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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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jaguart gfldex++ thank you :) 00:36
m: class C{}; role R{}; sub x(Mu $o) {CORE::{$o.^name}.WHICH === $o.WHICH}; say $_," is core ", x($_) for Any, Mu, C, Metamodel::ClassHOW, Int, R
camelia (Any) is core True
(Mu) is core True
(C) is core False
(ClassHOW) is core False
(Int) is core True
(R) is core False
jaguart Will add a test for Metamodel which IHMO is kind of core - and now I can recursively introspect non-core parent classes up the inheritance chain 00:37
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lucs_ 「elems」 gives the number of elements in an array. 02:21
Is there something that gives the index of the last element (apart from subtracting 1 from elems)? 02:22
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elcaro lucs: .end 03:05
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lucs elcaro: Thanks. 03:17
My biggest wish for Raku docs: cross-refs.
Looking at the doc for 'elems', it would be really nice to have a "See also 'end'." 03:18
There are tons of places where things like that would be useful.
jaguart grrr - it's naff that pod-declarators don't seem to work for our-scoped vars inside a class. 03:40
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Nemokosch Keep in mind that these aren't inherent flaws but rather unimplemented features 09:20
(also keep in mind that by far the highest chance of something being implemented is if *you implement it*...) 09:21
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Do yall know anything about tadzik? 09:24
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lizmat yes, I know tadzik :-) 09:29
NemokoschKiwi I mean, his modules are getting really old and they don't seem to be maintained to the slightest. It would be good to at least take over them.
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leont I'm not sure I understand how soon Proc::Async.output will start to emit after Proc::Async.start has been called. 10:53
I have a bit of a complicated setup (Proc::Async.output.lines → supply { whenever ... } -> multiple $suppy.tap()s. Must I ensure everything is connected before calling .start or not? 10:56
lizmat Nemokosch afaik, tadzik is open to adoption of their modules
leont Nemokosh: twitter.com/tsosnierz/status/15975...0982511616 10:57
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leont It's the kind of behavior that really needs to be documented well, it's subtle but it makes the difference between correct behavior or not 11:32
guifa what was the code to enable RauAST on main right now? 11:33
lizmat use experimental :rakuast
guifa tyhuh
not working for me
do we still need the environment variable? 11:34
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guifa is trying to test his advent day code before posting 11:43
lizmat guifa: the environment variable is needed only if you want your code to be compiled using the new Raku grammar 11:50
guifa huh
lizmat the "use experimental :rakuast" is for being able to use the RakuAST:: classes in your code, using the old Perl6 grammar
guifa I just refreshed my git directory and rebuilt 11:51
lizmat there is no point at this time to use the environment variable for your code, other than if you're working on the Raku grammar
as the Raku grammar will first need to be completely identical in behaviour to the Perl6 grammar 11:52
and it isn't yet
leont I suspect the answer is I'm fine because I'm chaining on-demand supplies and not live ones, but it's not entirely obvious 11:53
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guifa lizmat i see the issue now 12:01
I didn't realize the rename from master -> main was a new branch
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guifa git was just updating master which was about 19 days old 12:02
lizmat I guess you didn't read my second advent blog :-)
guifa I just misunderstood it lol I thought it was just a rename (e.g. that git was actually internally using some uid to point ot it) 12:03
yikes, seems to be a bug applying arguments to a postfix method call 12:20
wait nope, forgot a .new 12:22
lizmat yeah, that happens a lot 12:33
I wonder if we could make things easier by having a CALL-ME on all of those classes, which would do a .new
guifa or just give an error message ha 13:01
"RakuAST::Literal isn't callable, did you forget a .new?"
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Nemokosch Re tadzik modules: great news (in some sense at least - better than no feedback by a mile) 13:24
I think generally they could be migrated to the adoption center - if that helps, I'm willing to take over File::Find right now 13:25
leont should do more to promote his Path::Finder module as a more powerful alternative to File::Find 13:27
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tbrowder hi, can anyone recommend the best Raku module for creating a zip archive? i think a 13:36
... Archive::SimpleZip is my choice at the momeng 13:37
mainly because: most recent, good README (with what looks like one error, issue files), good tests 13:40
*filed 13:41
glad to see codesections' update on persistent data
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leont I don't get this error, the first candidate should succeed right? pastebin.com/dgXqTnqK 14:10
Huh, it does work if I give :$err a default value. That's not how the dispatcher is supposed to work, right? 14:12
D'oh, it's because I have a :D smiley on it 14:14
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Xliff \o 15:23
Now at 890,000 lines of Raku!
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Nemokosch where? 👀 16:05
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melezhik . 17:16
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melezhik hi lizmat so to create a chat on Libera what should I do? I did while ago and not sure if I remember all the process, should I have an account with Libera for that first ? 17:17
lizmat if you want to reliably "own" the channel, you must be able to login, yes 17:19
if you don't want to be bothered by that, I could set up the channel for you under the #raku umbrella
melezhik yeah, it'd be really good, thanks
lizmat how would you have it named? #raku- ??? 17:20
melezhik I am just thinking about the name , sparrow , raku-sparrow, raku-sparrowci, sparrowci - there are some options ... ))
lizmat it can only be #raku- if it is to be under the #raku umbrella
melezhik maybe just raku-sparrow ? 17:21
lizmat ok, #raku-sparrow it is
melezhik oh, it was fast )))
can we set a topic for this?
something like ci.sparrowhub.io - SparrowCI - super fun and flexible CI system with many programming languages support 17:22
lizmat yeah, let me set up logging first :-) 17:23
melezhik people already using sparrowci might be interested - cc SmokeMachine
sure, take your time, and thanks again!
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lizmat logging is running now 17:24
melezhik ++ 17:29
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Nemokosch I was happy that we got quick feedback regarding the tadzik modules - now I can see that this was just yet another case of somebody responding and then not bothering to actually finish the case 17:46
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Again, I'm not sure for how long we should wait before just piling on top of the mess somebody has left behind 17:48
lizmat not sure what you mean? 17:51
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Nemokosch twitter.com/jjmerelo/status/1597592697187225601 this is what I mean 18:09
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lizmat NemokoschKiwi: I don't think it is fair to call all of the effort that someone has done to create modules, a "mess" 18:35
so please, use kinder wording in the future
NemokoschKiwi On the other hand, I do think it's fair to call absolute indifference to others' efforts of preservation a "mess" 18:36
And I would rather focus on what can be done about it, so please
Geth ecosystem/main: 707bfa0cdf | thundergnat++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Remove modules that have migrated to the fez ecosystem
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melezhik .tell dwarring:  sparrowci now has #raku-sparrow channel 18:52
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to dwarring
melezhik I wonder if anyone could recommend an irc client that holds a persistent login session with irc chat ? 18:53
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lizmat an MacOS I would recommend Textual 18:54
melezhik ok, thanks 18:55
oh, it's not free ...
lizmat not very expensive either ? 18:56
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lizmat looks like 9 US$ ? worth every penny 18:57
NemokoschKiwi it seems to me that eventually, the IRC technology itself has barriers that can really hold communication back 19:00
the content distribution itself is not very scalable
creating a channel for every possible topic is quite heavyweight, especially if we consider that most people won't ever join these channels 19:01
lizmat it's all about signal / noise ratio 19:02
if you're not interested in the subject of a particular channel, don't join it
that means less noise for you
also, now that all logs are searchable, having separate channels would allow for more targeted searching 19:03
NemokoschKiwi I mean fair enough, it's better than nothing 19:06
The point is rather that IRC itself has limits that cannot be easily overcome, if at all
a user being online means nothing, it only means that they won't lose messages, mostly 19:08
also, it's hard to target users based on some shared trait without explicitly "cherry-picking" them
Of course I could make a case for Discord but somehow I cannot see a certain userbase move to Discord, for respectable (although not necessarily practical) reasons 19:11
But then I can't imagine that there isn't an interactive platform that is closer to Discord in user experience, without the lack of control and transparency for Discord 19:12
does this make sense? 19:14
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Geth ecosystem/main: 4777655963 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Another one moved
melezhik lizmat thanks anyway , I will think about textual ... 20:07
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Geth App-Rakubrew: SqrtNegInf++ created pull request #64:
branch references should be to "main"
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