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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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rf ugexe: Thanks for leading me down the road of builders, github.com/rawleyfowler/Distributi...lder-Cmake 00:04
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rf It does exactly what I was envisioning :D 00:04
ugexe something that may be worth adding is they should put "Distribution::Builder::Cmake" as a build-depends 00:20
Homer_Simpson @lizmat 00:23
ugexe some more docs on the Distribution::Builder:: stuff as well are contained in the pod of github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/main/lib...er.rakumod fwiw
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ugexe of course with Distribution::Builder::Cmake you are hard coupling to cmake, whereas Distribution::Builder::MakeFromJSON will try to use whatever variant of make you have (...I think) 00:50
like on windows systems i generally only have nmake available 00:51
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rf ugexe: Yeah, I just like using CMake so much more than anything else I've used :D 03:11
It's probably because I've never used Windows in my professional career 03:12
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Nemokosch rf: re Distribution::Builder::Cmake - I don't know what particular constraints it has for make and cmake but have you considered adding "native dependencies" to them? 08:54
tellable6 Nemokosch, I'll pass your message to rf
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Xliff \o 13:39
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Xliff If I want to pull the entire ecosystem, what repo would I use? 13:53
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Nemokosch REA is better 14:13
Raku/ecosystem is only p6c 14:14
Xliff OK. So how can I access REA?
Nemokosch What do you mean access it?
Xliff I want to grab all repos in the Raku Ecosystem 14:15
Nemokosch @stevied (stevied) is doing exactly that, perhaps you could talk about it 14:20
Skarsnik Does Toaster still exists?
Nemokosch I wouldn't expect it to work well enough 14:22
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stevied See my script at github.com/sdondley/rea-tarball-in...ector.raku 15:16
that should be easy enough to modify to download the tarballs 15:17
that script tries to discern the newest tarball, though. so you'd have to change that
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Homer_Simpson 26/01/2023 16:20 day 3 of asking the same question 16:20
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lizmat please don't let me have to backscroll to find out what the question was 16:22
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Homer_Simpson you dont need to backscroll 16:25
it was just the same question as we were talking about yesterday
lizmat I thought I answered it, what was wrong with the answer ? 16:26
Homer_Simpson it prints 1 6 3 8 5 10 16:27
(yes not on newlines and it removes the spaces)
my $fp = open "data.ldr", :r; 16:28
my @aaaa = $fp.lines.map(*.split(" ").List);
doing print(@aaaa); should print the following EXACTUALLY: 16:29
1 6
3 8
5 10
doing print(@aaaa[0][0]); should print 1, doing print(@aaaa[0][1]); should print a space and doing print(@aaaa[0][]); should print 1 6 16:30
@aaaa is the same as @aaaa[][] 16:32
and it should not print 3 spaces when the file only has 1 16:33
inbetween 1 and 6 for example 16:34
lizmat when you call print on @a, it *stringifies* the array 16:36
each element in turn also gets stringified
stringifications are joined by a space
my @a = <a b c>; print @a 16:37
Homer_Simpson is there something like print that does not do that
evalable6 a b c
lizmat nothing to do with print, it has to do with stringification of arrays
Homer_Simpson put is also doing it 16:38
idk why its to hard to do this in raku
[Coke] you can do @array.join('') if you want to do the stringification yourself with nospace between elements.
m: my @a = <a b c>; say @a; say @a.join(''); 16:39
camelia [a b c]
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lizmat m: my @a = "1 6\n3 8\n5 10\n".lines.map(*.comb.List); .say for @a 16:44
camelia (1 6)
(3 8)
(5 1 0)
lizmat m: my @a = "1 6\n3 8\n5 10\n".lines.map(*.comb.List); .put for @a
camelia 1 6
3 8
5 1 0
tonyo i answered that question yesterday
lizmat m: my @a = "1 6\n3 8\n5 10\n".lines.map(*.split(" ").List); .put for @a
camelia 1 6
3 8
5 10
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tonyo so did lizmat 16:52
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cfa morning all 17:40
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tonyo olé 17:44
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ingy hi lizmat! tonyo! o/ 18:29
[Coke] it ingy! 18:30
Hope you're having a good day, sir. 18:31
ingy You too, [Coke] :)
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rf Hmm windows github action generated by Mi6 seems to always die on TAP 18:56
tellable6 2023-01-26T08:54:41Z #raku <Nemokosch> rf: re Distribution::Builder::Cmake - I don't know what particular constraints it has for make and cmake but have you considered adding "native dependencies" to them?
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rf .tell Nemokosch That was something I was brainstorming I think it is possible. 18:58
tellable6 rf, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
melezhik .tell rf: - DistributionBuilderCmake does not have any integration tests for cmake , I wonder if you even need any ? Just in case you do there is possibility to test things in various Linux distros ( arch Linux , alpine ) with sparrow 18:59
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to rf
rf Yeah that is planned 19:00
Ideally it should work regardless of distro, assuming it has CMake
melezhik In that case maybe this could be useful ? github.com/melezhik/Distribution-B...arrow.yaml 19:01
rf Yes absolutely :D
melezhik Yeah , I see cmake should be more or less distro independent?
It's also possible to add matrix for different version of Rakudo ... 19:02
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rf I also made an example for CMake builder if anyone needs it github.com/rawleyfowler/Raku-Cpp-Example 19:08
tonyo hallo ingy ! 19:16
i think i'm leaning towards fez being a full fledged dist manager 19:17
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rf tonyo: can you elaborate? 19:26
tonyo i've been mulling over some kind of resolution to this ticket: github.com/tony-o/raku-fez/issues/70 19:27
rf I like the idea of dist management and would be glad to contribute :D 19:29
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melezhik .tell rf - something you might be interested in - ci.sparrowhub.io/report/2765 19:32
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to rf
rf melezhik: Hmm that's interesting 19:35
Might be because alpine doesn't use glib
Can you try it on debian?
melezhik yeah 19:37
rf - debian fails with the same error - ci.sparrowhub.io/report/2766 19:46
rf Hmm, I will look into this after work 19:50
melezhik sure
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tonyo rf: mi6 exists too, i want to add some other stuff that eventually ends with adding configuration files to help control bundling, deployment, etc. this is a difficult project for me to start mostly because of time 20:08
rf tonyo: Yeah, but it seems Mi6 is less intuitive for someone to pickup, there is very little mention of it from a new users perspective. 20:13
tonyo do you have some ideas about what you'd handle? 20:14
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rf I think we need a "Up and Running" page for noobs, it should include installing raku via Rakubrew, building zef, installing Mi6 and building a basic hello world 20:16
melezhik .tell @AlexDaniel looks like whatever able rakudo builds wend bad again - ci.sparrowhub.io/report/2768 20:17
tellable6 melezhik, I cannot recognize this command. See wiki for some examples: github.com/Raku/whateverable/wiki/Tellable
melezhik .tell AlexDaniel: looks like whatever able rakudo builds wend bad again - ci.sparrowhub.io/report/2768
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to AlexDaniel
melezhik wend -> went
rf tonyo: v2.ocaml.org/docs/install.html I come from OCaml, and this is the sort of intro I get. 20:18
Installs the "tools" for the language OPam is basically zef+mi6 together 20:19
Nemokosch I still haven't given up on the Ddt revival idea 20:24
It's indeed just too much stuff going on at once
tonyo i know. i love the tooling for haskell, however pedantic and annoying to use at first 20:31
rf: feature wise, what would you pull in?
rf Maybe make Mi6 install with zef, then alias zef test and zef build as just mi6 test and mi6 build 20:38
Then focus mor eon package distribution with zef, things like meta6 file et
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[Coke] raku: we could use some volunteers to review the new doc site and report bugs. (not in content, but in the new site itself). join us in #raku-doc if you'd like to try it out and report. 20:46
evalable6 (exit code 1) 4===SORRY!4=== Er…
[Coke], Full output: gist.github.com/b33b33e1cb6f595530...6a01ed372c
[Coke] heh
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Nemokosch Please don't rely on mi6 "officially" unless it gets better ownership and maintenance... 20:58
tonyo zef itself would stay the installer and would stay away from anything fez is doing, fez would be the dist manager 21:05
i'm hesitant to rely on mi6 for anything and would prefer to keep fez dep free
rf Oh, I didn't know Mi6 was like this sorry.
I guess we are at a crossroads then for zef 21:07
tonyo in what way?
fez would be the dist manager as far as uploading and sending to _ecosystem_, never on the install size 21:08
rf What is your final vision for zef? 21:09
I see that you want to add bundling deployment etc, so would it be like NPM for raku? Or more just focused on packages? 21:10
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Nemokosch What Coke said is also important, by the way 21:23
This is the closest we have been to a new docs site
The sources are at github.com/Raku/doc-website and a live demo is available at new-raku.finanalyst.org/ 21:25
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rf Is anyone getting a failed test when installing Doc::TypeGraph? 21:48
It's in tes 07 21:49
Looks like finanalyst has a PR never mind 21:50
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hackyhacker Hello friends I'm trying to get Comma set up on MacOS. First I installed raku-star with brew and now I'm trying to select it in Comma as my SDK but I can't navigate to the /opt/homebrew folder 22:16
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hackyhacker Hello friends I'm trying to get Comma set up on MacOS. First I installed raku-star with brew and now I'm trying to select it in Comma as my SDK but I can't navigate to the /opt/homebrew folder 22:18
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hackyhacker Noone? 22:42
rf Reinstall with rakubrew 22:44
That's my best guess 22:45
hackyhacker Thank you 22:46
Nemokosch Reinstall with a functioning POSIX system 22:47
hackyhacker Excuse me? 22:48
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rf [Coke]: I cant get the docs css to update without restarting the whole cro app, is there a nicer way to do this? 23:14
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NemokoschKiwi bruh, the bridge doesn't get the strikethrough through in any way 23:25
anyway, the sentiment was that using Mac is kind of problematic per se 🤷‍♂️ 23:26
ugexe i doubt their problems have anything to do with using a Mac 23:27
NemokoschKiwi well, it's a more fundamental problem tbh
rf: I can be wrong but perhaps the only person who can give a useful answer to that is finanalyst at the moment
hackyhacker It works with rakubrew
cfa good stuff
rf Another +1 for rakubrew 23:28
ugexe that sounds like a fundamentalist opinion
rf I will not stop recommending it
ugexe i'd wager the problem was they were installing rakudo star (which i dont think anyone has released recently) + getting raku off a package manager (usually the version they have is very dated) 23:29
cfa hmm, looks like the current comma plugin isn't compatible with the latest idea
NemokoschKiwi The Raku community is kind of fundamentalist tbh, it's sad that we cannot be at least consistent about "any decision is politics" 23:30
hackyhacker No I think the problem was Mac related. The finder window that popped up when trying to select an SDK wouldn't let me navigate to root. 23:31
cfa cmd-shift-g didn't provide you with a location prompt?
hackyhacker oh let me try that
cfa i think that works in open dialogs
hackyhacker Ah yes that works 23:32
cfa \o/
though i'm surprised you can't browse to root graphically
ugexe i cant believe the brew formula for rakudo star is 2022.12 23:33
NemokoschKiwi Rakudo Star got resurrected at some point iirc
ugexe its been resurrected and abandoned many times
i thought we were on another abandoned cycle
NemokoschKiwi but not sure how much it is actually stable
ugexe it doesn't really make sense tbh 23:34
NemokoschKiwi seems like most people moved away at some point
ugexe who is curating those modules for example
i think its just the same stuff from X years ago
hackyhacker Have you guys worked professionally with perl/raku or only hobby?
NemokoschKiwi the user base is weirdly divided on Rakudo installation methods tbh 23:35
I can also only say that rakubrew never disappointed me
hackyhacker: perhaps pure Raku jobs aren't really a thing but for scripting stuff you can kind of inject it into work tasks, that's what I'm also doing 23:36
(unfortunately one of my scripts got into the hands of someone who doesn't seem to care about the code any further than "worked for me", lol) 23:37
rf I've worked professionally with Perl 5 not Raku.
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hackyhacker I don't think my colleagues would appreciate a Raku script lol 23:38
rf There are quite a few Perl 5 jobs, slim Raku jobs
I will do my best to use it in Prod at a fairly big organization that I work for. But most likely won't happen very soon. 23:39
lizmat ++rf 23:40
NemokoschKiwi The only company I'd know with actual Raku development is - guess what - edument 23:41
cfa doesn't craigslist use raku?
rf Actually I have Raku in prod on my website :D
cfa: Just perl iirc
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NemokoschKiwi even for Perl, in my bubble it seems that consulting accounts for most jobs 23:43
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rf I'm a consultant, but I'm lucky enough to basically be adopted by my employer 23:45
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