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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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ingy lizmat: you planning to do tpfna next year? 00:25
or whatever yapc's called now :) 00:26
toronto edition 00:27
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rahil hi there 10:39
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Nemokosch welcome 10:40
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how does one reset a @variable to its default value? 11:30
lizmat @variable = () 11:32
Nemokosch I'm back to thinking one shouldn't ever use @variables, they are too unpredictable for that
oh, so they just downright ignore is default traits... 11:35
lizmat m: my @a is default(42) = 1,2,3; dd @a; @a[1] = Nil; dd @a 11:44
camelia Array @a = [1, 2, 3]
Array @a = [1, 42, 3]
lizmat what is so hard to understand about that ?
Nemokosch why can't @variables behave like... variables? 11:46
why do they sabotage this way of thinking in all possible ways? 11:47
undefined @variable, @variable that doesn't start off empty... hello? 11:48
is there even a way to tell a @parameter "you should start off as undefined", which would be the right thing for a named parameter? 11:54
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Xliff \i 13:59
\o even
Now working on GTK4 bindings. 880,000 lines of Raku and counting.
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lizmat Xliff: I'd be interested in (non-)progress of compilation times 14:07
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Xliff lizmat: I think I send up that on #raku-dev like... yesterday? Day before? 14:08
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Geth ecosystem/main: ccb23906aa | (Lucien Grondin)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Update META.list

edit p6-modular link
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smol-hors m: ('000'..'111').join(' ').say 17:18
camelia 000 001 010 011 100 101 110 111
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mcmillhj Are there any quirks with the :cached trait and Set objects? I am trying to memoize a recursive function that has a Set parameter and I never see any values get cached. Smaller example that reproduces what I am seeing: topaz.github.io/paste/ 18:57
sorry, this is the url
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lizmat mcmillhj interesting 19:13
tbrowder xmas
mcmillhj If I change my Set to an Array it works as expected. 19:14
lizmat yeah... :cached is experimental for a reason :-)
this big argument has always been what to use for a key in the cache
and the original implementation used .gist for determining the key 19:15
m: dd (1,2,3).Set.Str 19:16
camelia "2 3 1"
lizmat m: dd (1,2,3).Set.Str
camelia "1 2 3"
lizmat and as you can see, it follows the internal random hash ordering for stringification
m: dd (1,2,3).Str
camelia "1 2 3"
lizmat m: dd (1,2,3).Str
camelia "1 2 3"
lizmat note that it is consistent here 19:17
mind you, the implementation of :cached predates the current implementation of Sets
mcmillhj okay, that makes sense. So w/e structure I am using as a cache needs to have consistent ordering in order for :cached to be consistent. Thank you! This was super informative. 19:18
lizmat you're welcome
well, for this implementation of :cached, indeed 19:19
note the implementation of "is cached" is very simple: 19:20
you could take that sub into your own code and replace c.gist by c.WHICH 19:21
and you would be set, I think
mcmillhj ohh let me try that, filtering the arrays is pretty slow. 19:22
smol-hors I get this error when invoking raku-debug on (I'm on Ubuntu 22.10) bpa.st/O3CKS 19:26
lizmat smol-hors: meh, that feels like bitrot, could you make an issue for that ? 19:29
meanwhile, you can fall into the REPL by calling the "repl"sub 19:30
smol-hors sure :) 19:31
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smol-hors issue submitted 19:39
hmm, that reminds me. I also cannot enter the repl (I have Rakudo v2022.04). I invoke raku with no arguments and it prints the header but does not show a prompt or respond to input. 19:41
can submit an issue, or is this something fixed in a later version?
lizmat are you on Windows ? 19:44
smol-hors Ubuntu 22.10
lizmat ah, duh
then I suggest upgrading to 2022.12 if possible -)
Geth docker: 65c49addd3 | (Daniel Mita)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 5 files
Bump to 2022.12 (#51)
smol-hors ok :)
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Nemokosch so what do y'all think of this? github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/357 20:30
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MasterDuke have you tried fixing it in rakudo? any spectests break? 20:56
Nemokosch I haven't. Grammar stuff still makes me shiver. 21:02
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surprisingly consistent: native types only support assignment, not binding; NQP only supports binding, not assignment 23:09
surprising yes, consistent not so sure 😄 but really, does anyone know the history of this? 23:10
Geth doc: 0rir++ created pull request #4178:
Put glossary ref on HomePage.pod6
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Xliff What is this? 23:36
"Cannot find method 'is_dispatcher' on object of type BOOTCode"
Is this another nqp escapee making its way into Raku-land?
Nemokosch how do you even get to stuff like this? 😅 23:39
Xliff NativeCall
Nemokosch then this is probably something very meta 23:41
Xliff Hmmm... looks like a predeclaration issue. 23:43
m: sub a { ... }; sub b { a() }; sub a { say "A"; b() }; 23:44
camelia ( no output )
Xliff m: sub a { ... }; sub b { a() }; sub a { say "A"; b() }; b()
camelia (signal SEGV)A
Xliff m: sub a { ... }; sub b { a() }; sub a { say "A"; b() }; a()
camelia (signal SEGV)A
Xliff That last shouldn't segfault. Should just print "A" 23:45
Ah nope. Infinite loop.
m: sub a { ... }; sub b { a() }; sub a { say "A"; }; b() 23:46
camelia A
Geth doc: 206df08851 | rir++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/HomePage.pod6
Put glossary ref on HomePage.pod6 (#4178)
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