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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tbrowder i'm trying to install raku on an ubuntu host but i'm not real familiar with ubuntu. what's the preferred way to install the latest raku on ubuntu? 01:50
Guest58 tbrowder there is the rakudo compiler, just install it 01:57
tbrowder i know, but it’s old, i want the latest raku 01:59
avuserow tbrowder: nxadm has some prebuilt packages at cloudsmith.io/~nxadm-pkgs/repos/ra.../packages/ 02:08
you should be able to add that repo and then apt-get install the appropriate one 02:09
I see debian ones, maybe those would work
otherwise I would look for a PPA, or use rakubrew
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guifa is late but 02:18
Can annyone read that over and give me some feedback / grammar check / etc? 02:19
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tbrowder avuserow: yeah, i use nxadm's packages on debian, i guess i'll use that. thnx 02:39
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jaguart @guifa - this nosey elf couldn't get ``zef install Intl::CLDR`` to install - or Intl::CLDR::Immutability... is there a cyclic dependency? 04:21
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jaguart @guifa = maybe s/ultimately intending her code that much/ultimately indenting her code that much/ 04:29
@guifa maybe s/reduction bit has some many elements/reduction bit has so many elements/ 04:32
@guifa++ - nice article :) thank you 04:39
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Geth advent: 012d0d2f7f | (Ben Davies)++ | 2 files
Add Kaiepi's "Junction Transformers" article
advent: 3d62595572 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #105 from Kaiepi/junction-transformers

Add Kaiepi's "Junction Transformers" article
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Nemokosch tbrowder: for what it's worth, rakubrew already has it bundled 08:23
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guifa jaugart: let me test that, Intl::CLDR shouldn't have any problem, Immutability is an old submodule that shouldn't be around anymore 10:19
oh wow, yup there's two or three uses of it, but since i had an old copy of immutability on my machine, it didn't cause an error on my end 10:20
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tbrowder <Nemokosch>: thnx, i've been wanting to try rakubrew--this is a good opportuniy to do so 11:13
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Nemokosch github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/336 could someone please read the last paragraph of the long 2colours comment at the end? 12:06
That really turned into a "spitting facts" paragraph and I would like to hear others' opinion about it 12:07
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Xliff Can you override say()? 13:16
Nemokosch nothing prevents you from it, I think. The question is more, why would you want to, instead of providing string representations for certain data
Xliff TUI 13:17
So how would you do it?
Nemokosch well, just define a proto say for yourself... no? 13:28
or even an only sub, as it suits you 13:29
lexical scoping 13:30
Xliff Ah. Thanks. 13:35
Nemokosch built-ins come from a scope that encloses your compilation unit 13:38
so if you define something with that name, you can just shadow them
Geth advent: ef6df10497 | (Ben Davies)++ | raku-advent-2022/articles/junction-transformers.md
Clarify that junction (auto)threading is recursive

It's why we're slapping Mu everywhere, yet not Junction:D, which a reader might assume gets forwarded around in its most literal sense.
advent: a5fd21a8e6 | (Ben Davies)++ | raku-advent-2022/articles/junction-transformers.md
Use a more up-to-date Kind example link
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Nemokosch What is eigenstate? 13:55
El_Che the state of the eigen 14:07
moritz the values in a junction are its eigenstates 14:10
so any(1, 2, 3) => the eigenstates are (1, 2, 3)
El_Che ethymologie: partial translation of German eigenstand, from eigen- + stand state, condition 14:11
how convinient, moritz, how convinien
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japhb I suspect the more proximate history is a reference to eigenvalues and eigenvectors in linear algebra. 15:37
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El_Che that's one way of looking at it 15:48
or not looking at it
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 15:49
tbrowder one more question about rakudo star installation on Windows: preference on Choclatey or Scoop? 15:55
[Coke] I think I used choclately once and it was OK, but I typically build from source, sorry 15:57
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Nemokosch I'm pretty sure eigenstates have only obscure relation (if at all) to eigenvectors and eigenvalues 16:10
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smol-hors how can I make a hash compare keys with eqv? 17:13
nevermind it was an xy problem 17:20
and I figured out the x
Nemokosch I wonder if you can do that at all 17:21
But yeah consider value types
Like ValueList
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smol-hors m: say -2 leg -1 17:49
camelia More
smol-hors oh 17:50
leg is for strings, right?
silly me 17:51
I wanted <=>
[Coke] smol-hors++ 18:00
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smol-hors well here's my aoc day 9 problem 1 anyway github.com/esnk86/aoc22/blob/main/09/main.raku 🦋 18:01
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lucs I like the idea of having (I'll be simplifying a bit here) a file "myscript.raku" that just has "use My::Module", where MyModule.rakumod has the MAIN() function. 18:40
But it seem that if I want a custom USAGE() function, it's not found if it's in the module file, but it is, if in the script file. 18:41
But it seems that if I want a custom USAGE() function, it's not found if it's in the module file, but it is, if in the script file.
How can I have it in the module file?
gfldex <@212055773407215616> did you try to put the proto MAIN into the module? 18:50
moritz iirc MAIN is designed to *only* run in the top-level script 18:57
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tbrowder .tell [Coke] i get the aspell.t error on Ubuntu, too. 19:44
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to [Coke]
lucs moritz: Turns out MAIN can get invoked the way I described it, but... 19:46
gfldex: ... I'm trying to reproduce the problem with two simple (kind of golfed) files to demonstrate the problem (where the module has a 「proto sub MAIN (|) is export {*}」 line), but something weird is going on, and the script hangs. 19:48
Will fix that first, and report then.
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lucs Sheesh, I just got up from a nap, am I still asleep?: gist.github.com/lucs/672fb1e434cf1...5fbb233a43 19:57
(I must be doing something profoundly dumb there.) 19:58
guifa Xliff: you can override it by wrapping it 20:03
tellable6 guifa, I'll pass your message to Xliff
guifa It just depends on whether you want it to be global or local
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Nemokosch bluntly put: MAIN does have issues, alas 20:09
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lucs Can someone kindly go to the trouble of making those files from my gist and tell me if it works for them? 20:22
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Nahita lucs: i do "raku myscript.raku" and get "USAGE() in myscript.raku" as the output 20:30
lucs <@836605577400549436> Aha. Good. That is the expected result. 20:32
I have no idea why it hangs here, strange.
Now, given that, is it possible to have USAGE() in the module file? 20:34
<@836605577400549436> Also: thanks for trying it.
Nahita np, if you mean uncommenting the USAGE sub in MyModule.rakumod, no it did not trigger; again i did "raku myscript.raku" and get "USAGE() in myscript.raku" as the output 20:37
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lucs And if you comment out the one in myscript, but leave the one in the module uncommented, there will be no output, correct? 20:39
Nahita no custom output yes; the default Usage message appears like "Usage: myscript.raku <foo>" 20:45
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lucs Oh, correct, yeah, I forgot, the default USAGE kicks in. 20:46
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I want my custom one *snif* 20:46
El_Che lo 20:48
lucs hi
lucs goes to practice; back later 20:54
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Nemokosch smol-hors: please consider sharing the solutions under github.com/codesections/advent-of-raku-2022 😛 22:16
smol-hors ok :)
I'm still stuck on problem 2!
works on the example but not the input
gist.github.com/esnk86/b8a84a38322...9fe7e9cccb 22:24
here's what I've got so far (spoilers)
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Nemokosch in what regard is it broken? 22:53
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smol-hors nvm, I got it fixed.. I'll post the finished version soon 23:52