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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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guifa has a C file that compiles fine in Visual Studio and runs as a CLI, but isn't sure how to compile it as a DLL =/ 00:14
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tbrowder guifa: i checked all the chars and nothing was found bad on my linux box. looking closer the actual tests pass on the mac, it's prove6 throwing the error after the tests pass (maybe stderr vs stdout reporting order or something). ideas welcome...g'nite all 02:05
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hythm .tell tbrowder i'd check the hidden files inside the test directory, may be some files created by macOS inside the test directory and prove6 tries to run them 05:02
tellable6 hythm, I'll pass your message to tbrowder
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ToddAndMargo NativeCall question.  When I get back a C pointer to a 32bit DWORD (uint32), how do I translate the pointer to the value it points to? 09:12
nine ToddAndMargo: assuming $p is a Pointer[uint32], it's just $p.deref 09:22
ToddAndMargo No such method 'deref' for invocant of type 'Int' 09:25
   my CPOINTER $Handle   = 0;  # use .deref to extract the value
constant CPOINTER := uint32; 09:26
nine That's not a pointer at all then
ToddAndMargo that would explain some things 09:28
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ToddAndMargo thank you! 10:11
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Geth advent: 5bd283eed2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2022/authors.md
Add 2nd post
Nemokosch what migrations 👀 11:49
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lizmat pick one, I'd say ? 12:25
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Nemokosch what are the options? 12:26
lizmat nah... that would be too easy :-)
there has to be *some* element of surprise :-) 12:27
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Nemokosch 😅 12:30
Geth advent: tbrowder++ created pull request #99:
advent/master: 4 commits pushed by (Tom Browder)++
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lizmat weekly: dev.to/lizmat/a-gaze-of-iterators-part-3-57kf 15:26
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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simcop2387 Hey, because I'm a weird kind of hoarder, and because I'm working on setting up a system for us perl5 folks on perl.social, I've gone and grabbed raku.social too. If anyone wants it for a real purpose let me know and i'll transfer it along. otherwise i'm just gonna keep it for a while until i remember i have it and decide that i don't want it anymore. i'll also check back once i have the perl 17:52
one running and see if you people here might want me to stand up the same kind of thing too. perl one is going to be activitypub based twitter/facebook replacement because i don't trust twitter to not be going freenode anymore.
Current stack is using Friendica for the main web parts and Keycloak for user management and authentication (gives better MFA support, and can end up giving better tools for moderators/support in the future) 17:54
Geth doc: 014fd4f8cf | 2colours++ | doc/Language/glossary.pod6
Change glossary.pod6 so that it links to the raku.org site rather than bringing IRC Bot examples
doc: 2e2b9a18d9 | 2colours++ | xt/pws/words.pws
Remove unused bot names from the spell checker dictionary file.
doc: 44f2ad8619 | (Will Coleda)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #4132 from 2colours/remove-bot-examples

Remove bot examples
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/glossary
simcop2387 I'm also totally willing to set it up to redirect to a page/site of your choosing 18:03
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Voldenet Sorry to disappoint, but twitter is not going to end up like freenode 18:08
…after all freenode still exists in some form :>
simcop2387 yea i don't expect it to completely collapse but i do expect it to be unnaturally chaotic for a decent amount of time after all this, you know just like freenode :) 18:09
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Voldenet Well probably, I simply wanted to say something funny. 18:15
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lizmat weekly: next 4 dec SF Study Group / 18 dec 21:14
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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skylar are there any libraries/functions i can use to parse get/post parameters in raku without like installing an entire webserver or something? i'm using cgi 22:34
Voldenet well, if you want to parse, then Grammar::HTTP 23:14
Geth doc: d5263c751e | (Will Coleda)++ | doc/Language/modules.pod6
Move fez first. Link to the site

Closes #3998
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/modules
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Geth doc: 950e714650 | (Will Coleda)++ | doc/Type/independent-routines.pod6
Document routines get/getc

closes #3872
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/independent-routines
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