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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Homer_Simpson . 02:57
tellable6 2023-01-01T13:57:13Z #raku <guifa> Homer_Simpson: guifa is a human, tellable is a bot. When you log off I can send a message prefixed to you, and tellable will tell you about it when you get back on
Homer_Simpson oh
so how do I use an allomorph 02:58
to allow ascii math and character indexing
jaguart ignoring Allomorph for the moment - give an input/result example of ascii-math and also one for character-indexing 03:01
Homer_Simpson ok, lets say that I did my $str = "pass"; I want to be able to for example make it "past" 03:11
its just where you can perform operations on single characters, comparisons, assignments, and bitwise operators
= < > <= >= != == && || etc, + - / * % ++ -- , etc >> << & | ~ etc 03:14
jaguart so something like "pass".at(3,:add(2)) ===> "pasu"
Homer_Simpson yes
jaguart so something like "pass".at(3,{$_+2}) ===> "pasu" 03:15
Homer_Simpson yesterday we tried making an infix sub called `` which is really an operator but it didnt work
the ide was to combine it with '' and "" but it didnt work 03:16
you would still have \0 if you just did my $fakechar = '`c`'; or my $fakechar = `'c'`; 03:17
but you would at least be able to trim it out becuase you can index to it
so you shoudnt need a character type therefore 03:18
what is the data type of $_ 03:19
if you try and pass a string to a character it will fail
or a float or an int (unless its maybe UInt8)
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jaguart m: sub x ($s, $i, &y ) { $s.substr(0,$i) ~ y($s.comb[$i]) ~ $s.substr($i+1) }; say "pass".&x( 3, {.succ} ); 03:27
camelia past
jaguart m: sub x ($s, $i, &y ) { $s.substr(0,$i) ~ y($s.comb[$i]) ~ $s.substr($i+1) }; say "pass".&x( 3, {.pred} );
camelia pasr
jaguart m: sub x ($s, $i, &y ) { $s.substr(0,$i) ~ y($s.comb[$i]) ~ $s.substr($i+1) }; say "pass".&x( 3, {.ord} );
camelia pas115
jaguart m: sub x ($s, $i, &y ) { $s.substr(0,$i) ~ y($s.comb[$i]) ~ $s.substr($i+1) }; say "pass".&x( 3, {.uc} ); 03:28
camelia pasS
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jaguart m: sub x ($s, $i, &y ) { $s.substr(0,$i) ~ y($s.comb[$i]) ~ $s.substr($i+1) }; say "pass".&x( 3, {.uc x 10} ); 03:29
camelia pasSSSSSSSSSS
jaguart m: sub x ($s, $i, &y ) { $s.substr(0,$i) ~ y($s.comb[$i]) ~ $s.substr($i+1) }; say "pass".&x( 2, {'bah'} ); 03:30
camelia pabahs
Homer_Simpson yes but I did not mean just modifyinh string literals 03:31
I meant puttting it into a variable
my $str = "pass";
ill try making one and passing it to that function
jaguart m: sub x ($s, $i, &y ) { $s.substr(0,$i) ~ y($s.comb[$i]) ~ $s.substr($i+1) }; my $a="pass";say $a.&x( 3, {.succ} ); 03:32
camelia past
Homer_Simpson btw this was the old idea : sub circumfix:<``> (Str() $foo) {comb($foo);}; my @a = `'abc'`; say @a;
err wait sub circumfix:<```> (Str() $foo) {comb($foo);}; my @a = `'abc'`; say @a; 03:33
sub circumfix:<```> (Str() $foo) {comb($foo);}; my @a = ``'abc'``; say @a;
ok this works thx 03:40
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jaguart I would switch from index to range 04:05
m: sub x ($s, $r, &y ) { $s.substr(0,$r.min) ~ y($s.comb[$r.bounds]) ~ $s.substr($r.max+1) }; my $a="passion";say $a, ' => ', $a.&x( 2..3, {.map(*.succ).join} );
camelia passion => pattion
jaguart m: sub x ($s, $r, &y ) { $s.substr(0,$r.min) ~ y($s.comb[$r.bounds]) ~ $s.substr($r.max+1) }; my $a="passion";say $a, ' => ', $a.&x( 2..3, {.map(*.pred).join} );
camelia passion => parrion
jaguart etc.
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Homer_Simpson 06:44
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jaguart sudo -i 06:51
jaguart hates window focus swaps
Voldenet sudo rm -rf –no-preserve-root / 07:03
oops, wrong window~
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jaguart running test: raku -Ilib,. t/20-basic.rakutest - wanting to `use t::Utils` in my test, but not being found - what am I doing wrong? 07:54
the module path in the error message includes `.`, and ./t/Utils.rakumod is there ?? 07:56
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Nahita cannot reproduce <paste.debian.net/1265918/> 08:09
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jaguart it's because of the ./META6.json :( 08:59
if I mv META6.json .. it works, grrr
can I get raku to ignore the META6.json? 09:01
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jaguart same with prove6 - :( 09:33
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CIAvash I suggest sticking with raku -I.. In your test file you can either use use lib 't' or use lib 't/lib' or something like use lib $?FILE.IO.parent. 10:05
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atroxaper Hello, #raku! Happy New Year! Do you know Raku analogue of C#/Java WeakReference system? The system allows to have a reference to an object, but do not prevents of GC work on it. 12:47
Voldenet hello and happy new year 12:57
Unfortunately there's no weakrefs 13:01
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Voldenet you can sort of cheat and implement weakrefs 13:30
by having `role WeakRefHandle { submethod DESTROY { … }}` that you'd append by `$object but WeakRefHandle($object)` to track when the instance is removed and hash with .WHICH -> instance mappings 13:33
it's more or less how this works everywhere - you keep places to set to null and set them after instance destruction 13:34
I'm not entirely sure if that would work well, because the instance could outlive the weakrefhandle 13:35
Nemokosch is DESTROY actually a specified thing? 13:49
lizmat yes
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Nemokosch oh I see now, it does appear in Roast some way... 13:51
Voldenet m: my %a; class R { has $.p; method i { %a{$.p} } }; role H { has $.p; submethod DESTROY { %a{$!p}:delete; $!p = Nil; } }; sub add-weakref { %a{$^x.WHICH} = $^x; $^x but H($^x.WHICH); R.new(p => $^x.WHICH); }; use nqp; my @r; for ^100 { @r.push: add-weakref(class { has $.i = now; submethod DESTROY {} }.new); }; say @r[0].i; for ^1000 { nqp::force_gc() }; say @r[0].i; 13:55
camelia <anon|1>.new(i => Instant.from-posix(1672667704.239260643))
Voldenet as you can see, `say @r[0].i;` returns some instance and after a few gc rounds `say @r[0].i;` returns instance no more, so it sort of works
it feels like a horrible code though
i'm betting that `for ^1000 { nqp::force_gc(); }` is pointless but it feels stronger 13:57
lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/01/02/2023-...ming-away/
Nemokosch lizmat: is it possible that the IRC logs on the website can't go past 2022.12.31? 14:03
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lizmat Nemokosch: thanks for the headsup... looks like a restart fixed it :-) 14:08
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
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Anton Antonov <@297037173541175296> This is what I am doing right now -- getting all IRC messages from 2022. 14:54
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jdv fwiw iirc mr matt t and mr john s (dbic,ro 21:30
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jdv rdbo) both basically said "youthful indiscretion" 21:31
in terms of why they built an orm 21:32
Voldenet: ^
lizmat yeah... my last ORM was never officially released
jdv SmokeMachine: ^
yeah... 21:33
lizmat although was able to make a lot of money with Class::DBI through Booking.com
so, if you want to be agile and have a lot of people work on your code, an ORM might be a (temporary) solution 21:34
jdv at the times i was into orms and kinda defeated and asked each out of curiosity.
lizmat mind you: my last ORM has been in production for 15+ years :-)
jdv ha
lizmat it has a very fancy name: YADAL
jdv its been 10y+ since i used dbic or rdbo
lizmat Yet Another Database Abstraction Layer 21:35
jdv ha
lizmat I'm so glad I never released it... :)
jdv nice
lizmat although I think one of the basic premises in it, would still be valid for a lot of small to medium-size projects 21:36
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jdv lore is cdbi waa created at a co in ny a colleauge of mine owned. 21:36
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jdv the author was the test more guy right? 21:36
lizmat schwern you mean? 21:37
jdv cant remember hus name. can see hus face.
lizmat going afk, catch you all later&
jdv kinda similar to peeps thunjnhg rolsky created mason but if was swart, 21:38
later liz
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NemokoschKiwi by the way, discord messages don't show up here 21:38
not sure which but would do that but the bridge is one-way at the moment 21:39
jdv is that important? this is irc.
NemokoschKiwi this irc is bridged to the #raku-irc channel of the discord server
jdv cool 21:40
NemokoschKiwi Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, this was an issue report.
This is something that normally works but clearly doesn't work for a couple of hours now 21:41
jdv whos fault is it? 21:43
NemokoschKiwi now that's where it would be good to know who runs what 21:44
jdv alexdaniel? 21:46
NemokoschKiwi alexdaniel is virtually gone for years now 21:47
jdv he did a lot
NemokoschKiwi that's right...
jdv the *able stuff he still does
and blin is dep on that so he still is "involved" in releases. 21:48
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jdv so did zoffix. he was cool. 21:48
so did timtoady. he was cool:)
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NemokoschKiwi well, whenever he feels like doing it. Open-source community-owned projects are not black and white 21:48
Zoffix is definitely a loss. I think oftentimes we still live off what he left behind basically 21:49
jdv i miss all of em
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NemokoschKiwi Sure, that's even more true for TimToady in a sense but for Zoffix, the situation can be kinda sorta traced back 21:50
While TimToady kind of just faded away from the involvement, I'd avoid guessing about that
jdv i wish larry the best retirement possible! 21:51
NemokoschKiwi Damian is kind of the same
you may come across them every once on github
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jdv theyre a decade or so apart... 22:07
anyway, good times ahead i hope. 22:09
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NemokoschKiwi yeah I was less thinking of the decades and more of the relation to Raku 22:12
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jdv damian is almost 60. larry is almost 70. :) :( 22:25
SmokeMachine I like Red. It helps me in many things I have to do...
I'd love to have some more time to work on that... 22:26
jdv wouldnt we all;)
i imagine most of us have more ideas than time to explore them. how exciting?! 22:28
a 22:33
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