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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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rf How's everyone doing today? 01:21
tea3po I am well, ty for asking. You?
rf Good, just had an excellent dinner and some ice-cream :^) 01:22
Anton Antonov @rf So, no more cinnamon rolls ?! 01:33
shmup @ 01:34
rf @Anton, no I ate them all D:
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Anton Antonov @rf Of course you cook some new ones, no ? Also, do you know how to make ice-cream? 01:42
rf I know how to make ice-cream but it is too much work, I am a lazy programmer after all 01:43
I think I am going to make cinnamon rolls a yearly thing, too many calories haha 01:44
Anton Antonov @rf I see. At this point I completely delegate cooking. When was doing my PhD, I considered spreading butter on bread cooking... 01:47
rf Lol, what field did you study? I sure hope it wasn't culinary arts ;D 01:48
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Anton Antonov @rf Good point. My PhD is/was in Large Scale Air-Pollution Simulations. 01:51
rf Nice that is a very interesting topic to cover 01:53
Anton Antonov @rf Complex systems can be very "entertaining" : github.com/antononcube/SystemModeling . 01:59
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rf Mathematica is interesting haha, I have never used it for anything useful though 02:01
Anton Antonov Until 2014 I used Mathematica for type of scientific and mathematical modeling and/or data analysis. The corresponding "productized" versions in C++. Then I started doing the data analysis with R. I still do mathematical optimization and modeling with Mathematica; the corresponding productized versions in R or Python. 02:06
rf Cool, maybe productized versions in Raku one day 02:07
Anton Antonov @rf I doubt it. 🙂 02:09
rf Nemokosch, Template6 is kind of borked too with for loops not having the variable, for example: [% for foo in something %] [% foo.value %] [% end %] If something isn't set it simply prints foo.value 02:11
Anton ;(
Anton Antonov @rf I am writing a blog post about it. 02:23
rf We can always dream
Anton Antonov @rf In color or black-&-white ? 02:25
rf I think Raku is a fairly colorful language, so let's do color 02:26
Nemokosch hm, shouldn't that throw one level up, if something is not set in the first place?
rf Not sure, but I have to do: [% if something %] [% for foo in something %] [% foo.value %] [% end %] [% end %] 02:28
to get around it
Nemokosch tbh I don't quite get why you would want to loop over something that doesn't even exist 02:30
rf Well sometimes it will exist sometimes it wont I don't want to write a new template for both cirumstances lol 02:37
jdv is Template6 worth it? i havent looked. but doesnt cro have some template thing or raku's interpolation is pretty awesome in the first place. 02:39
tellable6 2023-02-27T15:13:10Z #raku-dev <AlexDaniel> jdv that you can fix yourself :) github.com/Raku/whateverable/blob/...le.p6#L268
2023-02-27T15:21:39Z #raku-dev <AlexDaniel> jdv I patched releasable with the fix right on the server, but please correct it in the repo as well
jdv .tell AlexDaniel ok 02:40
tellable6 jdv, I'll pass your message to AlexDaniel
rf jdv, I think it's OK, I'm using it for a fairly large project but there are some rough edges 02:43
Nemokosch idk it seems a bit weird to not know what exists on top level lol 02:44
m: for Nil -> $big-brain { say 'didgeridoo' }
Raku eval didgeridoo
Nemokosch KHM KHM
the usual "strict workaround" won't do because even Nil can convert into a perfectly valid one-element array... 02:45
m: for Empty -> $big-brain { say 'didgeridoo' } 02:46
Raku eval
Nemokosch thank heavens 02:47
I wonder if the "strict lookup" could just always return Empty 02:48
rf That would work like a charm I think 02:51
Gotta head off the for the night, cya folks 02:58
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Nemokosch rf: I did the patch 😛 09:24
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Johanna100 I was trying to find a scripting language appropriate for my projects. I considered Guile but I find Scheme difficult to read and Guile doesn't build on MacOS without a hack (for some bizarre reason the build script depends on non-standard sed; the bug has been discussed in their mailing list but nobody thought MacOS was important enough to fix it, 11:11
and the barrier to entry for me to fix it myself is too high). Raku builds and tests without any problem whatsoever. Keep kicking butt guys
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lizmat Johanna100: we try :-) and the girls also :-) 11:21
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thundergnat Glad it worked out for you. Raku still has a few rough edges here and there and the performance isn't where we would like it to be yet, but it is pretty usable for a large cross section of tasks. 11:23
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Nemokosch seems like Guile is GNU software so maybe it's not surprising it comes with "non-standard sed" (I suppose gsed) 11:29
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Geth Raku-Steering-Council/main: 79cdc3a435 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | minutes/20230218.md
Add minutes of 18 Feb 2023 meeting
lizmat seems this one fell through the cracks :-(
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Nemokosch will another weekly hit the net today? 12:05
lizmat it's about to drop :-) 12:07
final proofreading as we speak :-) 12:10
Nemokosch 🥁 🥳 12:12
lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/03/07/2023-10-toronto/ 12:17
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exp I'm trying to write a small script using explicitly sized integers, ie `my uint8 $a;`, all operations on $a return `Cannot invoke object of type 'NQPMu'`. Am I doing something idiotic or did this previously work? 12:27
2023.02 apparently, freshly built 12:28
Nemokosch you could give a snippet to bisectable6 12:30
lizmat exp: could you gist an example? 12:31
exp lizmat: literally `my uint8 $a; say $a` 12:33
ooh actually, no
lizmat % raku -e 'my uint8 $a; say $a'
exp on one line it works
on two lines it fails
(the linebreak coming after the first ;)
apologies for not noticing that
lizmat still cannot reproduce. can you make a gist ? 12:34
exp is this sufficient? pastebin.mozilla.org/SXud5UhN 12:35
lizmat ah, you're using the REPL
exp yes i failed to mention that sorry
Nemokosch then maybe it can be reproduced by some EVAL? 12:36
lizmat the REPL has some known issues... I guess this is one more :-(
exp wow ok, that's a real shame 12:37
lizmat yeah... the problem is that each line in the REPL is a separate EVAL
with their own scope, and there are some issues specifically related to natives that don't pass on from one EVAL to the next 12:38
exp ah well, thank you for the fast answer lizmat 12:39
lizmat you could try running with the RakuAST grammar by prefixing: RAKUDO_RAKUAST=1
so: $ RAKUDO_RAKUAST=1 raku 12:40
at least the errors are a bit more understandable
exp yeah, at little improvement at least, i just implemented it in C so no big deal, just very surprising
lizmat I guess once we have RakuAST at a stage where the setting is also compiled with it, we will have an opportunity to fix the REPL in that respect 12:41
so no solution before the next release of Rakudo, I'm afraid 12:42
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Geth doc/main: 1d11030921 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Type/DateTime.rakudoc
Document DateTime.posix(:real)
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Nemokosch is it possible to turn a string into a character group for regex? 13:06
if you know what I mean 👉 👈
Geth doc/main: b3e0c1d99f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
Document Exception|Cool.Failure coercer
lizmat you can with RakuAST 13:09
m: say Q|$_ ~~ / <[abcd]> /|.AST 13:10
camelia RakuAST::StatementList.new(
expression => RakuAST::ApplyInfix.new(
left => RakuAST::Var::Lexical.new("\$_"),
infix => RakuAST::Infix.new("~~"),
right => RakuAST::QuotedRegex.new(…
lizmat replace the "elements" arguments with $string.comb.List
Nemokosch what do I need to set to access it? 13:12
lizmat you should copy the .AST output (well, as much as you need) 13:13
do the change to the elements argument
call .EVAL on the ast, and you'll a regex that you can use? well, I think :-) 13:14
also: assuming you're on HEAD
specify either "use v6.e.PREVIEW" or "use experimental :rakuast"
Nemokosch I only get RakuAST::CompUnit.new 😦 13:15
lizmat gist ?
Nemokosch > raku -e 'use experimental :rakuast; say Q|$_ ~~ / <[abcd]> /|.AST'
lizmat then you're not on HEAD 13:16
m: say Q|$_ ~~ / <[abcd]> /|.AST
camelia RakuAST::StatementList.new(
expression => RakuAST::ApplyInfix.new(
left => RakuAST::Var::Lexical.new("\$_"),
infix => RakuAST::Infix.new("~~"),
right => RakuAST::QuotedRegex.new(…
lizmat you should get something like that ^^
Nemokosch pfff 13:17
will the generated code run on 2023.02 at least? 13:18
lizmat there's a good chance it would
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Nemokosch hm, okay, building HEAD 13:21
rf Good morning folks
Nemokosch hello 13:26
lizmat Nemokosch proof of concept: gist.github.com/lizmat/d1c090e8dcf...b1263f38d7 13:34
Nemokosch actually, I wanted to ask - what can you call EVAL on, and what can you expect to get back? 13:36
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rf lizmat++ for the Weekly News :^) 13:40
lizmat on HEAD, you can call EVAL on Cool and RakuAST::Node objects
as a method
as a sub you could already, but then you also need a "use MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL" 13:41
grondilu so, what is RakuAST status? Can we generate AST from arbitrary raku code now? 13:56
tellable6 2023-03-04T12:14:32Z #raku <guifa_> grondilu: you can use the NFC, NFD, NFKC, NFKD ops
lizmat grondilu: you can if you don't use features that haven't been implemented
grondilu is it documented somewhere? 13:57
lizmat m: the Str.AST method will do that for you
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Two terms in a row
at <tmp>:1
------> the Str.AST⏏ method will do that for you
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
lizmat no, that's being worked on as we speak
grondilu 🤔 13:58
from a Str?
lizmat there's a *lot* to document
m: say Q|say "yes"|.AST
camelia RakuAST::StatementList.new(
expression => RakuAST::Call::Name.new(
name => RakuAST::Name.from-identifier("say"),
args => RakuAST::ArgList.new(
grondilu nice
lizmat see also the gist I just posted
it creates a Regex object for you, that you can use in your code 13:59
Anton Antonov @grondilu Some of the current efforts of guifa use RakuAST — that code can be a learning point. 14:00
grondilu what about the other way around? Everything is done through the RakuAST package (I'm assuming it's a package)?
lizmat there's a RakuAST package, but most classes inherit from RakuAST::Node 14:01
grondilu m: print RakuAST
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Use of RakuAST is experimental; please 'use experimental :rakuast'
at <tmp>:1
------> print ⏏RakuAST
expecting any of:
argument list
grondilu m: use experimental :rakuast; print RakuAST
camelia Use of uninitialized value of type RakuAST in string context.
Methods .^name, .raku, .gist, or .say can be used to stringify it to something meaningful.
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
grondilu m: use experimental :rakuast; print RakuAST.raku
camelia RakuAST
grondilu I see
lizmat you will HEAD to get the full .raku support 14:02
that didn't make it to the 2023.02 release
grondilu well, I guess soon I will not have any more excuse not to try to implement google's protobuf. Some time ago you guys told me it would be easier once rakuast is out.
lizmat I'm not sure right now, lack of context, but probably yes 14:03
and if you're on HEAD, there's a good chance you can already now
grondilu once we get an AST, how do we turn it into executable code? 14:04
lizmat but of course, this is really bleeding edge stuff :-)
grondilu oh, ok
lizmat either with $ast.EVAL or EVAL $ast
see the gist I just posted
re documentation: there are about 250 classes to document 14:05
and probably more will still come
grondilu I see. Very cool.
lizmat getting the .raku right for those classes was already.... interesting and a lot of work :-)
grondilu well .raku is not critical for anything is it? I mean it's not like $ast.EVAL actually means $ast.raku.EVAL, is it? That would defeat the purpose of an ast, right? 14:07
(lol hopefully what I just wrote does not too dumb/obvious)
lizmat not dumb at all
there's two things: .raku on an AST will give you the RakuAST::Node calls needed to build that AST 14:08
Anton Antonov @grondilu It doesn’t to me. (So, you are safish…)
lizmat secondly: the .DEPARSE method will give you back the Raku code for the given AST
m: say Q|say "hello world"|.AST.DEPARSE 14:09
camelia say("hello world")
grondilu wow that seems ambitious.
is it needed anyway? I mean I don't quite see the use of turning an AST back into raku code. It's a bit like decompiling, isn't it? 14:10
lizmat well, the class responsible for deparsing is subclassable
so in a way, it's like a "tidy" functionality 14:11
m: say Q|if 42 { say "hello world" }|.AST.DEPARSE
camelia if 42 { say("hello world") }
lizmat hmmm I sorta expected a newline after the opening { there
anyways :-)
rf m: say Q|if 42 { say "hello world" }|.AST.EVAL 14:12
camelia hello world
lizmat rf: that's a bit roundabout way, but yeah, that works 14:13
rf Yeah haha, just wondering if it was possible
lizmat m: say Q|if 42 { say "hello world" }|.EVAL
camelia hello world
grondilu in any case I think it's very cool that rakudo can compile into a syntax tree. It reminds me of the Wolfram Language. It's very elegant and it may in the future help interoperability with other programming languages. 14:14
lizmat possibly, yes
rf So what happens, Raku Code -> Raku AST -> MoarVM Byte Code?
grondilu that would be pretty cool.
lizmat yeah, that's what normally happens 14:15
grondilu but maybe Raku AST -> Lisp
lizmat except that we now have a different way to create Raku AST
rf New backends would be simpler to build for sure
lizmat not just from Raku source
rf: no, those would still just need to support nqp (mostly)
it's all still built on nqp 14:16
rf Ah I see
Nemokosch still, NQP is easier to implement than the whole Raku language
lizmat indeed it is :-) 14:17
which was the whole point of NQP to begin with
Nemokosch so does this mean there won't be more QAST hackery in the frontend? 14:21
grondilu 👀 14:22
Nemokosch and surely not in the core, right? 🥺 14:23
lizmat all of the QAST hackery should happen inside RakuAST::Node classes 14:25
now, I don't see a reason why one wouldn't be able to add a RakuAST::Node class in the module ecosystem
in that case, QAST hacker there *would* be needed
but the idea is that the core RakuAST::Node classes should allow you to do everything you want 14:26
grondilu including macros, right?
lizmat that'd be the idea, yes 14:30
although the exact syntax and way to work that, is still undecided
first we need to get spectest to run clean, *then* we need to be able to build the setting with RakuAST 14:31
and then we can think about macros :-)
Nemokosch it would feel more relieving if QAST was completely abstracted out of RakuAST. After all, that's purely runtime-relevant code.
lizmat we basically replace src/Perl6/Grammar|Actions|World by src/Raku/Grammar|actions
in the old code, a lot of the QAST generation was done in World 14:32
which was basically an organically grown mess that works
the RakuAST classes should provide a clean interface for the logic
and that includes generating QAST, at least for the foreseeable future 14:33
the RakuAST classes *are* the way of abstracting out QAST out of the normal compilation process 14:34
now, one could maybe think about skipping the QAST step in AST -> QAST -> MAST 14:35
Nemokosch yes but at the same time it was promised that RakuAST would become standard Raku, and I still can't see any plans to merge "standard Raku" into Rakudo basically
hence it would be good to have actually pure interfaces to it
lizmat que? the t/12rakuast/* tests are intended to become part of spectest
once they have completely stabilized 14:36
so the RakuAST classes *will* be standard classes in 6.e and higher
Nemokosch then it's not fortunate that they come with a QAST baggage 14:37
that was my point
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lizmat Nemokosch as a *user* of RakuAST classes,. you don't have to deal with QAST at all, that's the point 14:38
Nemokosch and as far as I can remember Jonathan Worthington's presentations, the plan appeared a bit different
lizmat then I think you're misremembering... but prove me wrong :-) 14:39
Nemokosch that is, the runtimes (compiler backends, in the broader sense) would consume RakuAST
not that RakuAST itself would be the compiler backend
lizmat well, eventually that *may* become possible
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lizmat but that'd be akin to implementing Raku in Raku 14:39
and yes, that *can* be done (with NQP as the example) 14:40
Nemokosch a related thought: nobody seems to be that interested in keeping Raku abstract from Rakudo overall; I don't think it's coincidental that there haven't been attempts of basically any sort. I can elaborate on that in case but for now I'd just say: what if it's really unnecessary to (try to) maintain a separate standard from Rakudo? 14:44
Or would that cause too many Perl flashbacks? 😅
moritz the most reliable way to keep the two separated would be to have another implementation 14:45
Geth doc/main: 92686de1bd | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
Document ThreadPoolScheduler.new(:max_threads) a bit better

And the associated RAKUDO_MAX_THREADS environment variable.
lizmat what is in roast, determines what is Raku 14:46
RakuAST classes *will* become part of roast
ergo RakuAST is Raku
Nemokosch Yes but my point is exactly that the standard is not sufficient to actually reason about something that isn't Rakudo 14:47
neither comprehensive enough (huge lack of pragmatism wrt metamodel stuff), nor clear enough on how it should be applied regarding versions
I have heard this (informal?) term "full Raku implementation", as in supporting all possible versions of Raku. it's hard to figure out whether this is meant to be normative; one thing is sure, it's sort of obvious for Rakudo (by design) that it supports all versions of Raku - as long as Raku doesn't innovate too much 14:51
this sort of "full implementation" also more or less defeats the purpose of versions 14:52
of course it's astonishing for backwards compatibility if you just ship a runtime that covers all language versions but 1. it really holds back a lot, especially if your language was huge at the beginning 2. I'm afraid backwards compatibility will never be the major selling point of a language that notoriously broke backwards compatibility by its own existence and we know the rest... 14:57
lizmat as far as I'm concerned, Raku will at least support 3 language versions at a time 14:58
but at some point 6.c will *not* be supported anymore
Geth doc/main: 438708cd09 | cfa++ | doc/Type/DateTime.rakudoc
Fix signature typo
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[Coke] github.com/perlconference/tprc-202...i/Raku-BOF - please let me know if anyone is thinking about going. 15:09
I can drive and will go hang out even if I don't attend the conference proper.
Geth doc/main: bd8282ece8 | cfa++ | doc/Type/ThreadPoolScheduler.rakudoc
Add code preamble
doc/main: 8fd5f52b1a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Type/ThreadPoolScheduler.rakudoc
Change pseudocode into actual code

Now not needing the preamble
doc: cfa++ created pull request #4259:
Amend documented signatures for `Failure` methods
doc/main: ec0bc09b51 | cfa++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Amend documented signatures for Failure methods (#4259)
Anton Antonov Is there a video recording of this presentation, "Grammatical (dis)agreement: Mixing grammars in Raku" ? tprc2022.sched.com/event/11neo 15:24
I could not find one within 5 min search 15:25
lizmat guifa might know :-) I seem to recall that presentation never actually was given, but I hope to be wrong :-) 15:26
Anton Antonov @lizmat Agh, thanks!
I am basically trying to decide should I go to Toronto's conference or not. 15:27
So, I am perusing schedules from previous years.
lucs Is having my own local zef repo as simple (so to speak) as copying/editing/using its config file? 15:30
I'd like to try out stuff, pushing and pulling (with zef and fez) from that repo, and that repo only, without polluting the community shared ones.
Geth doc/main: 57206323e1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Type/IO/Path.rakudoc
Document IO::Path.dir-with-entries
lizmat lucs: if you can use one of the standard storage methods (such as used for fez), it *should* be just a matter of configuration 15:35
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Geth doc/main: ef66f20a7b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Programs/03-environment-variables.rakudoc
Document support for INSIDE_EMACS environment variable
lucs @lizmat: Where can I learn about those "standard storage methods"? 15:49
(about to look at fez documentation...) 15:50
lizmat argh... it's been a while... 15:55
the default zef config file should be tell you which classes to look at
the default zef config file should be tell you which classes to look at 15:56
now, where does that live again ... 15:57
tonyo zef -h 15:59
shows it at the bottom
lucs: are you trying to host your own version of fez?
lucs @tonyo Yes, and have zef read from there only (just for trying out stuff). 16:01
I mean, have zef and fez working hand in hand in that (those?) repo only.
tonyo ah - if it's laid out similarly to fez then it should just be config on the zef side (i've already written the bits that fetch/build/install from that type of repo)..conversely on the fez side it's just a matter of setting up the right end points for it to hit and modifying the default url 16:03
lucs @tonyo If I understand what you're saying, I need to have a properly tweaked zef config, and fez will use that? (I think I can tell zef which config file to use, but not sure how to make fez aware of it.) 16:07
tonyo fez has it's own but the urls are all in the source, so on the fez side it requires code changes (they're configurable in the functions, just no way to set it globally or in the commands themselves) 16:08
zef just needs a config file update
lizmat see also: raku.land/zef:lizmat/Zef::Configuration 16:10
Nemokosch I'm back. So anyway, to wrap it up, I don't think it's among the most important things for now to clarify the situation with Rakudo vs Raku, however eventually it needs to be addressed because the current situation is kind of a false sense of security
tonyo in what way? 16:11
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Nemokosch It comes with the illusion that there could be other implementations when in reality it doesn't account for them 16:14
lucs @tonyo: Okay, gotcha, thanks.
Nemokosch roast, that is
lucs @lizmat: Thanks for the link. 16:15
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grondilu In the 5to6 perlfunc doc page, it is written that ioctl (a perlfunc) is NYI in raku. docs.raku.org/language/5to6-perlfunc.html#ioctl Is it still true and if so, is there a userspace solution to do it? 16:24
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lizmat grondilu: perhaps any of the Terminal:: modules? raku.land/?q=Terminal 16:29
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Geth doc/main: 52c2ea05e7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Type/List.rakudoc
Document roundrobin( ..., :slip)
doc/main: 08b4ee46c5 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Type/Cool.rakudoc
DOcument Cool.Order
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Geth doc/main: 33a6b17f1f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Language/variables.rakudoc
Bring version statement more in line with others
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grondilu well, I thought I could make a NativeCall binding real quick, but then I learn that apparently '...' in a parameter list is a thing in C. 16:55
I had never seen that before. 16:56
and I bet NativeCall can't deal with that. 16:57
dakkar ah, the terrible varargs
s.thenautilus.net/notes/999qqjv162 I wrote some vaguely-working code to deal with varargs 16:58
grondilu oh apparently that's how printf works. I should have guessed.
lizmat yeah, varargs are a pain 16:59
grondilu: what are you trying to achieve specifically ?
dakkar btw, ioctl has a terrible interface for historical reasons (essentially, it became a dumping ground for random features that should have been separate syscalls)
grondilu I want to get window size 17:01
Geth doc/main: 9d53594e5f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Programs/03-environment-variables.rakudoc
Document RAKUDO_OPT for now
grondilu with the TIOCGWINSZ command
for a broader context, I'm interested in experimenting with the kitty graphics terminal protocol.
In raku that is 17:03
dakkar I suggest you do something like s.thenautilus.net/notes/999oh9hlyu
a bunch of wrapper functions, each declaring their "own" `sub ioctl` with the right parameter types
lizmat also: raku.land/zef:terminal-printers/Terminal::Print
grondilu install Terminal::Print 17:07
tonyo grondilu: printf works that way 17:08
oh, you found that already
dakkar printf is the *simple* case of varargs ☹
ioctly is the hard one
ooh, Terminal::Print "cheats", it runs `tput lines` + `tput cols` 17:09
grondilu oh yeah there is tput
well I guess I can use that
Geth doc/main: 3db8263a4e | cfa++ | doc/Type/List.rakudoc
Normalise link (remove ".html")
grondilu the number of lines and columns might be enough, but the ioctl call also gives sizes in pixels. Any way to get those too with tput? 17:12
ugexe no tput on windows fwiw 17:20
tonyo docs.raku.org/syntax/Coercion%20type
grondilu looks up tput man page, then the terminfo man page 17:21
no occurence of "pixel" in the terminfo man page. They talk about dots, though.
dakkar gist.github.com/dakkar/38703016cb0...a8c5c5a525
works on my machine
correction: rows & cols are in the other order 17:23
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dakkar grondilu: try that? ☝ 17:23
ugexe nifty, does it work after resizing the window? 17:24
dakkar yes
in a real program, you'd hook on the WINCH signal and call the ioctl again, to keep your cached values up to date
grondilu dakkar: weird, I get a 'no_fallback' unexpected argument error 17:26
dakkar !
ugexe mmhmm, thats what i used to do with github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/48ed6a2b...emInfo.pm6 but that was with tput and mode... using that nativecall code would have been much nicer
grondilu dakkar: apparently it was because I included your code in a module. I don't get the error if I copy your code as is. 17:27
dakkar grondilu: that may be some weird precomp issue…
ugexe: keep in mind that the actual value of TIOCGWINSZ may well change between different machines! 17:28
so the portability is pretty limited
ugexe ah
grondilu try it if you want to reproduci it : use module ioctl; # your code ...
anyway very nice. I love it when people write code for me :-) 17:29
also thanks :)
dakkar grondilu: if you call the module `ioctl`, there's some ambiguity with the `sub ioctl`
change one of the names, and it works again 17:30
coleman Nice newsletter this week <3
dakkar (I have no clue why it gets confused / how it should work)
coleman love the published minutes
grondilu dakkar: I don't think there should be any ambiguity, should it? 17:31
m: package foo { sub foo {} }; foo()
camelia WARNINGS for <tmp>:
Useless use of constant value foo() in sink context (line 1)
grondilu m: package foo { sub foo {} }; dd foo()
camelia foo(Any)
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dakkar m: module foo { sub foo {}; dd foo() } 17:31
camelia foo(Any)
dakkar yep, typenames are preferred over sub names 17:32
grondilu yeah that is more accurate
dakkar m: module Foo { sub foo {}; dd foo() }
camelia Nil
dakkar m: module foo { sub foo {}; dd &foo() }
camelia Nil
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dakkar there's always that option, of course 17:32
grondilu normally you don't name modules in all low caps, but Ioctl looked very wrong. 17:33
dakkar loctI
(dammit, typo in a joke…)