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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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jaguart So as the Pod::Loader etc. seem in flux... I've switched to my $handle = CompUnit::Loader.load-source-file( $source-file.IO ); 07:35
and I can get the Pod directly from the $handle.unit without having to tweak the source and EVAL it...
which seems nice, fast and simple... just one issue - if I load a module before doing this, and then attempt to get the pod for that module... 07:36
I get a compile 'Redeclaration of symbol 07:37
is there a way to get the compile() to skip the merge into GLOBAL:: ? or to get it to merge into a transient Stash? 07:38
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gfldex I wrote the author of buttondown.email/hillelwayne/archi...languages/ an e-mail with a Raku program. :-> 09:09
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tgt Hi. Just asked a question in #raku-beginner about installing modules using zef, but then thought maybe that channels more for language 09:37
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nine jaguart: counterintuitively load-source-file may be too low level. I'd try $*REPO.load instead 10:43
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xinming SmokeMachine: ping 19:08
SmokeMachine: when we try to load column data with Blob column type from Pg, We'll get the error termbin.com/dsip 19:10
Nemokosch reminder for those who are interested: Rakudo Development class is starting in less than an hour. www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...session_2/
xinming SmokeMachine: that's the test script, here is the error log 19:11
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xinming SmokeMachine: add additional inflate for Bloc fixed the issue. multi method inflate(Blob $value, :$to!) { $to.new: $value } 19:56
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jaguart nine: $*REPO works a treat - many thanks :)) 21:03
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grondilu Trying to draw a triangle with GLFW/OpenGL bindings, without relying on the glBegin/glEnd thing, which I'm told is obsolete : gist.github.com/grondilu/754822601...1af81e6574 21:06
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grondilu it fails but with no error, and the window shows up, with the correct bg color. 21:07
I suspect the issue is with a Pointer I set at some point.
what is NativeCall's equivalent to C<(void *)0> ? Pointer.new? 21:08
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moritz Any, maybe? 22:15
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SmokeMachine m: say "/bin/ls".IO.slurp(:bin).^name 23:06
camelia Failed to open file /bin/ls: Permission denied
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
SmokeMachine m: say $*PROGRAM.IO.slurp(:bin).^name 23:07
camelia Buf[uint8]
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