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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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jaguart anyone have any insight on when the next rakudo release will be? just wondering because 2022.12 + Windows + TAP is borked so github windows-latest tests are failing a lot 01:22
alternately, is there an easy tweak for github windows workflows? 01:23
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ugexe test using the command `zef test . --/tap-harness`? 04:28
or if TAP has been updated to work, add `zef update TAP` 04:31
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CIAvash tonyo: whenever you're ready, and I'm here as well! 05:32
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Nahita hi is there a way i preapply `$*OUT.out-buffer = False;` before running a script through the command line? 12:46
similar for $*ERR, like "python -u"
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moritz raku -e '`$*OUT.out-buffer = False; EVALFILE "yourfile.raku"' 13:20
you could build a generic wrapper script that you can call as `bufferless script args args` or so
leont ugexe: AFAIK, the problem is not on the TAP side. 13:23
Nahita thank you very much Moritz Lenz 13:27
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leont It just occurred to me that Raku's async IO doesn't have a writing-side primitive that supports having backpressure (the way Supplies can do for reading) 13:57
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lizmat yes, that's a known issue afaik 13:59
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Homer_Simpson how do I stop the comma editor from pasting NBST 15:03
if I copy and past literally almost anything from almost anywhere and paste it into comma I get a load of NBST instead of just spaces 15:04
anyone here 15:15
lizmat yeah, some people here 15:22
not many able to answer that question, I'm afraid
sena_kun perhaps
Homer_Simpson i think i found how to fix it 15:24
file encoding buttom right hand side of screen where it says UTF8 etc
nah it still does it 15:27
I have a sub, is there a way to have it included with the built in subs that raku comes with 15:29
so I dont need to renember to declare it in every project that I need it used for
lizmat sorry, /me is too stockholm syndromed to vim 15:31
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rf I want to use a list of strings in my grammar, ie "ABC", "DEF", "GHI" => [ ABC | DEF | GHI ] can I do this? 18:47
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Homer_Simpson 19:05
p6steve ```my @list = <ABC DEF GHI>; $string ~~ /@list/;``` (or ```$string ~~ /<@list>/;``` iirc) 19:07
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errr - ok the <@list> form takes a list of matchers, like 19:32
```my @list2 = ('\w**4', '\w**5');```
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