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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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ugexe I wrote up a draft grant proposal for adding dependency lock file support to zef - gist.github.com/ugexe/b04f71e97fad...ca73b42860 01:34
[Coke] +1 from me. 01:46
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ugexe i still plan on investigating a grant to do configurable default $*REPO.repo-chain ala `RAKU_DEFAULT_REPO_CHAIN="inst#/foo" raku -e '.say for $*REPO.repo-chain'`, but I want to do this smaller lock file grant first 02:19
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jaguart the terminology in the grant was not clear to me - a lock file being something different from a uri that indicates where to source a dependency from 03:13
or is the 'lock file' the equiv to an environment file in other languages? 03:14
so I could have a dependency-origin-production.json and a dependency-origin-development.json 03:16
and I guess you would have to handle the cases where the dependency is on x:auth<a>:ver<0.1.0+> but the dependency-origin is pinned to something different than that 03:20
i.e. the dist at the uri is x:auth<b>:ver<0.0.1> etc 03:21
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jaguart TIL that node developers use 'lock file' terminology in this way - meaning package-lock.json - and see stories of the CI challenges for package managers 03:34
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ugexe the problem of if the distribution at the end of a given source-url matches the correct data already exists 04:27
to be clear the 'uri' field isn't technically needed for the most basic lock file. but it allows for tooling to implement other more complex things. for instance a tool might generate this lock file and create a folder where it saves all the distribution tar files to (setting the uri to these new local files) 04:31
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ugexe it also means something like a checksum check could occur in that tool instead of me having to implement it as part of this :P 04:34
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ugexe i agree calling it something other than a lock file is good though. cpanfile.snapshot is a perlish example 04:36
jaguart so you're not thinking developer sets the uri, but that uri is managed by tooling for caching etc? 04:46
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jaguart the Bool type unexpectedly reports two attributes with the same name and different types - is that a reporting bug? 06:00
m: Bool.^attributes.say
camelia (str $!key int $!value bigint $!value)
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guifa Perhaps those attributes are coming from different inheritances. Private attributes aren't accessible from subclasses or roles 13:18
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melezhik Hi lizmat , I have updated sparrowhub links , if someone could please take a look at my PR ? github.com/tpf/grants-perlfoundati...rg/pull/25 thanks 17:14
tellable6 2022-12-14T21:22:21Z #raku <SmokeMachine> melezhik: I just merged that! Thank you!
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melezhik thanks lizmat 17:21
lizmat yw :-) 17:22
melezhik I wonder if TPRF accepts grants this year, yet ?
lizmat fwiw, I'm no longer on the Grant Committee... so I wouldn't know
melezhik I mean I saw ugexe drafts, that made me think maybe I would try to propose something from myself, or this one is intended to another auditory ? 17:25
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melezhik draft -> draft of grant proposal for zef lock mechanism 17:40
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guifa I believe so, codesections is more in tune with that stuff 19:34
jaguart see the following 19:36
m: class a { has $!x = 0 }; class b is a { has $!x = 1 }; b.new.^attributes.say
camelia (Mu $!x Mu $!x)
codesections .tell melezhik I believe that TPRF grants should be accepting grants. I know that the previous grant chair stepped down and there's been a bit of a transition period, but AFAIK they're accepting grant applications as normal 19:40
tellable6 codesections, I'll pass your message to melezhik
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MitarashiDango[m It looks like prove6 on the Rakudo Star Docker images no longer runs due to missing dependencies. Do they need to be added here? github.com/rakudo/star/blob/43ecfe...odules.txt ? The missing deps look to be Path::Finder, Pod::Usage, and sigpipe. 20:03
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MitarashiDango[m It looks like they're all new deps post 2022.07. 20:09
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Nemokosch m: ('0' .. '9').classify(* cmp 5).&dd 23:26
camelia (my Any %{Mu} = Order::Less => $["0", "1", "2", "3", "4"], Order::Same => $["5"], Order::More => $["6", "7", "8", "9"])
Nemokosch nice
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