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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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jaguart is there sugar for returning an empty sequence? 01:02
I'm looking for something like: $thing.?x or (,) 01:03
where $thing.?x returns Nil on failure - and I'm getting (Nil,) 01:05
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melezhik o/ 01:05
tellable6 2022-12-19T16:13:35Z #raku <grondilu> melezhik yeah it's think now. In the meantime I uploaded the FiniteFields repo on zef, so this may have change things
2022-12-19T16:14:22Z #raku <grondilu> melezhik s/think/fixed/ (weird typo)
melezhik .tell bduggan: SparrowCI allows to builds for source hut as well, so you can create a pipeline for Repl::Tools and trigger builds for it .. 01:06
tellable6 melezhik, I haven't seen bduggan around, did you mean abdan?
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jaguart How do I differentiate between a Raku provided class e.g. Any and a manufactured class e.g. MyClass ? 04:15
same for Roles? 04:16
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moritz usually you don't 09:36
why would you want to? 09:37
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gfldex m: say CORE::<Any> =:= Any; 11:26
camelia True
guifa has had to do that in exactly one module 11:43
but it sort of makes sense when I'm rewriting DateTime lol
Nemokosch clever solution 11:51
but anyway, it is kind of a "you shouldn't want this in the first place" thing
gfldex Since type-objects are lexically scoped, there may be a 3rd Any involved and then this will fail. 11:52
Nemokosch By the way, I started processing the Template6 module, did some refactoring, caught a bug or two 11:56
It's an interesting journey in some sense because it mostly seems to be older than GLR 11:57
And the author was clearly more used to Perl5 so in some cases I just blew boilerplate-ish chunks away 11:58
the other interesting thing is that it generates code for templating and EVALs it so I suppose it could also be a great entry to RakuAST 11:59
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leont Yeah, it's exactly the sort of module that would benefit greatly from RakuAST 12:09
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[Coke] any .NET developers about? 17:10
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lizmat jnthn is on holiday :-) 17:40
Voldenet I'm a .net dev 17:41
(not proud of it, but it gives me food)
[Coke] wondering if I should try to get started again on nqp.net (I stare at for hours every couple of months and then get nowhere) 17:42
I may ping you. :)
Voldenet I was about to say how trivial would it be to use nqp/jvm but then I've seen Ops.java 17:47
[Coke] ... hey, there's a newer version out since last I looked. 17:53
Voldenet Yes, net7 fixes a lot of pain points 17:57
[Coke] installs dotnet v7 on his mac
Voldenet like static virtual methods in interfaces 17:58
[Coke] step 0! Done!
Voldenet I wonder how much aot compiler can speed raku startup up 17:59
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melezhik o/ 20:32
I am contemplating about having Raku-SparrowCI irc channel where people could discuss all SparrowCI related things including their modules build failures/statuses, not sure though if SparrowCI has gained enough users for the moment … 🤔 Anyway one useful thing for irc based Raku folks would notifications in this channel about all recent SparrowCI
builds, so people could see things in real time …
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