrote a Zephyr test report exporter tool for work
Anton Antonov @Guest88 I use Raku to : 1) generate executable programming code from natural language specifications, (2) do machine learning and data wrangling studies, (3) make, or study the making of, translators or converters between different kind of file formats. 22:56
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