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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Anton Antonov @guifa and @Coke Mostly aggregation statistics like this one: i.imgur.com/6KSaaSD.png 00:25
ToddAndMargo Anyone on the 'NativeCall question:  how do I declare a "const void *src"' question? 00:27
Anton Antonov Another type of statistics are time series related ones. (E.g. people with similar posting patterns -- maybe they talk to each other often...)
guifa Anton: I think the former for sure is fine with real user names. One thing you might do for the latter is obfuscate, but find a pair that demonstrates the pattern and see if they'd be okay with their names used in that context (I'd for one be okay with that). Then you make it a reveal at the end of the article to confirm that they do indeed talk to each other often :-) 00:29
Anton Antonov Of course, also, linguistic based statistics -- that requires removing the names. But certain themes associate more closely with certain people, etc...
@guifa I might go in full "reproducible research"mode -- obfuscation in the article and scripts with to do the statistics with or without obfuscation. Basically, I need only a few real names / handles in order to provide some "visual calibration" while looking at the stats. (Something you say I should do at the end.) 00:33
I guess, for each "often enough" posting individual a script that produces statistics similar to the ones in this link can be made (without publishing the results): mathematicaforprediction.wordpress...mp-tweets/ 00:38
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ToddAndMargo Another Native call question:  this declaration: "[out] ppSessionInfo", "A pointer to an array of WTS_SESSION_INFO structures that represent the retrieved sessions. To free the returned buffer, call the WTSFreeMemory function."  If I declare "ppSessionInfo" as a pointer, I get back nothing.  If I declare it as a unit, I get a bizarre number back 01:40
that does not point to anything.  And the function's return value for both instance tells me it passed and that I have two structures,  What is the proper declaration for ppSessionInfo?
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Geth advent: 7caf9b3199 | (Alexey Melezhik)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2022/articles/melezhik_post2.md
link to the first post
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CIAvash I created github.com/Raku/advent-blog, if people want it, the person who has access to the raku-advent.blog domain can point it to the github page /cc 07:23
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grondilu m: grammar G { token foo($bar) { $bar } }; say "duh" ~~ /<G::foo("duh")>/; 07:32
camelia Too few positionals passed; expected 2 arguments but got 1
in regex foo at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
grondilu aren't I supposed to be able to call a grammar rule/token with arguments? 07:33
m: grammar G { token foo { $bar } }; say "duh" ~~ /<G::foo("duh")>/; 07:34
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '$bar' is not declared. Perhaps you forgot a 'sub' if this
was intended to be part of a signature?
at <tmp>:1
------> grammar G { token foo { ⏏$bar } }; say "duh" ~~ /<G::foo("du…
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grondilu m: grammar G { token foo { <bar("duh")> }; token bar($x) { $x } }; say "duh" ~~ /<G::foo>/; 07:35
camelia 「duh」
G::foo => 「duh」
bar => 「duh」
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guifa m: grammar G { token foo($bar) { $bar } }; say "duh" ~~ /<G::foo($¢,"duh")>/; 10:19
camelia Too few positionals passed; expected 2 arguments but got 1
in regex foo at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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tbrowder CIAvash: that was quick! how does ii handle automatic publishing at a scheduled time? theming? comments? (jmerelo will insist on those three features as a minimum). he also wants the same stats as provided by WO, so i’m sure one our peeps like <Anton Antonov> can take care of that. 11:50
CIAvash tbrowder: The date of the articles is specified in the front matter of the article and when github actions builds the website every day it won't publish the articles whose dates are set in the future. Added comments. Its theme is right now the one I made for the raku-lang.ir/en website, but Hugo has support for themes if one wants that. I personally don't like to add analytics and things like that, but I'm sure there are options. 11:57
examples of markdown files, a published article: raw.githubusercontent.com/Raku/adv...rything.md 11:58
another one to be published: raw.githubusercontent.com/Raku/adv...anglers.md
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CIAvash I changed the domain to a sub-domain of mine, if you want to see it: advent.siavash.askari-nasr.com/ 12:05
El_Che CIAvash: dark mode makes it difficult to read 12:06
CIAvash a light mode can be added 12:08
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El_Che I now that dark mode is popular with programmers, but I am in the club that find the lack of contrast difficult to read :) 12:10
tbrowder El_Che: amen, brudda! 12:21
El_Che *s 12:30
Nemokosch I also don't like dark themes that much but don't have a strong priority 12:31
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CIAvash Added a basic light mode 12:42
The funny thing here is that Christmas and other related things are not even in my culture 😇 12:57
Nemokosch ~~but the real heresy is that you are using Go~~ 13:01
CIAvash Not if you are using the Hugo binary, there is no go involved. Except maybe templates 13:03
El_Che Christmas and heresy, how appropiate 13:06
El_Che put his historian hat back in the closet :)
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El_Che thx, CIAvash 13:08
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Nemokosch more like un-christmas and heresy haha 13:12
anyway, I thought Raku itself was Christmas 😄
CIAvash no problem, it may not even be used; speaking from personal experience 😀 13:13
Nemokosch you mean the site? 😅 13:15
CIAvash and I won't be here until Saturday(another difference in culture?), so if people are going to use it this year and in coming days, you are on your own 13:16
yeah 😅
El_Che CIAvash: out of curiosity, what culture is this? :)
CIAvash Iranian/Persian 13:17
El_Che CIAvash: ok, you win the classical historical culture award :) 13:18
CIAvash: cradle of civilization flex and all :) 13:19
Nemokosch the homeland of wrestlers 13:20
CIAvash Wow, thanks, I don't remember the last time I got an award 😀
El_Che CIAvash: you're not Cyrus, Xerxes or Zoroaster, so see it as a participation medal :) 13:22
Nemokosch *Zarathustra 13:23
tbrowder CIAvash: thanks for your work. there is no way it could be used this year, but hopefully it can be next year!
Nemokosch tbh I'd think if you can get the upper hand from JJ, it's an easy change to switch to this site 13:24
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El_Che Nemokosch: your wording makes it sound like Greco-Roman wrestling 13:29
tellable6 El_Che, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
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Anton Antonov @El_Che Very funny! 13:30
El_Che (with JJ being a very nice person) 13:31
Anton Antonov What is the right Raku community member reference? 1) Raccoon 2) Rakoon 3) Rakun 13:32
El_Che rakunista, rakushka, rakunillo, etc etc 13:33
tbrowder i like rakuun 13:34
El_Che you will need to write that in IPA 13:35
Anton Antonov So, I might have misnamed my advent article... sigh... 13:36
tbrowder India Pale Ale?
El_Che International Phonetic Alphabet :) 13:37
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Nemokosch Indian Pale Ale xddd 13:39
El_Che I knew inmediately when I press enter :)
Nemokosch the glorious International Phonetic Alphabet 13:40
Anyone willing to learn Kotava after we mastered Raku? 13:44
tbrowder <Anton Antonov> you should be able to rename it still if you want to 13:45
El_Che Is it Esperanto 2.0
tbrowder El_Che: you mean: alpha, bravo, …, zulu? 13:48
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El_Che I know nothing, I am from Barcelona => aɪ nəʊ ˈnʌθɪŋ, aɪ æm frɒm ˌbɑːsɪˈləʊnə 13:51
tomato => təˈmɑːtəʊ OR təˈmeɪˌtoʊ 13:52
Nemokosch Well, Esperanto 2.0 would be Ido in the strictest sense 14:02
Kotava is much more pretentious than that, but in a cool way
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Anton Antonov <@755062053282119803> "you should be able to rename it still if you want to" -- yeah, I am not sure to what. (The responses given here are conflicting...) 14:18
Nemokosch rename what? 14:19
Anton Antonov <@297037173541175296> The current title of the advent article is "Eat your own Raccoons (with IRC grilling)". I might have to replace the grammatically correct "Raccoons" with a community hinting name, like, "Rakoons." 14:44
Nemokosch ohh, gotcha 14:48
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tbrowder humor is always good imho 14:54
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Anton Antonov <@755062053282119803> My family is very pessimistic about humor abilities... 🙂 (Does not stop me trying though...) 14:59
equinox hi what does !SET-SELF do? i guess it's one of those methods that happen during construction but if so, when does it happen? when does one use it? 15:00
Nemokosch where did you find it? 15:05
leont equinox: it's a convention in raku's internals, it's nothing magical 15:10
A method starting with ! is a private method, and called with a ! instead of . 15:11
So self!SET-SELF($argument)
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equinox oh i see so no automatic call to it happens 15:12
all capitals made me think so
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equinox ty 15:14
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Kaiepi releasable6, status 16:29
releasable6 Kaiepi, Next release will happen when it's ready. 1 blocker. Changelog for this release was not started yet
Kaiepi, Details: gist.github.com/7b840786210f53bc87...0bbb6df430
[Coke] Kaiepi: you waiting for me on anything? 16:41
Kaiepi seeing if i have time to squeeze in something for Kind v1.0.0 before the release 16:43
that's all
[Coke] cool 16:49
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Anton Antonov @Coke What is the degree of your interest to Wolfram|Alpha ? 17:25
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[Coke] 1 out of 10 18:50
I wrote something using their API for a bot to a verrrrry niche chat server 10+ years ago 18:51
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Anton Antonov @Coke Haha, good to know. 19:05
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Geth ¦ doc: coke assigned to 2colours Issue Move Description of all IRC bots to raku.org github.com/Raku/doc/issues/711 21:44
[Coke] nemokosch: aspirationally assigned that since you were working on the issue. 21:48
tellable6 [Coke], I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
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Nemokosch oh I must have missed something about this 22:27
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atweiden-air_ comparing raku map and deepmap to (my most rudimentary understanding of) C# LINQ select and select many... 23:49
map appears to do the same as LINQ select many, that is, it applies the mapping function to each element of the operand/input, recursing into any iterable elements found:
m: my @a = [qw<a b c>, qw<d e f>], [qw<g h i>, qw<j k l>,], [qw<m n o>, qw<p q r>]; @a.map(*.uc);
camelia ( no output )
atweiden-air_ m: my @a = [qw<a b c>, qw<d e f>], [qw<g h i>, qw<j k l>,], [qw<m n o>, qw<p q r>]; @a.map(*.uc).say; 23:50
camelia (A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R)
atweiden-air_ why does map do this? just to understand the reasoning behind it
leont m: my @a = [qw<a b c>, qw<d e f>], [qw<g h i>, qw<j k l>,], [qw<m n o>, qw<p q r>]; dd @a.map(*.uc); 23:58
camelia ("A B C D E F", "G H I J K L", "M N O P Q R").Seq
leont It doesn't recurse, but it stringifies the lists 23:59