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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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ugexe man github actions is so flakey with windows 01:18
i've had random zef tests fail 6 times in a row now
only on windows
appveyor might have a similiar issue for me once every ~10 runs 01:19
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Homer_Simpson is there a way to do raku.exe mysourcefile.raku myprogram.exe from within a notepad++ plugin 03:32
I used to be able to run GCC from a notepad++ plugin that was configured to run uf I hit f6 03:33
I don't really want to use cmd as the ide using raku.exe 03:34
it has no syntax highlighting and its more of a REPL than an IDE
notepad++ lets me make my own syntax highlighting 03:35
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ugexe Why not use visual studio code? 04:29
there is also the raku specific Comma IDE 04:30
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guifa_ o/ 13:29
Homer_Simpson HELLO!!!!!!!!! 13:36
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Xliff guita: Heya. Are you using RakuAST, yet? 14:45
guifa: Heya. Are you using RakuAST, yet?
guifa_ Xliff: I am
Actually doing a total rewrite of Intl::Format::Number with it right now 14:46
Xliff How is that going?
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guifa_ I'm going to probably end up having too much fun with it 14:46
so far I'm not doing anything too crazy, just creating a sub and organizing some code for the formatters 14:47
Xliff Is some of it online, anywhere? 14:48
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guifa_ not yet, I just started the rework process right after doing the advent calendar posts 15:00
I've already hit some structurs that don't have test files in, so I'm going to try to make some of those as I go
maybe also start documenting for end users too
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Anton Antonov @guifa Are you working on RakuAST or "just" documenting? 15:02
guifa_ Anton: I'm not doing core work: just using it for some of my modules. But for stuff where I can help (writing test files), I'll try to pitch in where I can
Anton Antonov @guifa Your RakuAST advent post was/is very helpful, BTW...
I see -- great! I need RakuAST in order to "finish" my Mathematica interpreter (Raku.) 15:03
guifa_ I've been holding off on rewriting Intl::Format::DateTime for RakuAST to get into main 15:04
Nemokosch guifa_++
Anton Antonov Today, I am trying to figure out how should I rewrite my grammar-based random sentence generator using RakuAST. (I might not do it, and decide its current state is just fine.) 15:05
guifa_ I could make it probably 2-3x as fast, but didn't want to put in the work just yet. And then I realized if I do the number formatter first
I could add an rakuast sub option so I could actually grab the RakuAST from the number formatter, and fully integrate it into the date (or unit) formatter
Nemokosch unfortunately I couldn't build a new rakudo on this machine today 15:06
I wanted to check out default values for `my Int &foo` kind of calls
guifa_ needs a new keyboard 15:07
oops ww but is still true lol
Anton Antonov I cannot install "Intl::Format::DateTime" on my mac. 15:08
I very curios about the date-time formatting, since a big part of my "data science work" is working with- and plotting time series. 15:10
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guifa_ Anton: I'll revisit it, I've updated so many modules in the Intl ecosystem there's a solid chance something has gone off somewhere 15:16
I'm working from the core (Intl::LanguageTag) outwards with much more modern rewrites and (esp. for formatting) RakuAST 15:17
Anton Antonov I see -- good luck!
guifa_ hopefully within a month or so everything will stabilize and updates won't break anything 15:18
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guifa_ Anton: it looks like it might be an easy fix. I'll take a look at it in an hour or so. Since the module is on github/p6c only (not moved to fez), it's trying to install an old version of Intl::CLDR that seems to be borked a bit 15:31
I'll try updating the META6 to force it to use the fez versions 15:32
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Geth ecosystem/main: 8eca35d1dd | (Pawel Pabian)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Remove modules migrated to Fez ecosystem.
Nemokosch Polish? 15:54
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Anton Antonov @guifa Sounds good. 16:43
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Geth ecosystem/main: 70bc7f150f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Linux::Joystick now lives on zef
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lizmat notable6: weekly 17:16
notable6 lizmat, No notes for “weekly”
lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/12/26/2022-...ntonovmas/
thowe \o/ 17:18
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Anton Antonov @lizmat Thanks for naming the latest Rakudo Weekly News blog post after my work! 18:23
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lizmat Anton: you're very much welcome, they were nice Xmas presents :-) 18:23
Anton Antonov Nice to hear! I learned a lot of your latest Dec 25th Advent post. 18:24
I have a dozen 60-to-80% finished blog post and articles. I feel I have to "wrap them up" (and post them) in order to move on (onto other ideas.) 18:25
lizmat looking forward to them :-) 18:26
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guifa_ Anton: I was *almost* right. I needed to update everything to use zef, and then Spanish changed from using `p.\NBSPm.` to `p.\NNBSPm.` in the newest CLDR release so test files also failed 19:08
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Anton Antonov @guifa Ok 🙂 19:42
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guifa_ weird 20:01
I'm getting a SIGSEGV when running my DateTime::Timezones now 20:02
exit code 139, though I can't decode that, caused on self.bless(…), let me see if I can golf this 20:05
Anton Antonov @guifa So, at this point, you only tried to baseball it? 20:09
guifa_ m: class DateTime is DateTime { method new { self.bless() } }; my $a = DateTime.new 20:11
camelia ( no output )
guifa_ m: class DateTime is DateTime { method new { say "new new"; self.bless() } }; my $a = DateTime.new 20:12
camelia new new
guifa_ basically I'm getting it whn calling a self.bless in a structure like that 20:13
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guifa_ ah no, it's when calling CORE::DateTime 20:18
m: class DateTime is DateTime { method new { CORE::DateTime.now() } }; my $a = DateTime.new
camelia ( no output )
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Anton Antonov @guifa I recall that your speak not just Spanish, but also Portuguese -- is that right? 20:21
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guifa_ anton: indeed, and Asturian 22:30
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Anton Antonov Great! So, I might be able to intrigue you with a Raku-Portuguese project. Please see: github.com/antononcube/Raku-DSL-Portuguese . 22:34
Great! So, I might be able to intrigue you with a Raku-Portuguese project. Please see: github.com/antononcube/Raku-DSL-Portuguese . 22:35
@guifa Date-time-wise : I am very interested to get a good natural language parser of date and time intervals in Portuguese. (So far I have done those just in English.) 22:37
guifa_ so my next-next-next project is a DateTime token 22:38
I had an intl number token that already works (at least, last time I looked at it) 22:39
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guifa_ github.com/alabamenhu/IntlTokenNumber 22:48
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Homer_Simpson in comma the syntax highkghting keeps going all white 23:23
inatead of color coded
and shift+f10 doesnt work / the run option os grayed out
is grayed out* 23:25
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