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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Voldenet m: role Par[::T] { method m() returns T { 42 } }; role s[\T] { submethod CALL-ME(Par[T] $p) returns T { $p.m }}; say s[Int](Par[Int].new) 00:01
camelia ===SORRY!===
No compile-time value for T
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Voldenet apparently you're in the world of pain if you attempt this route at the moment 00:03
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tonyo CIAvash: ping 01:17
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atroxaper rf Voldenet: Thank you :) 03:08
Voldenet I can see it's progressing a bit though 03:11
some versions ago this `m: role s[::T] { submethod CALL-ME(T $s) returns T { $s }}; say s[Int](1)` wouldnt work
m: role s[\T] { submethod CALL-ME(T $s) returns T { $s }}; say s[Int](1) 03:12
camelia ===SORRY!===
No compile-time value for T
Voldenet this doesn't though
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ispyhumanfly So this is where everyone is :) 06:14
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CIAvash tonyo: pong(with a lot of delay!) 06:32
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Nemokosch Quick spam 09:49
tellable6 2023-01-06T23:38:26Z #raku <ab5tract> Nemokosch: that too
2023-01-08T01:16:49Z #raku <leont> Nemokosch: github.com/grondilu/libdigest-raku...6.json#L11
2023-01-08T13:06:19Z #raku <nine> Nemokosch: yeah, calling the other just weird has always improved discussions... Arguably that's usually a clear sign that one has run out of good arguments.
2023-01-11T11:22:48Z #raku <grondilu> Nemokosch: It works fine with `reduce` and I get a stringification of Blob error with `[ ]`
2023-01-11T11:44:03Z #raku <grondilu> Nemokosch: I am not quite sure about what you mean
2023-01-11T11:57:35Z #raku <grondilu> Nemokosch: at the time I didn't know how to re-export stuff without just copy-pasting.
hey Nemokosch, you have a message: gist.github.com/eac63ca4a4d1fead9d...da640f4bba
2023-01-11T21:52:05Z #raku <tonyo> nemokosch: monads are decorators in what way
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ispyhumanfly Does anyone know what it means if fez hangs after I invoke: fez upload ? I've ran checkbuild, everything is ok. I'm unsure why I can't seem to succeed in uploading my package. Any guidance or suggestions would be really helpful. 13:39
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lizmat tonyo ^^ 13:53
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melezhik weekly: medium.com/@melezhik2/dynamic-ci-p...8fa5e7092d 14:06
notable6 melezhik, Noted! (weekly)
melezhik Hopefully not too late ))) 14:07
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lizmat notable6: weekly 14:19
notable6 lizmat, 1 note: 2023-01-16T14:06:54Z <melezhik>: medium.com/@melezhik2/dynamic-ci-p...8fa5e7092d
lizmat notable6: weekly reset 14:25
notable6 lizmat, Moved existing notes to “weekly_2023-01-16T14:25:20Z”
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lizmat And yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/01/16/2023-...ent-radux/ 15:15
guifa [Coke] nice one on the Slang::Date (but on raku.land it shows up as Slang:Date instead, typo? ) 15:17
If I hadn't've been gone this weekend I would have made it after seeing the one post earlier in the weeek on date literals
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[Coke] that was the inspiration, yes. :) 17:28
I have fixed the name in git, will push an updated release. 17:29
guifa There's still two things I need to do in the DateTime category and might be useful for a slang too 17:35
(a) class Time { … }
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guifa and (b) explicit no-timezone timezone (where it morphs to the timezone of any datetime that it does math with) 17:37
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tonyo ispyhumanfly: what version of fez are you on? an update may fix it if you're below 37 18:33
`fez -v`
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ispyhumanfly tonyo: I'll give that a shot now. 18:54
tonyo: danstephenson@Dans-MacBook-Pro raku-dotenv % fez -v 18:55
>>= fez version: 39
It's super weird. Yes I'm totally new to fez/zef. I've been out of the Perl/Perl6 loop for a few years. So I'm still getting acquainted. 18:56
tonyo: github.com/ispyhumanfly/raku-dotenv is the project I'm working on if that helps. 18:58
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melezhik Hi lizmat ! Thanks for another Rakudo weekly ! And thanks for adding my post to it ... 19:11
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melezhik Hi! I am thinking moving from digital ocean droplet VM which costs me $56 prt month pre tax for 4 cpu ( dedicated chip ) and 8 ram. I am thinking about cheaper provider and probably increase RAM to 12-16 GB. Any recommendations? 20:23
El_Che melezhik: if you can stomach oracle get a free arm64 VM with 4 Arm-based Ampere A1 cores and 24 GB of memory 20:25
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melezhik El_Che: interesting, can I install Rakudo and MySQL there ? Which distro they use ? And it is suspiciously free )))) 20:29
El_Che melezhik: www.oracle.com/be/cloud/free/#always-free 20:30
change accordingly for location
it's a vm
melezhik Ok 👍
El_Che you run the OS you want
you can have 2 small amds and 1 big arm with the disk capacity they give you 20:31
minimal 50 gig for a vm
or 1 big with all the disk space
rakudo on arm does not have jit 20:32
but is not that slow
(I had to script the arm machine request because you only can claim one when resources are available. But once you have it, you can keep it and its IPs if you don't destroy it.
melezhik So, the machine will stay forever ? What about IP address , do they provide you with static IP address ? I need the one 20:36
El_Che yes and yes
melezhik Ok
El_Che the interface takes some getting used to, though
but once setup (networking ,firewalling, etc) you don't have to deal with it and you just ssh 20:37
melezhik So the only possible issue is this arm and Rakudo may be slow ?
El_Che and that my packages are there but not yet in the repos
cirrus-ci.com/build/6700332659507200 20:38
need to automate that last bit
have been too busy atm :/
melezhik I mean my ultimate purpose is to move ci.sparrowhub.io from digital ocean
El_Che yeah. I got that :)
check if you don't hit the free limits 20:39
melezhik 3,000 OCPU hours and 18,000 GB hours per month 20:40
What does the second refers to?
El_Che disks?
my machines are always on 20:41
the time is more than a month
I meant mostly traffic
translation: 2 amd ocpu and 4 arm64 20:42
(under available shapes)
melezhik Ok, I will probably need to experiment with all that and see if it feasible for my current setup 20:44
El_Che good luck 20:46
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rf .tell melezhik You can look at vultr too 20:55
tellable6 rf, I'll pass your message to melezhik
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Geth App-Rakubrew: 5155bea9f9 | (Patrick Böker)++ | 3 files
Fix `moar-blead`

Moar didn't change their branch name to main, so change back.
App-Rakubrew: 7125900a95 | (Patrick Böker)++ | 4 files
Version 33
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