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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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CIAvash regarding the advent blog and use of markdown, if people want, I can create an advent blog on raku-lang.ir/en and maybe use CNAME records and/or something like to show the blog at your domain of choice. Just a thought. 06:32
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lizmat tonyo: gist.github.com/lizmat/adbab4c3933...8612ba3cd8 # fez started to dislike my META6.json 10:58
although nothing has changed in that area, and it installs from fez without issues 11:00
feels like a bug in fez prefixing the release string ?
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tbrowder CIAvash: i’m getting a 404 on that link 13:26
CIAvash Needs a redirect: www.raku-lang.ir/en/ 13:27
Anton Antonov <@755062053282119803> I uploaded to raku.land the new version of "Markdown::Grammar" that has the fix of code block issue. 13:45
tbrowder it works fine, thnx! 14:05
Anton Antonov <@755062053282119803> Great -- thanks! 14:06
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guifa_ o/ 14:27
guifa_ is trying to think of an idea for Advent calendar 14:28
rir ^ Being ignorant of-- I suggest: v6.e preview highlights. 14:30
guifa_ I mean RakuAST is amazing and that's the main thing I'm using from it but I don't want to take away thunder from those who have put work into it on the dev side 14:35
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rir ^ Nemokosch's little preview 22:20 ago (00:15:46 after the hour) seemed a little arcane for this unwashed mass, but hashes are weird. 14:37
@guifa, I meant the PREVIEW stuff in 6.e. Also, ask, perhaps a dev would rather dump the task on you. 14:41
s/the task/some task/ 14:42
Nemokosch rir: what are you thinking of? 14:43
rir guifa_'s recent comment and your code of yesterday: use v6.e.PREVIEW; my \bar = "lol"; my %foo; %foo<bar>{||<this that other>} = "demo"; 14:46
guifa_ ah that's a good one to talk about
I once had to create my own postfix operator to do that because I was using it in a codebase frequently enough
Nemokosch oh right 14:49
it's mentioned every now and then, useful stuff
rir Well, I was saying weird, because I expect its effect is simpler to anticipate with Positionals or Cools, if applicatable. 14:52
Nemokosch mehh, DST change tomorrow in the US 14:53
meaning that Raku Study group will be at the usual time here, not one hour earlier. oof
guifa_ should probably have DateTime::React running to check to make sure it works correctly :-) 14:54
Nemokosch will DST eliminated in the US as well? 14:57
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here it's a common topic for years, I heard now they talk about this occasion finally being the last one 14:58
guifa_ there's always people pushing for it but no legislation has passed at the federal level
some individual states don't have it tho
where I am we are still doing it
Nemokosch there is an old saying in Tennessee... I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee 14:59
well, I'm only "aligned" with California for the time being 15:00
> lambert lum is looking for raku speakers for svperl on Jan 5, 2023 15:16
do yall know anything about this?
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rir DST is a national law. Arizona and Hawaii opted out. Accidents rise after both changes. 15:20
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Anton Antonov Any links supporting that statement? 16:53
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guifa_ Per the Uniform Time Act, states and territories can either opt into DST (in which case they must do it on the standard dates in the US) or opt out. The more complicated change is if a state or part of a state wants to move to a different time zone — that must be approved by the USDOT 17:29
Indiana, for instance, opted in in 2007 17:30
Because of the same law, American Samoa doesn't, because they'd be required to do a reverse DST (falling forwarding and springing back which doesn't make much sense). 17:31
Actually none of the non-States follow it except for DC
Technically the senate has passed legislation that would put us permanently on DST but it's worthless without the house passing similar, so … no changes and I doubt with it being an election year that they'll touch it 17:34
guifa_ concludes his DST history lesson lol 17:36
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Nemokosch Hahaha 19:05
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rir Ha! Sounds like the senators don't like D.C, it seems inconvenient to differ from your suburbs and other neighbors. 19:59
guifa_ we don't differ — we're just not a state :-) 20:02
rir Yes, but the senators voted for permanent DST. 20:05
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El_Che lo 22:46
(testing new connection, sorry if it disconnects) 22:47
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