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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Anton Antonov It looks like I cannot run fez in 2022.12 -- it just hangs when I try to upload a packages. I reinstalled fez a few times, still hangs. Is this known or expected? 01:40
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pingu is this valid (typedefs) usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/...x+Beta.jpg 02:29
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guifa yeah 03:28
What's probably throwing you off is you're expeciting the dd($x) to output INT $x = 5
but UInt is actually a *subset* defined as `subset UInt of Int where * ≥ 0` 03:29
so internally, it's storing an Int, just the variable is typed as a UInt (which accepts any Int greater than or equal to 0). dd grabs the type info from the contents of the variable iirc 03:30
m: my Map $a; $a = Hash.new(:1a, :2b); dd $a 03:31
camelia Hash $a = ${}
guifa ^^ $a is typed to a Map. But dd outputs Hash (a subclass of Map) because that's the actual contents of it (also, I didn't construct the Hash correctly but that's beside the point lol) 03:32
pingu m: constant FLOAT = Rational; my FLOAT $f = 3.2; print($f, "\n"); dd($f); 04:04
camelia 3.2
Rat $f = 3.2
pingu cool 04:05
shame I cant do my @str = ('a'); +str[0] +=1; say(str[0]); 04:06
course.raku.org/essentials/coercion/prefixes/ 04:07
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Scotteh I'm not sure who to tell about this, but Kaiepi, who I believe contributed to raku, has passed away. I can provide a link to the obituary on request. 09:10
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Nemokosch Really? 😶 09:15
Really? 😶 09:16
Scotteh A little over two weeks ago, yes. 09:17
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nine Ouch...that is very sad news :( 09:19
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moritz Scotteh: thanks for letting us know, this is very sad indeed. A link to the obituary would be appreciated 09:32
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Xliff Oh no! Rest in peace, Kaiepi 10:07
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Nemokosch This is a tremendous loss to fellow Raku users and contributors 10:28
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Slowly recovering from this shock, I have to say we'll have to deal with his legacy. He had so much work, either complete and published or work in progress... 12:01
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lizmat I've forked all of his modules to raku-community-modules 12:01
Nemokosch There was a huge draft PR as well that I remember, about reworking list copying 12:03
It will definitely take time to sort out the work who was probably in the top 10 most proficient contributors in certain niches... 12:04
lizmat indeed he was :-( 12:05
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Nemokosch and thank you both for the memorial note added and the necessary measures to start processing the legacy 12:11
Xliff He was taken too soon. :( 12:25
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lizmat Kaiepi's last blog: raku-advent.blog/2022/12/15/day-15...nsformers/ 12:49
El_Che oh shit 12:51
He was so young :/ 12:52
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rf Good morning folks 13:26
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Nemokosch Hello. Morning could have been better with the news, though 13:48
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Scotteh I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I felt it was appropriate for me to pass it on given how fond I know he was of the Raku community. 14:04
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El_Che Scotteh: thank you, appreciated 14:10
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lizmat Scotteh++ thank you for bringing it to our attention! 14:12
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El_Che Scotteh: my condolences for you too 14:18
Scotteh They were in a community with me for nearly 10 years. I've been close to them for the entirety of my adult life. We're all hurting a lot right now. 14:20
japhb Many condolences, Scotteh 14:21
El_Che I can imagine. :/
rf My condolences Scotteh. 14:35
Scotteh I appreciate the kind words. 14:39
lizmat Scotteh: sorry for your loss 14:44
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Xliff Indeed, Scotteh. Many condolences. 15:04
Scotteh Thank you. 15:06
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rf .tell melezhik Can you try compiling with a newer version of GCC preferably 12+ 16:25
tellable6 rf, I'll pass your message to melezhik
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tonyo anton antonov: what version of fez? an install doesn't necessarily upgrade 17:26
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rf One thing I might to see changed in fez is adding ignorable files. For example if I have build stuff that I ignore in .gitignore I would prefer if fez wouldn't bundle it 18:09
tonyo: ^ 18:10
tonyo it should do that, using the ,gitignore file 18:11
cfa o/
rf There may be a bug then, I ignored the build/ directory and it only seemed to look in the top level. It still packaged the directory. Is there any way I can see the tarball that is in the zef ecosystem 18:12
tonyo which version of fez?
rf 39
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tonyo try 40 18:13
Nemokosch part of the reason why 40 came out recently
rf Oh, nice. 18:14
tonyo 40 put better typeglobbing (hopefully), <39 was kind of hacky and mostly because it relied upon git archive which isn't available everywhere
rf Yeah that seems to have done it. Thank you!
Nemokosch something else: do yall know about this? github.com/spitsh/spitsh I opened an issue for reviving it, would adopt it if necessary
tonyo but you can use the flag `save-autobundle` to keep the sdist tar around
rf tonyo++ 18:15
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tonyo rf: please let me know if v40 works better for you, difficult to test typeglobbing with the variance in preferences/machines in use 19:38
rf Yeah it seems to work so far 19:41
.tell melezhik I figured it out. Very small bug causing all of the failures I pushed a new version of Distribution::Builder::Cmake 0.0.6 which solves this. 19:48
tellable6 rf, I'll pass your message to melezhik
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shmup I'd probably just lose the word "spook" if you inherit it. Hell, Raku renamed its branches to "main" which would definitely suggest renaming that project 🙂 20:36
Nemokosch how come? 20:37
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shmup Racial slur, probably wouldn't have said it at all if it was a different tense of "spook", but it's the noun spook, and the noun spook is a fairly known slur in the US anyway. Not a hill I'd die on though, re: renaming project Just first thing that came to my mind and something I would definitely rename if it was my project, for my own feelz 20:43
Nemokosch thank you for saying this, now I'm destined to not get any support unless it gets renamed 20:44
shmup I doubt that's true 😛 20:48
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shmup is there a raku irc channel that isn't integrated with discord, lol 20:53
Nemokosch yep, quite a few 20:54
but what is that good for? 🥺
(also fwiw this channel is the most general and active)
shmup nicks are sooo long! hehe i.imgur.com/expRNIS.png
Nemokosch are you using some TUI client? 20:55
shmup irssi 20:56
Nemokosch well that's based for sure 20:58
shmup it's a convenient simple little thing. a lot of people today who live in the shell, use wechat. but that's too fancy for me :P 21:02
by wechat i mean weechat***
Nemokosch my 2© is that it would be good to integrate the community on a platform that has discord's forum-like advantages (also roles), without the understandable and legitimate concerns that revolve around non-transparent, privately hosted stuff 21:04
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nine is still on irssi as well 21:19
El_Che irssi for ev4r here as well :) 21:22
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shmup weeeee. guess i could do a lil thing to cosmetically rename discord-raku-bot :P 21:23
this isnt a big gripe. sometimes i just get an idea/thought stuck in my head lol
cfa irssi here too 21:24
El_Che hipster-bot is certainly shorter
cfa (though i do nothing fancy with it)
El_Che hb in the goold old shortening UNIX tradition
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Nemokosch if I log in, it's from Kiwi (in which case I like to add it to the username) or from Pidgin 21:24
finally figured it out what the program was for, lol
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shmup you might appreciate knowing that irssi's plugins are written in perl, Nemokosch 21:25
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shmup yes 1 vote for hb heh 21:25
El_Che shmup: you can write your own if you struggle with the documentation a little :) 21:26
shmup ive written a few, just some goofy ones
Nemokosch from what I heard, the first Minecraft mod was written in Perl
shmup full  width  text  script 21:27
Nemokosch which I find a bit hard to believe but who knows really...
shmup just found this 7 year old gist from googling "irssi shmup github" heh gist.github.com/shmup/dc3e0526cc980445aa2c 21:28
El_Che hehe
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pingu quick question, how do I make a raku script that when ran, creates the file 0.txt 22:29
if ran again it creates 1.txt etc 22:30
El_Che pingu: write the state somewhere? look around what files are present, etc? 22:32
pingu if the file exists it skips, it never replaces files
ugexe raku -e 'sub get-file($dir) { for 1..Inf { my $file = $dir.add($_); if !$file.e { $file.open(:create); return $file }; } }; my $file = get-file($*CWD); say $file.basename' 22:33
$dir.add("{$_}.txt") rather 22:34
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pingu thx 22:42
im testing it now 22:43
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pingu ok the bat file isnt working 22:43
@raku -e ' sub get-file($dir) { for (1..Inf) { my $file = $dir.add("{$_}.txt"); if !$file.e { $file.open(:create); return $file }; } }; my $file = get-file($*CWD); say $file.basename;' 22:44
it was working as a raku file 22:45
but that opnes in comma so I dont wanna keep rightclicking it and clicking open with raku.exe
brb 22:46
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ugexe on windows command line you probably have to do raku -e "" (use double instead of single quotes), as well as replace the .add("{$_}.txt") with .add(qq|{$_}.txt|) 22:52
pingu ok 23:08
thx works 23:11
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