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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Xliff Has anyone here used Inline::Perl5? 05:07
I need to inject a scalar from the Raku invironment, into a $p5.run() environment. Is that possible?
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jack9 m: say('hello'); 09:26
camelia hello
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Homer_Simpson . 11:54
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p6steve ``` 12:12
my $t-path = %?RESOURCES<test_data/iris.csv>.absolute;
warn "t-path is $t-path";
^^ I'm trying to read a csv from a test file, it has been loaded into the resources/test_data dir 12:13
root@5528cc074a0e:~/.zef/store/raku-Dan-Polars.git/c8813cdd3ece32014c4f48c823d640c19840d179/resources/test_data# ls
Titanic.csv dfStarwars.csv dfStarwarsFilms.csv dfStarwarsStarships.csv dfStarwarsVehicles.csv iris.csv
but I get an error... 12:14
[Dan::Polars] Methods .^name, .raku, .gist, or .say can be used to stringify it to something meaningful.
[Dan::Polars] in block <unit> at t/06-dpo.t line 16
[Dan::Polars] t-path is
Ideally I would like a Str to feed into a method ```df0.read_csv("$t-path");``` 12:15
all the above from zef install ... 12:16
any clues very welcome, please!
Xliff: on Inline::Perl5, I use it extensively here github.com/p6steve/raku-Dan-Pandas eg. ```df.pd: '.to_csv("test.csv")';``` 12:19
``` 12:20
multi method pd( $exp ) {
if $exp ~~ /'='/ {
$!po.rs_exec( $exp )
} else {
$!po.rs_eval( $exp )
where ```$!po``` is a perl5 pandas object (eg. a Series) ... so you may be able to copy my example and make a "receiver" on the perl side and then load into your "sender" raku object 12:22
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Geth rakubrew.org: f76aa9552c | (Patrick Böker)++ | resources/homepage.md.tmpl
Add PS and CMD to manual installation instructions
Nemokosch ❤️ 13:44
ab5tract p6steve: I to used `.path.path` to get the location of a Resource object 13:53
tellable6 ab5tract, I'll pass your message to p6steve
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p6steve ab5tract: tx - I'll try that 14:19
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Xliff p6steve: Thanks! 15:57
tellable6 Xliff, I'll pass your message to p6steve
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ugexe So I plan on removing META.info support from zef soon 17:13
zef has been warning for 5 years that failure was likely, and rakudo hasn't supported it period for a similar amount of time 17:14
i think every distribution with a META.info has a multi-year old PR opened for changing to META6.json
as for why now, because apparently the workaround support in zef for META.info had been broken some time ago unless installing from a cloned directory. so for normal users i don't think anyone will notice 17:16
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ugexe It might make sense to remove those distributions from REA 17:25
but we'd probably want to have an idea of if any of those distributions are depended on by anything else
and move any that are to the raku community modules with a META6.json, deleting the prior versions that will no longer be installable 17:26
coleman Is it possible to publish a concrete list of dists that would be affected? Only if that's easy to get from a script, of course 17:30
ugexe it'd probably need to clone the REA github repo, open each tar file, and then look at the files 17:33
my $extractor = Zef::Service::Shell::Tar.new. say "META.info found" if so $extractor.ls-files($filename).grep({ $_ eq "META.info" }); 17:35
assuming you had all the archive files you could use something like that to check of the .tar.gz file contains a META.info 17:36
a list probably already exists from 5 years ago when all those PRs to update them to META6.json were made 17:37
stevied anyone got any ideas on this issue: stackoverflow.com/questions/751904...irectory-e 18:00
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coleman ugexe: after our docs work is done, I would like to proprose to my infra comrades that we explore fixing up QA automation that can help with stuff like this 18:22
That's a few weeks away for me personally at least, but be thinking on what might be useful and high-impact to help the package ecosystem. 18:23
maybe there are old or proposals I can review, etc.
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Nemokosch coleman: thank you for the feedback on the mail 18:35
coleman Nemokosch: one small org that has nice docs (in my opinion) is voidlinux.org/ 18:37
tellable6 coleman, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
coleman See also docs.voidlinux.org/about/infradocs.html 18:38
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